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SMS Alfredo

Sonic CD US Soundtrack Connoisseur

Mario and friends robo blast from the past into a 8-skin character pack that includes the full rotation sprites from Mario Kart 64!

Exclusive jingles, effects, and sounds that are only played for these characters are also included to enhance the experience.

Don't worry about the fact that these characters contain Lua, everything here is purely visual/auditory, no gameplay aspects are changed. This means you can have proper competitive races even with these characters added!

In order to keep the colors of these characters intact, they do not support being recolored normally. Instead, using any color other than that character's prefcolor (accessed by pressing backspace on the character select screen while selecting a color) you will be completely tinted that color.
Mario: raspberry
Luigi: emerald
Yoshi: emerald
Peach: salmon
Toad: blue
Wario: yellow
Donkey Kong: rosewood
Bowser: orange
mk64hop is also included as a command with I/O support. It lets you turn off the completely visual hop that these character perform upon starting a drift if you find it too distracting.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this fun little experiment of mine!


Man, the fact that I had to manually rip Toad's and DK's sprites myself because no sprite sheets existed of them was an absolute pain in the butt...


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SMS Alfredo said:
Splitscreen is sadly not supported here, as the code used to make the rotations work is impossible to make work properly from more than one camera angle in the same game instance.
For SRB2Kart, a mobj's "eflags" variable can take flags named "MFE_DRAWONLYFORP1" through "DRAWONLYFORP4", which is for per-splitscreen-viewpoint visibility.

While hackish, you could have up to 4 mobjs per player that uses these skins, with each of them only visible to a single local view, and then calculate their angles relative to each view.
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this is genuinely the most impressive racer mod i've ever seen, smooth animation, custom music and sound effects, visual effects, the package is all here, and it is genuinely great.

also im scared to ask how many frames of animation there were in this wad (not even a pk3? wow) bc i've seen a lot so far and i've only experienced singleplayer races
This add-on has a conflict with Acrobatics. Both add-ons override the action A_SPBChase().

This means that if this add-on is loaded after Acrobatics, its SPB acrobatics denial mechanic will no longer function, and if Acrobatics is loaded after this add-on, the easter egg where...
...Wario yells "Oh my god!" when a SPB begins chasing him...
...will not happen.

I would suggest finding another way to detect if a SPB has changed its extravalue1 variable!
I find it funny how if you put Peach's color as any sort of pink, she looks like Pink Gold Peach, lol.
Eitherway, this pack is really nice and detailed, it does make the game feel a lot like MK64, I was thinking on when there would actually be a pack based on MK64/MKSC and here it is, pretty good.

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