Jet the Hawk - V1.1 - now slightly less broken

[Reusable] Jet the Hawk - V1.1 - now slightly less broken 1.1

Jet the Hawk is here and he's ready to Race!


Unfortunately Circuit is dead and SRB2 is more of a precision platformer, so he's not really equipped for the right job.

As long as Jet has air he'll ride his Extreme Gear. In this state he's incredibly fast and hovers over some obstacles, but he's also incredibly slippery. Extreme Gear is especially good at gaining height from slopes. Always be on the look out for ramps to jump off of for insane amounts of airtime.

To make up for his lack of control, by pressing and holding the spin button, Jet can drift. Drifting will temporarily slow you down, then redirect all of your momentum in your new facing direction when you let go. If mastered, this allows you to smoothly take corners while barely losing any speed. Drifting into enemies will also damage them.

Tapping the spin key instead of holding it will allow Jet to boost. Boosting gives you a quick burst of speed as you'd expect, in exchange for a chunk of your Air gauge. Boosting into enemies will also damage them. You can even boost in the air!

The main way to recover Air is by doing tricks. Any time Jet is in the air on his board, tap the movement keys to do a trick. Just make sure to stick the landing- if you're in the middle of a trick when you hit the ground, you'll lose most of the air you just gained. Tricks are also your main form of midair control. Doing backflips will even allow you to gain some height. Tricking into enemies will damage them.
You will be rated on the quality of your trick chains. This doesn't actually do anything mechanically, but will hopefully make you feel good about yourself. <3

If Jet runs out of air, he'll be forced to walk. Jet is incredibly slow on foot- although he does have a simple double jump. In this state, you can recover air by quickly mashing the spin key.


Mysteriously, Jet's furious footpumping is also strong enough to break bustable floors. (This and the double jump exist solely to make DSZ2 and ACZ1 beatable >.>)

If you need the extra control, you can always use the custom1 key to temporarily disable your gear and force Jet to proceed on foot. Just tap the button again to re-enable it.

Known issues:
  • Controller support is wonky. I don't have a working controller of my own to test at the moment, but I suspect at the very least that tricks are harder to do. The lua expects the control stick to return to the dead zone before it will let you input any tricks.
  • Jet's Extreme Gear will be forcibly disabled in reversed gravity. His special physics weren't really written with it in mind, and this is just easier than trying to make it work. I might come back to this some time in the future.
  • I've tested most major stage gimmicks and confirmed that they work, but it's always possible that I've missed something. At the very least Jet can turn back into a normal character whenever he needs to with custom1.
  • He's still missing a few small animations here and there for things like the emerald victory screen, or teeter frames.
  • His sprites are prerendered and kind of jarring. I'm bad at art ;U

Special thanks to Inazuma, Flame, Ruberjig and DylanDude on Discord for giving me good feedback during testing.
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