Finally, an alternative to the thok: Replacing SRB2 with a rhythm game.

This was a funny side project I started back in March, to get over my fear of drawing stuff on the HUD, then it snowballed into something silly. From adding a menu, to options, to entire idol teams that do nothing more than look cute, I believe this is something at least passable. Unfortunately, the real meat of the deal was making charts for the songs themselves, which is not easy with no external tool, and working at only 35 FPS instead of the accepted 60. That sent my motivation straight to hell, and it took me 2 good months to chart one long song. At that point I was done.

How to Play:
If you've ever played School Idol Festival, you know what you're getting into. Press the button when it aligns with a lane, hold it down if it's followed by a white stripe.

-The corresponding lane buttons are the same as the weapon buttons in SRB2: 1 through 7 on the keyboard. However, UNlike the weapon buttons, you can press up to 3 lanes at once. (This is what necessitates a custom EXE)

-Holding down Custom 1 immediately aborts the current song if you need to stop.

-Jump and Spin navigate menus.

-As this is a custom exe, you'll need to rebind your controls. Sorry about that.

-Use a green resolution.

-Getting 35 FPS is vital for gameplay. Change the quality setting to "Fast" in the Options if you're getting frame drops.

For the future:

Will this be updated? Possibly, if people are interested. I'd be adding more lyricless songs though, they're much easier to chart. Perhaps even something from SRB2 itself?

It is possible to add custom charts/idols. I feel like the code is self explanatory, but if someone REALLY wants to have an Eggman icon on the screen without any coding knowledge, I can make a tiny tutorial later.

Source code:
Located here.

Anyway, enjoy.

(The download contains a .dll file that's apparently necessary for MinGW compiled exes. Make sure to put that into your SRB2 folder as well.)

Update: Mac builds are available (Thanks Lach!)

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Gave it a quick spin, it's pretty fun! Here's a Mac build for anyone else who needs it to play:
(Note: Since multiplayer is disabled, I removed patch.pk3 and music.dta to reduce the filesize.)

EDIT 1: Quick update to actually disable multiplayer. Makes no difference if you already have it, though!
EDIT 2: Updated to add the new SRB2 idol portraits.
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...You expect me to do this on a keyboard? I mean, I probably can, but...

This is fun, though.

don't let the idolm@ster community know i'm using love live characters or they'll never let me be top producer :(
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Ah nice, I have a reason to play SRB2 again. I was waiting for the definitive moment, and here it is...



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Since this was hyped so much I decided that I would give it a go.

Now only this can clear my mind.

Actual thoughts: This is, well, I hate anime and related stuff (I mean traditional ones) and rhythm games just don't work for me. However, since you put effort on it, I'll give it a pass. Maybe I will play it when I am super bored or something.

Edit:to provide context, the lines before "Actual thoughts" does not represent my true feelings about this mod. Thank you.
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oh no, do I have to pull out my guitar hero guitar for this, I can NOT do this on a keyboard


I love seeing things like this - taking a limited engine made in 1993, improving it to a point where we can make a platforming game, and then onto things like a Kart Racer and now a rhythm game! Got any docs on how to chart songs to add?

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