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Super Mario Jumps in Sonic Robo Blast 2!

Hey, I got a question for you. Do you remember the time where I first joined the forums and showcased some Mario progress in a project called "Project Mario Robo Blast 2 (Now With less Somari)"?


No? You don't? Well let me break it down to you. It was a project that seek some people's interest at the time where I was making progress. Since I abandoned this project years ago, I got people asking when I'll return to this project. Since more third party characters like Samus, Kirby, and Yoshi getting into vanilla, It made me think that I was missing out. So I decide to do something that I should've done 4 - 5 years ago. Super Mario for SRB2 has jumped back into action with some alternative gameplay for you to experience!


Mario isn't just your average character addon. No really, he's a huge game changer when you play as him in single player. Mainly combining both move sets that he had from his 3d games, and SRB2's Mario mode seen in Pipe Towers Zone. Rings replaced with coins, Shields replaced with power-ups from his games with a bit of some twists, and many more. While Mario isn't as fast as the main characters, he has faster acceleration along with a huge move set. I'll break them down into categories and explain them one by one.

Jump actions

As said in the name jump man, Mario has a lot of moves involving the jump button.

Tip: Use the jump moves to help you reach to high places. Some special moves will even give you a boost along your way

Spin actions

Use the spin button to help you in various situations when a jump isn't enough

Tip: Use the spin moves to break through passages and fit through gaps

Attack actions

Melee moves are your alternatives to defeat your enemies aside from jumping of them (Action is set to Custom 1 by default)

Tip: You may run into difficult foes that may be hard to damage with jumping. Use your melee moves to settle the score.

Power ups

Shields have been replaced with many power ups from the Mario series, they'll give you a boost in battle. Use them by pressing the Fire Normal button!

Health Points

Mario has a different HP system compared to the others. Instead of collecting rings to stay alive, you have a HP meter with 3 hit points at max. Taking damage will drop it by one. When your health reaches zero, you'll lose a life. Collect coins to help replenish your health!

Custom Options

By typing "mariomenu" in the console, you'll access a menu where you can toggle on and off different miscellaneous options for Mario

- Voice clips: On by default, it will play mario's voice clips through many actions.

- Secondcolor: Change mario's overall colors when you don't have any powerups.

- Death jingle: On by default, plays the death jingle from the mario game.

- Dive on attack: On by default, allows players to dive with the attack button.

- Spin on stick: On by default, allows players to spin when they spin around in a tight circle (Controllers are recommended for this).

- Attack button: You can set which button to have the attack actions (Custom 1 by default).

- Crouch button: You can set which button for crouch actions (Spin by default).

- Credits: View the list on the people who helped.


Of course, this project wouldn't be possible with some help from the talented people. Shout outs to them!

DirkTheHusky (myself lol): Head spriter of the project. Whole lot of frames, effort, and patience into Mario's spritework and I'm glad that I finally manage to finish his sprites for real.
MotorRoach: Main A2A8. Thank you so much for allowing me to use the sprite to make many other sprites. You're awesome!
SMS Alfredo: Main coder of the project, and mega mushroom music. Wonderful to collab with you through on out. So many stuff that I thought wouldn't be possible with SRB2's coding!
BendyTheDesignr: Character Select Art assistance. Thank you for your talented work and fixing Mario's CSS. Great work from you.
AaronKasarion: Death sprite assistance. Thank you for your contribution fixes. Really helps me improve the hands.
Team Blue Spring: Many sprites and stuff used in MKB Revamped. So much work was referenced was based of the work from that mod. Go play it if you haven't already. You'll enjoy it.
Frostiikin: Crystal Star coding. Thank you for your quick lua contribution after the idea we had.
Icezer: Crystal star sparkle coding. Thank you for your lua efforts for the crystal stars as well.
Rumia1: Music composing. Thanks for your musical talents!
Booscaster: From the spriters resource, ripped the SM64 hud used in the Mario Menu. Thank you very much.
toaster: Lua scripting for the death jump pauser. Thank you for making this back in 2017 and allowing us to reuse it for this project!
Inazuma: Special thanks to you for suggesting ideas that would make Mario fun to play. Also for your contribution for the life HUD.
And many others on discord: For supporting this project till the very end. Quite a journey this project and I'm very grateful for you guys for sticking around!

Hope you all enjoy this project as much as I did making it!
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Latest updates

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Latest reviews

A very good mod, one of my favorite characters to play as in SRB2.

He feels very much like Sandbox/Odyssey Mario with some touches from the 2D games. Odyssey Mario is honestly one of my favorite game characters to control, and SRB2 Mario definitely comes close. The power-ups are also very fun to use, but I do think some could benefit from a tutorial (like the Cape Feather).

My one big complaint about this mod that keeps it from being five stars is the dive. I really don't like it being mapped to the same button as attacking, it just makes things tedious, like when I try to hit a boss with my hammer but I accidentally end up diving. I think the dive should be mapped to a different custom.

Other than that, this is a very good mod, and definitely one of my all-time favorites when it comes to SRB2.
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When I was 3 years old I was hateing mario then I give them a try then I like mario and link and Kirby
Upvote 0
he feels great to play and the sprites looks fantastic; he fits right in. probably the most cohesive character mod i've played to date

EDIT: i just experienced his super form, and i am absolutely blown away by the level of detail in his moveset.
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Literally the best character on the message board in my opinion due to a multitude of reasons.

