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Halfpipes are already cool, but what if we made them cooler?
Introducing Halfpipe Utilities: Wall Run and Ceiling Run!


The script adds various new functionality relating to slopes and halfpipes to SRB2; namely wall running and ceiling running! This can allow mapmakers to create functioning physics based loops!

To wall run, simply run up a halfpipe and hold forward. You'll be able to climb far higher than running off slopes ever let you before! You can even turn while on the wall and increase your descent! Jump off the wall, and you can use your ability!


If level geometry allows it, you can ceiling run by being launched onto the underside of a ceiling slope, which will flip you upside down and allow you to run on the ceiling! Make sure you maintain your speed! (Flipcam not recommended, although supported)


These are both primarily mapmaking utilities, (unless you really wanna run up the DSZ2 halfpipe) which can expand the type of terrain the player can traverse if the mapmaker decides to implement them.


Lua.hpu = active"

IF YOU WANT TO USE THIS ANYWHERE, enter the console command

"globalhpu on"
This will apply the physics to all maps. The variable defaults to off otherwise.

To make a halfpipe, just make a slope into a ramp sector and add a wall behind it. Loops are possible with the right setup! A (crudely made) map is included to demonstrate some loop and halfpipe setups. It already comes with the wall running and ceiling running scripts pre-loaded, so nothing else needs to be done after loading the map pk3.



One last thing,
if the custom parameter "Lua.multiwallrun = active" is added to a level header, the player will be able to continue wall running if they land on another wall from a wall jump. This can be repeated until the player touches the ground or loses wall running another way. You can effectively perform walljumps with this enabled.

Ceiling Run is a modified version of Lach's ArcadePhysics from Chrispy's Arcade by Chrispy. Check both of them out!

This is my first script, so there are a few issues.
I don't really have the ability yet, so there are no custom animations. Wall Run looks a little bit jank because of this, but hopefully that can be fixed in the future.
Please let me know of any bugs you find, or any potential improvements that could be made. Thank you for checking out my script!
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Latest reviews

I downloaded this mod and loved everything about it! but a question that may seem a bit dumb is, how do i get into the mods test area?? its hard to find an area that supports this in game OR with mods.
For one, make sure you downloaded the halfpipetest pk3. Then you can enter the map using the level select on a complete file or through creating a multiplayer game.
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the only issue that it didnt work for other models like saturn dreams model pack or jeck jims, i think it only works for you model pack.
anyway good addon for running into walls
yeah that's how it's set up, the other model makers would need to add support on their own in an update
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This mod exemplifies what makes SRB2 such a special game: dedicated modders constantly reinventing the experience in subtle but significant ways. Now that this mod exists I never fail to try running directly at any wall with even the slightest slope leading up to it in the hopes that the magic will happen. It's always such a neat surprise when you'll launch at speed into a ceiling and find yourself running down it upside down. Just amazing work, and I hope to see some version of it in the base game someday.
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Pretty good, all things considered. It would be neat if it was easier to transfer your momentum horizontally while running on a wall; currently the turning arc is quite large. To make ceiling transfers easier to pull off, it would be suitable for the camera to automatically turn to face the player's new movement angle. Other than those two points, I have nothing else to criticise. Well done.
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I love this mod's test area. It's fun to mess around in. Also LOOPS WORK NOW(mostly)! 5 stars!
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This is definitely very exciting! If it weren't for how buggy it is, I could see this being used in the official game. But still, this is far better than nothing
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A bit buggy but everything seems to work! An interesting tool for mappers! Though for future reference, try to not blur out the entire thread. It makes reading it needlessly more tedious. In addition, I'd recommend adding more images in the thread just so there's more visuals for people to work with. Anyways, welcome to releases!
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