Jump Leniency

[Reusable] Jump Leniency 1.0

Adds two tweaks for jumping.

Coyote Time
This is a feature from most modern platformers. Leaving the ground, either from walking off or from a slope launch, gives you a 0.25 second window where you can still jump. This means you can pretty safely make jumps off

Recovery Jump
If you've been in your painstate for 0.66 seconds, you can jump out of it, ala Sonic Adventure 2. You can also use your ability afterwards.

I made this script because both of these make c-lag in netgames far more bearable to me.
This script is done in a way that it should generally not conflict with custom character abilities.
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Latest reviews

Very nice and keeps srb2 in line with other 3d platformers, my one complaint is that you can jump after using a spring if you press it fast enough
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Simple yet effective. The recovery jump is good for saving yourself from goop or death pits.
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Awesome! I love that the term is called "Coyote Time" lmao
Also, you could do that in SA2?? This is the first time i'm learning of this. Are you sure you don't mean Sonic Advance 2?
Nah, it's in the Adventure games. I was even reminded that it's in Adventure 1 too.
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A life saver for netgames, been using an older one for netgames so it's nice to see a return, especially with the jump recovery.
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One of those things that I can't believe wasn't a thing in SRB2 yet.
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