Korone's Kartastrophic Racers

[Open Assets] Korone's Kartastrophic Racers V3.0.1 (Minor Hotfix)

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Meta_Hedge submitted a new resource:

Korone's Kartastrophic Racers - Racers centered around the god dog herself, Korone Inugami

Disclaimer: This addon is not affiliated with Hololive or Cover Corp in any way! The addon was made while following all guidelines under the Hololive Derivative Works guidelines.
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This is an SRB2Kart Character Pack revolving around Korone Inugami, which will feature up to 8 silly racers for you to try out in SRB2Kart!

[ATTACH type="full"...​

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ArtoMeister updated Korone's Kartastrophic Racers with a new update entry:

Nyanpyo swoops in by suprise!

This is a major update the newly added racer, Nyanpyo, was given Namolos' LUA for replacing the engine sound, the engine now uses chiptune sounds instead of the normal engine rumble. A lualess version of Nyanpyo is also put in as a separate download, for those who want to use him in record attacks.
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-New Racer added: Nyanpyo, along side a LUA that replaces his engine sound

-New gif added to showcase Nyanpyo's sprites


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Hey so I know I'm a bit late here, had some other projects and I didn't finish July's character in time. So here's a sneak peek of the next character who will come out soon, it's a silly monkey fella.

Screenshot from 2023-07-14 21-42-43.png
ArtoMeister updated Korone's Kartastrophic Racers with a new update entry:

Wonky Monkey fuddles into the front!


-New Racer added: Wonky Monkey

-New gif added to showcase Wonky Monkey's sprites

-Individual character zip file updated to include Wonky Monkey

-Change character pack's icon to feature Wonky Monkey in version 2.3

-Main pk3 file was corrected to include the "L" for the Lua function included with Nyanpyo a while back. My sincere apologies for that fatal mistake. :dramahog:

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ArtoMeister updated Korone's Kartastrophic Racers with a new update entry:

MC Doggy wheelies into the roster!


This will be the last update for now in regards to Korone's Kartastrophic Racers. Sadly I couldn't make another drawing of the roster in time for the update but I'm still working on it. However, I did something special to the main title screen, you'll see it when you load the pack into kart. I also used SMS Alfredo's lua from the MarioKart64 roster to give the new character, MC Doggy and the original Korone some unique music.

I would like to give a special...

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