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Emerald Abilities - A Replacement for Supers


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Ever felt sad the other characters didn't get a reward for the emeralds? Ever wanted something more than just a super form? Well, with my first ever lua to be released on here, and with some inspiration from a thread on the debate on supers, this script will give you just that!

Currently, this script supports 2 characters, Tails and Amy.

Tails's Ability

Name: Super Whirlwind Jump
Cost: 15 Rings
Description: Our favorite two tailed genius is still taking it to the skies! And now with the emeralds, he can soar to even greater heights! When jumping in the air with at least 15 rings, press the spin button to do a whirlwind jump with much greater height. You will still be vulnerable, however, but you will be able to ascend faster and higher than normal flight!

Amy's Ability

Name: Hammer Smash
Cost: 30 Rings
Description: Have no fear, Amy Rose is here! She may not have the spinning capabilities of the others, but her hammer's ready to go to the next level! When you have 30 rings, jump into the air and try to fall. If you hit the floor by activating and holding a Twinspin with the spin button, Amy will unleash an armaggedon explosion that annihilates any enemies nearby! However, Amy will not spawn hearts if she uses this attack.

Known Bugs:
Tails's whirlwind jump is a little finnicky when pressing spin on the pulleys in Arid Canyon.

Tripel: For helping with a lot of errors, teaching me lua, and testing.
Yacker: Also helping with errors and testing.
Vonitare: Testing.

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It's clear for releases, but I accidentally enabled Super forms when testing Amy, and...


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Some miscellaneous thoughts, I like the idea behind this! Next time I host a co-op playthrough I'll probably have these added at least to play around with them some more.

Given you're paying 15 rings per super-jump as Tails, and you're super flashing while in the air, would it be worth making the player invincible while jumping so they damage enemies on contact while using the super whirlwind jump?
I loaded this up with Many Minor Tweaks, and at first this mod took priority, but turns out that was because of the load order. After loading loading MMT first I was able to do high jump super transformations as Tails. With Amy though, MMT didn't support her going super, but the all super mod did.

Using either super enabling mod with this one though reveals a problem I have with it. The ring cost is too much and Amy can accidentally trigger her Nuculear Hammer.

Other mods loaded first
The Nuclear hammer also can take away any shield Amy has when super (All Characters super!, Classic.wad )
The Nuclear hammer can use more than 30 rings while super (All Characters super!, Classic.wad )

I've also been finding not that much use for these emerald abilities that shield abilities don't already cover for cheeper.

I am happy though that someone is taking the initiative from the super topic to test out the idea of Super Abilities in place of traditional supers, but I don't think I'll be changing sides any time soon as the abilities seem more complementary instead of replacement.
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Amy's Nuclear Hammer reminds me of Hyper Knuckles' attack when he hits a wall
And the Tails one... It's the Extreme Whirlwind Jump from 2.1 Match Super Tails, isn't?
Miles "Tails" Prower: Jumps Ridiculously High when the Ability is Activated. Costs 15 Rings.
Amy Rose: Her Hammer is More Powerful as a Special Attack. Costs 30 Rings.

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