Kaldrum's 3D Models

Kaldrum's 3D Models v2.2BBB

I present to you all, the Big Bonus Bunch!

Hopefully to become a recurring feature of this model pack, this update contains alternate skins of all the models currently included in the pack! They are almost fully compatible with anything the main models are, with a few slight exceptions.

This first pack includes:

Bandageless Boom Sonic!
Save the planet from disaster!
Sonic's notorious scarf from the Sonic Boom series, minus the excessive sports tape!
Full replacements for every previously included (solo) Sonic model other than Super Sonic.

Bandageless Boom Tails!
Two Tails and Four Eyes
Tail's (probably less notorious) getup from the Sonic Boom series, sporting a pair of goggles, belt, and new gloves! Also sans sports tape.
Replacements for all (solo) Tails models (blue shoes variants included).

Ova Knuckles!
Made with 100% Non-Flammable materials.
Knuckles' stylish hat originating from the Sonic OVA! This one's safe to carry around Red Volcano...
Replacements for all Knuckles models. Comes with an alternate shoe texture to match the actual OVA shoes.

Fleetway Amy!
Crossbow not included.
(One of) Amy's iconic designs originating from Fleetway's Sonic the Comic! With purple hi-tops, a green skirt, and an oversized heart t-shirt.
Replacements for all (solo) Amy (and Rosy) models.

Metal Sonic 3.0!
Welcome to the Next Level
Eggman Nega's finest creation, looking less like Sonic than ever! Featuring cool decals on the head, hands, and shoes.
Replacements for player and boss Metal Sonic, as well a model specifically for the Metal Sonic 3.0 mod.
This includes a blend file. If you don't want him to turn blue as vanilla Metal Sonic or during the boss, make sure you rename or delete the file. This will probably make any game that includes multiple people as Metal look weird though.

Thank you for downloading! Hope you enjoy messing around with these bonus models! I recommend mixing them around different mods to better differentiate them. Instructions for their use is included in a new text file, bonus.txt. Make sure the KDBONUS folder and KLDR folder are in the same place (SRB2 v2.2/models/ on windows).

There's a few other (less interesting) things in this update as well...

I lied about that Metal update being the last time I'd fix the character's UVs.

Redone all character UVs in some capacity, also extended gradients and blend textures for smoother color blending, should make the models look significantly to minorly better. All jumpballs look better now too.

Also, the Max Control Pack's BURN and ELED objects do not have a bonus character replacement. The various possible combinations in how the models can be set up mean that the player should have to do it in some capacity to fit their setup. There will not be a variant other than for the vanilla models until I can figure out an intuitive way to accomplish this. Sorry when MCPack Fleetway Amy's dress suddenly changes, just don't die in fire I guess:worry:.

Added Boom Sonic.
Completely new walk animation.
Added a fourth frame to Super Sonic's idle (sorry about that)
Added a NiGHTS altar model. (NDRN)

Added Boom Tails.
Completely new run animation, should be less busy.
Better flight spin effect texture.

Added OVA Knuckles.
Reworked a lot of facial expressions.
Cleaned up various animations, such as gliding.

Added Fleetway Amy.
Fixed various errors regarding the headband.

Added Metal Sonic 3.0.
Slight modifications to model geometry.

Thank you again for downloading! Enjoy!
Happy new year, Amy is here!

To hammer in the new year, Amy is finally ready for release! She comes with both a playable model and separate NPC model, as well as standard support for XMomentum and the Max Control Pack! She additionally has support for the hug mod!

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Metal have also all received various updates, all of which include a literal facelift.

Full Changelog:

Added Amy. Rosy, MCAmy, XMomentum, and Hug support.

Sonic has had various aspects of his face modified, most notably his eyes and eyebrows. He also has gotten a redone walk, and finally has the Alt Sonic normal laugh. no sans! Super Sonic has been updated to reflect these changes.

Tails has received forehead reduction surgery. His tails are also a bit wider. The smear texture used in the flight and run animations has also been changed.

Knuckles has gotten his run and walk redone, and his dreads have been modified in almost every animation. He's also 20% more expressive!

Metal has had his head modified slightly, the back of his head is slightly more curved and less triangular than before. His eyes have also been slightly redone.

Also mentioned in the install instructions, but any file with a "H" prefix has been renamed. Make sure you update your models.dat accordingly.

Thank you for using my models! I really appreciate all the support this has received so far! More to come!


also sorry for the reupload amy's headband was missing on some textures should be fixed now
Knock knock, its Hesse Knuckles!

Knuckles, as usual, has full XMomentum and Halfpipe Utilities support. He also includes battlemod support!
But that's not all in this update...

Sonic has had a variety of animations redone, including his run, dash, and more. The peelout now looks completely different!
He also has partial support for Alt Sonic!
Finally, his textures have been updated.
Super Sonic has been updated to reflect these changes.

Metal Sonic has received another texture overhaul (hopefully for the last time)
There are also now models for the various effects he has in XMomentum. As well as that, he now has an animation for the XMomentum spin charge. Hopefully that'll look less weird than before.

Tails has also received battlemod support! If you're using the blue shoes variant, there's an animation that supports that as well!
He also has had a few messed up animations fixed, as well as an edit to his spin animation.

This update took me a while, I hope you all enjoy playing with the characters! More to come!
Metal Sonic texture overhaul! Greatly improved the metallic texture, and fixed multiple places where shading looked inconsistent.


Small tweaks to a few Sonic animations.

Also, my other mod, Halfpipe Utilities is now supported! All existing (and future) characters now include a wallrunning animation. That's all for now, next update might be a little rougher than the rest of them, be warned.

btw, special thanks to @fznmeatpopsicle and the other authors of the blender md3 export addon, it really makes modifying models way easier and faster! It's greatly appreciated!

update title
Hesse Tails is here! Tails has full support for XMomentum and the Max Control pack, including a blue shoes variant. Installation instructions have been updated.


Both Sonic and Metal have had their spindash redone. Make sure when you install, you replace everything. Almost every file has had some minor tweaks of some kind.

Thanks for using my models!
XMomentum, MCSonic, and Super Sonic support!


Sonic now has full support for the Max Control Pack, as well as support for the Paper Peelout and Dropdash.

Both Sonic and Metal Sonic have XMomentum support.

Super Sonic! The standalone Super Sonic character is also now supported, however, likely due to something with the mod itself, does not properly support interpolation.

Installation instructions have been updated to explain the new models.


(sorry to anyone that downloaded this earlier, I realized I didn't like Sonic's texturing so I redid it)
Updated Sonic's UVs to fix shading issues with quills.
Added Metal's not-so-metallic doppelganger, Sonic! Also inspired from Tyson Hesse's Sonic Mania Adventures, as well as Sonic Origins cutscenes. Currently just vanilla support.

Updated Metal's model and textures.