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Demnyx Onyxfur

Demnyx Onyxfur
Replaces the end sign with a goal ring, and also adds it's ambient sounds. It's a port of a personal 2.1 mod I had lying around.

It's kind of hacky because of the way the sign works, as it needs to be off the ground in order to spin. So the sign is 1 fracunit off the ground until a timer tells it to return to the ground to stop spinning.

Head on over to the Overview for the most recent updates!


1.0.2: haha ring go squish

1.0.1: It grew


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Well... Now it's time to play using Modern Sonic V4, plus the Modern Monitors, and now... This.
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Honestly I thought the idea of a Goal Ring would just not fit into a classic Sonic game but you surely nailed the design so it actually goes well in the game.
I like this a lot and think it is cool, although it is (in my opinion) too small. (I don't know if it is possible to change the size, I never modded SRB2 before)
Love the new changes! Probably should have mentioned this in my first comment but I just adore the ambient noise around the goal ring, I really makes the mod great!

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