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Disclaimer: This addon is not affiliated with Hololive or Cover Corp in any way! The addon was made while following all guidelines under the Hololive Derivative Works guidelines.

This is an SRB2Kart Character Pack revolving around Korone Inugami, which will feature up to 8 silly racers for you to try out in SRB2Kart!


KoroFile row1.png

KoroFile row2.png

Showcase Trailer

Racer #1: Korone Inugami
🐶Energetic Doggo🥐


Who is Korone Inugami? 🤔

Korone is a Japanese Virtual YouTuber who is associated with Hololive Production, being part of the group called "hololive GAMERS". Consisting of four members who all have animal-like designs, such as ears and tails. The kart that Korone drives around in is based on a piece of fan art that is based on FutoInu, a dog that was present in Korone's signature and that later on became one of her mascots.

Racer #2: Listener-san
💻Committed Follower☝️
Listener showcase.gif


Who is Listener-san? 🤔

Listerner-san is one of the mascots that is used to represent Korone's fanbase. During a live stream, Korone had made a simple drawing of a disembodied head with a large mouth as a means of eating up any food she may have made by mistake in the video game, "SushiTime!". Although originally conceived as just a head, there have been some cases where Listener-san is depicted with an entire body.

Racer #3: Darkside Korone
👻Otherworldly Counterpart🥐


Who is Darkside Korone? 🤔

Darkside Korone is essentially the complete opposite of Korone in terms of personality and behavior. After a capture card failure had occurred during a live stream, Korone improvised by putting an photo negative filter and giving herself an echo effect. Darkside Korone would make her entrance and stay around for while. She explained later on that if another similar failure were to occur, Darkside may appear again due to Korone's grief.

Racer #4: Nyanpyo
🎶Flute Master💪
Nyanpyo showcase.gif


Who is Nyanpyo? 🤔

Nyanpyo comes from a Japan-only PS2 title, called "Pyū to Fuku! Jaguar: Ashita no Jump". The game is based on a manga of the same name, minus the Ashita no jump. Another game within the aformentioned PS2 game can be found called "Nyanpyo The Flute Master". This is where Nyanpyo makes his appearance, and is what the kart sprites are based on. Korone had seen this silly game and loved it so much to the point that she did a nearly 7 hour stream trying to 100% complete it. Korone still has Nyanpyo featured on both her Youtube banner and Twitter location.

Racer #5: Goma King
💢Demanding Dwarf👑
Goma King showcasex2.gif

Who is Goma King? 🤔

Goma King is another one of the mascots that is used to represent Korone's fanbase. Before being called "Koronesuki", Korone's fanbased were known as "Goma Kings". This stems from the fact that Korone's chat users looked very small to her and she compared them to sesame seeds, which are called "Goma" in japanese. The viewers at the time were correcting her on multiple occasions and Korone responded by asking if they were kings. Thus combining those 2 aspects, Korone named her viewers "Goma Kings".

Racer #6: Akane Inukai
🏫Troubled Student🚋
Akane showcasex2.gif


Who is Akane Inukai? 🤔

Akane comes from the horror series, hololive ERROR. She is meant to be the character that represents Korone in the series. Akane comes from the haunted town of Aogami. She is a high school student who ends up befalling to the town's paranormal activity by following Yuka, ERROR's version of Okayu, to the train station of Aogami and onto a carriage. She now wanders the locomotive forever, desperately searching for Yuka. She will rage at anyone she comes across and blame them for Yuka's disappearance.

Racer #7: Wonky Monkey
🐵Intoxicated Ape🫑
Wonky showcase.gif


Who is Wonky Monkey? 🤔

The monkey in question appeared in a music video called "Wonky Monkey". The video features an animation in which Korone traverses a jungle, before having her backpack stolen by a group of wild monkeys. They then offer her a pepper shimmering like a rainbow, she accepts and eats it, causing Korone to enter a psychedelic state where she witnesses many bizarre things. The monkeys themselves also appeared to be under the effect of the pepper, what with their drooling mouths and swirling eyes.

Racer #8: MC Doggy
🐶Bold Biker🏍️
Doggy showcase.gif


Who is MC Doggy? 🤔

This variant of Korone is based on the her appearance from a music video called "Doggy god's street", which depicts her working at a diner and asserting her dominant role both in said diner and in the dog world. She appears to be the younger version of Korone before her V-tubing career ever started. She also seems to have "Doggy" as her first name, rather than "Korone", whilst still keeping the same family name, "Inugami". Doggy self-proclaims that she is an MC and more. She also seems to have ties with a multitude of different dogs from around the world and states that the whole world is her home turf.

Bonus origin: HosoBiku
The bike featured in Kart is based on HosoInu, one of Korone's mascots. Except this HosoInu is a monstrous variant, having sharp teeth, blue fur, and an elongated neck. The variant was drawn by Korone during a live stream where she designed a multitude of different monsters.


Copyright Disclaimers

SRB2 (Sonic Robo Blast 2) is copyright of Sonic Team Junior.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG is a registered trademark of SEGA CORPORATION.

Hololive Production is the intellectual property of COVER Corp.

All non-original material is copyrighted by their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended.

Main Author / Pixel Artist

Assets that were used/modified from other sources

Kart Krew for the letters from SRB2Kart

armktart for the design of the FutoInu kart

Namolos for the engine sound replacement LUA

SMS Alfredo for the Music LUA

RetroStation for the BikeMod LUA

Hamsly and MasterJonald for the WONDERFUL WORLD of KORONE Remix

FAKE TYPE. for the Doggy god's Street instrumental

Ezekiel for both the Korone BGM Metal Remix and Bolero Remix

Font Creators

Gaslight Font generated by Fontographer 3.5

Special Thanks

Mindacos, for telling me how to minimize the file size in general

To a lot of discord users, from both SRB2 servers for participating in my online polls

And to you, fellow internet user, for checking out my addon of the god dog. Thank you, and have a nice day
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Im suprised nobody has given a rating before, these chars are really well done both in term of spritework and deepcut references.
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