Movement - You have so many different movement options that are extremely fun to use with each-other. Making good use of the several moves at your disposal is very rewarding. Triple jumping into a wall jump into a dive, there's such a high skill ceiling with this character and so many awesome things you can do with him, it's amazing.

Visuals - The sprite-work here is BEAUTIFUL. Amazing work, I love it. And it fits perfectly in with SRB2 as well. The rainbow-effect on Mario when he gets a star as a homage to Galaxy 2 also looks amazing.

The attention to detail here is astonishing, the fact that Ground Pounding deals twice the damage as a normal move is awesome, being very useful for taking out bosses quicker.

Powerups - The powerups are awesome, with the Cape Feather being the best one in my opinion because flying with him feels REALLY GOOD, and allows you to get to so many places so fast, especially being able to cancel your dive with the cape-spin so that you can float normally and wall jump, just the movement options are extended so much. Not to undermine the usefulness of other powerups, its just the cape offers so much that its hard to not say anything about it. All of the powerups are really solid in my opinion.
I also like how the powerups replacing the item-boxes makes sense, for example it makes perfect sense for the Cape Feather to replace the Whirlwind Shield.

I also like how faithful it is from the original series, for example the Giant Mushroom awarding 1ups for destroying a certain amount of enemies is really fun.
The Super Mario Galaxy health bar,
and of course the coins replacing rings just like in the actual games.

If you get a Star Powerup AND a Giant Mushroom you can get like 20 lives extremely quick, a bit broken but I LOVE it!

Him being able to grab ledges is really useful, how his move-set offers great height and great speed when used properly is really nice, everything here is solid as a Block.

I haven't even mentioned the amount of extra stuff here added that isn't necessary but is greatly appreciated. His SRB2Persona support is AWESOME. I didn't even know you could do action commands in SRB2Persona but you put them in and I love you for it. I love the Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario series and you did them, i don't even know if justice is the right word, it's so good and cool.

The main seller with this character for me is you can do things with this character that no other character can do, he's easy to play and harder to master, when you do a trick to get up to a high place you earned that. Speed-running with this character is amazing.
The fact that you can do so many things with this character makes him my favorite, and I genuinely believe he's the best character.

The amount of effort, work, and love put into this character is extremely high. Thank you so much for allowing us to "a-play-a your game", y'know since playing as this character actually makes me feel like I'm playing a different game, he operates so differently from the vanilla characters, he's so unique and special in the best ways.

I feel like even after a long time, and a ton of more great character mods show up on this message board, this will still be the king. <3
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It's a really fun mod and is worth downloading but i have one issue that i don't know how to fix and it's that whenever i run the mod on my server it crashes to desktop after a random amount of levels and i wish this wouldn't happen so if you could find what could cause it that would be awsome
Can you describe about what you did that causes these crashes? We can try and fix it for a future patch.
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found a bug with mario: on red volcano zone (on the last part before the goal) if you jump on the lava flow thing mario takes damage but doesnt spring up like normal and goes back to walking on the lava for some reason (taking damage after this doesnt launch him up either)
If you're referring to the lava wave, that's a common issue with the map. Any character will encounter that issue no matter what and that's not an issue that we can fix. Best to wait for a patch of the game to come out that fixes that problem.
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This is a pretty fun character to play around with. Mario's vast moveset helps keep the gameplay feeling fresh when traversing through levels, and even without using the large selection of fun powerups, it feels satisfying to tackle difficult challenges with his various moves to get through areas (including places that are character specific, such as tails only areas). I also appreciate that while he's able to swim, Mario can still make full use of his moveset underwater. I will say that while some of the powerups feel pretty strong, the P-Balloon stands out as being especially powerful even in comparison to the rest. I was expecting a time limit to be present as it was in Super Mario World, especially considering you can gain infinite height with it.

As for the SRB2 Persona implementation, implementing mechanics from his other games was a nice touch and certainly gives him a unique feel over playing as other characters. I did struggle with the jump timing at first (I'm unsure if it's a stricter timing here than in the actual games or if I'm just rusty), but it's not bad at all once you get used to it. I really do hope this serves as encouragement to others to play around with custom mechanics a little bit when making characters for SRB2 Persona or adding support for the gamemode to their characters.
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What a mod. This is just one of the best mods out there and it's one of my favorites, simply fantastic sprites and so many features. This mod is Good, Great, Awesome, Outstanding, AMAZING!!
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It's alright. The numerous custom features are probably the best part about this addon, and really serve as a highlight of what Lua can do in SRB2 these days! The sprites are fine, and making so many different animations at so many angles is certainly an impressive feat, but they're not really something that particularly wowed me.

After seeing so many rave reviews about Mario's gameplay complementing SRB2 itself quite well, I guess my expectations became a bit too high. The many abilities that Mario has are definitely fun to use, but for some reason Mario feels way too slippery to me, which really brought down my enjoyment of basic platforming...
If you have time, would you elaborate on Mario's slipperiness? Would help if we get a better grasp on the situation and maybe we can try our best to figure something out for it in a patch.
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my only question is will we get the popular super mario form from smbz one day
Been in the mod since day one. Pretty obvious on how you're going to obtain it.
Upvote 1