1. Pudim_Abestado

    Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno ( Initial D Gaiden ) 1.0.2

    " Deja Vu, I've seen this car before " I know I'm not the first person to make a addon about this car, so I wanted to do something different, I made the car in an "chibby" form to fit better with the other characters in the game, this character also contains lines from the so famous eurobeat...
  2. ArtoMeister

    [Open Assets] Korone's Kartastrophic Racers V3.0.1 (Minor Hotfix)

    Disclaimer: This addon is not affiliated with Hololive or Cover Corp in any way! The addon was made while following all guidelines under the Hololive Derivative Works guidelines. This is an SRB2Kart Character Pack revolving around Korone Inugami, which will feature up to 8 silly racers for you...
  3. Chrispy

    [Open Assets] Sailor Senshi V5.2

    This thread is actually a repost because the old sailor senshi thread didn't transfer to the new addons section with the mb format change, however this pack has also been updated since then and now also includes Uranus! You can use the whole group of characters in one pk3 or each character is...