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T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas, hailing from the Super Mario series, brings his unique gobble and throw gameplay style from Yoshi's Island into Sonic Robo Blast 2!



Press and hold the jump button when in the air to do a flutter jump. Yoshi will slowly rise into the air, giving you extra height. You can even perform this move multiple times, but be warned, you'll eventually start losing altitude!

Press jump and custom 1 at the same time while in the air to plummet yourself straight downwards, destroying any enemies, floors, or spikes in your path. It can also be used to gain extra height from springs!

Press spin to stick out Yoshi's tongue. It'll grab whatever enemy it touches, pulling it into his mouth. From there you can press Spin to spit the enemy back out again as a projectile. You can gobble up your friends too!


If you press custom 1 while an enemy is in your mouth instead of spin, you'll turn it into an egg! You can have up to 8 of these eggs in your possession. Once you have at least one, press custom 1 to aim at any nearby enemy or monitor, and again to throw! If you want to stop aiming, press spin.


Just like in Super Mario World, Yoshi can jump onto just about any hazard and not get hurt! Be careful though, just because his feet are protected doesn't mean the rest of him is!

As a part of his Super transformation Yoshi will sprout wings on his back. Press and hold jump to take to the skies! There's no limitation to this ability aside from the regular ring timer, so you can fly to your heart's content!

Yoshi's sprites in this mod are primary based off of sprites found in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam and Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions. A few sprites are custom edits made by me in order to fill in some of the blanks that the source material leaves behind.

For those of you who feel Yoshi's ability to lick up other players is a bit too disruptive, as it can be in Competitive gametypes, you can use the command yoshigrief to toggle it on and off.
V1.4 Cool and epic update mostly for BattleMod stuff.

- Yoshi's Egg Lay Battle Mod ability has been updated to work with the newest version of Battle Mod. You now also can't move for a short while after performing it.

- You can now jump in midair after being spat out by a Yoshi. This can help you get more distance or save yourself from somebody else throwing you into a pit. Careful in BattleMod though, as you'll still be open to attack when jumping, even when playing as a spin jump character!

- Eggs now properly destroy larger breakable walls.

- Super Yoshi's color has been changed to Super Mystic Sonic's Base Sonic color.

- Joshi, known to many as Tax Fraud, is now dead. May his puffed-up cheeks remain in our hearts.

Fixed variable conflict with X Sonic that made his wall Spindash not function properly. That's it. Only one line of code was deleted and that's all that was changed. Whoopie.

Less than 24 hours later, and we already have another update. This is why I shouldn't be staying up past 2 am working on updates.

- Fixed a warning that would sometimes display when an object in Yoshi's mouth is detached from him prematurely.

- Made it so non-player objects properly fall out of Yoshi's mouth when he dies.

- Technically this was added in the last update as a side effect of one of the changes I made in said update, but Yoshi can no longer hurt other players in co-op by spitting enemies at them.

Guess who's back again!

- Optimized Yoshi's aiming code to prevent massive lag from occurring whenever he has something in his mouth. Really don't know how I didn't notice this one before I released v1.3.

- Yoshi no longer attempts to aim at what he has in his mouth.

- Fixed the game crashing whenever Yoshi tries to lick up a player currently in the middle of a homing attack.

- Made Yoshi turn red instead of white when collecting a Fire Flower.

- The Life HUD icon is now less shiny to match better with Yoshi's other sprites.

Screw it, we're jumping to the next major version.

- Spitting range has been increased, and now you can lock onto monitors. You can also now aim your spits upwards using the camera. Try using this to spit your friends to new heights!

- Friendly players can now be used as projectiles when you spit them. Defeat your enemies with the real super power of teamwork!

- You can now lick up your teammates again in competitive gametypes. This allows you to take advantage of the previously mentioned addition in Battle Mod. However, this does not apply to when they are currently carrying the flag.

- If you have a bot following you, such as when using botskin, you can turn them into an egg, murdering them in cold blood. If you wanna be terrible to your friends in this manner as well, yoshieggify is your go-to.

- Yoshi's tongue will now simply damage enemies with more than one health point, rather than licking them up instantly.

- Yoshi's tongue will no longer have infinite vertical range against monitors and enemies it damages.

- Yoshi's super color has been changed from Sky to Blue. This was done to more accurately reflect the source material. I really do wonder why SRB2 doesn't have a Blue super color by default though...

- Courtesy of Pyrakid Wolfo, thrown eggs will now burst into egg shell pieces when they hit their target! No longer will you have to ponder why the eggs suddenly turned into spike parts.

- Auto-aiming, such as when you spit out an enemy, or prepare to throw an egg, can now be disabled with yoshiautoaim.

- In local games, yoshicoin can be used to turn every ring into a coin. Why not.

- Yoshi's Battle Mod shield stacking count has been set to zero for balancing purposes. (ever notice that I kept calling it Battle Mode for whatever reason?)

Well, that didn't last long. Anyways, now you can properly block Yoshi's eggs in Battle Mode again.

...what, were you expecting something more?

Here we go again. Hopefully this will be the actual final update for a long time. Also doing the change log in a different format because why not.

- Ground Pound Hitbox lasts longer
- Ground Pound ends faster if you manage to touch the ground before the startup ends, such as with a vertically moving plaform
- Ground Pound can now be started during Flutter Jump cool-down periods
- You can no longer target teammates in Battle Mode
- You can no longer target monitors in non-platforming gametypes
- You can now throw eggs slightly sooner after getting hit by another player
- Enemies that would exhibit weird behaviors when gobbled up, such as Pyre Flies and Spinboberts, are now fixed
- Pterabytes, Dragonbombers, and Buggles can now be gobbled up

V1.2.3 Hotfix
Welp, looks like I did an oopsie. Fang's popgun should no longer be able to be blocked by attacks when Yoshi is currently loaded. Yoshi's own custom jump sound effects will now no longer layer over Mario Mode's own jump sound effect.

This update is primarily to fix how broken Yoshi was in Battle Mode. There are a couple other changes as well.

Battle Mode Nerf: Yoshi is no longer a complete cheater in Battle Mode. Yoshi's tongue and thrown eggs can now be completely blocked by an opposing player if they are attacking. There also is now a delay before you can throw eggs again after getting hit. Yoshi's Boots of Steel ability will no longer apply to player attacks. These changes make it so that other players can actually defend themselves against Yoshi, and makes it so that playing as him requires more strategy.

Ground Pound Changes: The ground pound has been revamped slightly. The shockwave will now not hit anything in the air. It also visually depicts its range more accurately. It can also now destroy monitors and spikes. A tiny non-damaging shockwave will now display when hitting a spring and getting a boost from it. Ground pounding in flipped gravity will no longer cause desyncs. What was I thinking when I programmed it the way I did!?

Tongue Changes: Yoshi's tongue will now not destroy ring monitors of the opposing team in CTF. You also will no longer be able to lick up players that are on the same team as you. The mashing needed to escape from Yoshi's mouth has been halfed again because apparently it wasn't enough last time.

Mario Invincibility Music: The Mario Mode invincibility music will now always play when obtaining invincibility as Yoshi. Why not.

Other Unimportant Stuff: There's not much to say for this one. Pretty self-explanatory. Well, there is a new easter egg now, but that doesn't matter.

A bit of a smaller update this time to add fixes that probably should have been in the previous version.

Flutter Jump Slight Buff: The initial Flutter Jump will now go slightly higher, around the same height it did before 1.2. All other nerfs will still apply though.

Wall Clipping Fix: I had tried to fix this last patch, but apparently it didn't actually work. Anyways, you should now not be able to spit players through walls or into the level boundaries to kill them.

Doubled Tongue Cooldown: What it says on the tin. Doubled the amount of time you have to wait to lick up the same object or player again after spitting them from one second to two.

Mashing Halfed: Also self-explanatory, halfed the amount of inputs you need to escape from Yoshi's mouth.

Tongue Monitor Breaking: You can now break monitors with Yoshi's tongue. Makes it so you don't have to slow down to jump on them, and alleviates disappointment from not being able to lick them up.

CSS Art Fix: Adding other custom characters will now no longer turn Yoshi's CSS art into the last character added.

This version adds proper Battle Mode support, along with many fixes and tweaks to make playing as Yoshi a better experience.

Battle Mode Support: As just stated, Yoshi now has been tailored to work in Battle Mode! Spend 10 rings to lay an egg out of the blue. This allows you to take advantage of Yoshi's egg throwing alot more than you would normally. Of course, because this ability now exists, Yoshi will no longer get an egg from Ring Monitors in this mode. Other changes have been made to make Battle Mode more fair. The bug that let you hurt players while they're in your mouth has been fixed. Players no longer receive hit invulnerability when spit out by Yoshi, and instead simply can't be licked up again for one second.

3D Tongue: Yoshi's tongue is no longer a lame paper sprite that clips through his head, and is now complete pseudo-3D! Now it's much easier to actually tell where you're licking. In addition, the tongue's speed has been increased by 150%! This makes Yoshi's whole egg laying process alot less sluggish and tedious.

Flutter Jump Nerf: You hate to see it happen, but the flutter jump has been nerfed. It goes slightly lower, loses more height over time, and your horizontal speed starts to decrease after the first flutter jump. However, doing just one flutter jump won't result in any speed loss, so keep this in mind when going for the fastest time!

Egg HUD: The eggs you have will now display right above your life counter! Great for when you're in first person or simply can't get a good look at the eggs following you.

Boss Balancing: CEZ3 and BCZ2's bosses have been slightly adjusted to make them easier with Yoshi. In CEZ3, you are now able to eat the Eggrobo audience members, which will supply you with eggs to hit the boss with. Metal Sonic in his boss fight will now dodge out of the way if you try to gobble him up with Yoshi's tongue, which lets you more easily attack him.

Custom CSS Nametag: I just found out you could actually make a custom logo for your character on the character select screen, so I just had to add this.

Egg Spike Breaking: Now in addition to walls, thrown eggs can now break through spikes. This was to allow Amy's path in DSZ2 to be beaten without issue.

Code Optimization: Code has been optimized in certain areas to reduce lag that would be caused by Yoshi's long scripts. Hopefully this will result in a better experience for those of you with not so powerful computers.

Miscellaneous Bugfixes and Tweaks: I've also made some more changes than these, but either they're too insignificant, or I forgot about them already.

Yep that's right, in less than 24 hours I've already made v1.1 a thing. Here's what's added in this update:

-yoshijump Command: Change Yoshi's jump sound from the original Yoshi's Island sfx, to Super Mario World's jump sound, or Yoshi Island DS's voice clips.

-yoshithrow Command: The Hasty egg throwing style from the Yoshi games has been added with this command! Simply release custom 1 to throw your eggs rather than having to press the button again.

-Spit Aiming: Yoshi will now auto-target the nearest enemy when spitting out enemies, just like Fang's popgun.

-Egg Wall Breaking: Yoshi's eggs can now break any walls! Use this new feature to access paths you couldn't before.

-Bugfixes: Yoshi will no longer be stuck at an odd angle when getting hit while starting a ground pound. Egg count will also now properly reset when entering a boss level with more than one egg. Spitting enemies will now direct them to where Yoshi is facing instead of where the camera is facing.

-Beeg Yoshi: beeg yoshi

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