Sorry about the last patch that broke hair colour when going Super or using Hyper Mode, this patch should fix that issue.

Hopefully this should be the last update until some more major content arrives (like persona support or something)
-Fixed superobj/hair not spawning when super
-Removed colorized for super afterimage
-Resource Meter Charge time decreased to 1.8 seconds per wing in pvp game modes (down from 3)
-Fixed super afterimage not correctly teleporting to​
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Still playing her in Singleplayer? No need to worry about this patch, this is Battlemod specific updates (with an added Ringslinger Neo loadout)


- No air dodge after using her Moon Kick or Butt attack with the flag
- Moon Kick has reduced height when holding the flag
- Resource Meter Charge time increased to 3 second per wing in pvp game modes
- No air dodge after using stomp
- Fixed how Her battle ability distributes points in solo gametypes
- Reworked how her battle ability does damage
- Made going into hyper mode less of a terrible option (it used to just delete your rings when you use it)
- Made Butt attack more of a commitment when holding the flag by increasing its endlag
- Increased footstool's grabbox
- Stomping into Slime puts her into her rolling state so she can now monitor bounce in goop
- Fixed a weird quirk with footstool that allowed you to parry if she grabbed you while you were still grounded
- Transforming into hypermode has 3 defense hitbox to ensure you don't get Golden Freiza'd (killed during your transformation state)
- Increased weight (105 > 110)
- Fixed Honey's follow object (superobj) from getting removed from the game when doesn't exist.​
And her RingSlinger loadout is Burst/Infinite​
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Slight hotfix pertaining only to Battlemod. Changes are as follows:​
-Honey now uses SKINVARS_NOSPINSHIELD in battle which makes it so she can only use shields with tossflag. This was to let her have access to her full moveset in battle at all times. (this has no effect on single player)
-Honey has battle ability text while she's on the ground. This is to tell players they need to be in the air to use their ability but also a way to get around not being able to see her cooldown unless you're jumping
-Footstool can now be used out of most of her moves with the exception of the start up on Buttbop
-The projectiles of her Backflip will tumble her if someone parries her on the start up of the attack, acting more like a disjointed kick.
It's been a while since I've touched Honey, but I decided to work on a small update to help de-clutter how Honey plays!


Honey can now pounce by jumping while in the air, instead of stomping!
That said, if you were used to using CB1+Spin to pounce in the air, you can still do that if you want.
Pounce now also only uses one wing and deals damage!
You can gain back wings by hitting an enemy, so you can chain them along if there are enough enemies about!

Honey's stomp has been moved to the spin key while in the air, and her wing resource on using her melee has been removed.

Other changes being a plethora of bug fixes, both for general gameplay (looking at you, 2D mode pounce) and battle mod bugs (no more parry dancing!)

With battlemod tweaks she also gets herself a new move, her aerial counter

Functioning like a psuedo insta-shield, if you colide with an enemy, attacking or not, in this state, you will grab them and leap off their heads like a footstool!

Here's a collection of changes​
- Butt Bop no longer uses any wing meter
- Stomp has been moved to the spin button in the air
- Moon kick now goes slightly higher
- Moon kick now uses one wing
- Cat Pounce is now able to be used by pressing jump twice (Can still be activated using CB1+ SPIN if you are too used to that)
- Cat Pounce now only uses one wing per use
- Cat Pounce now deals damage
- Cat Pounce now functions correctly in 2D mode
- Hitting an enemy mid air will restore 1 wing
- Honey now has a battlemod ability
- Many battlemod specific bugs have been fixed (such as being able to hop around while blocking)
- Hairdye text has been tweaked slightly to be more clear
- h_hairdye off now works to disable her haircolour
- h_hairdye2 and h_candy2 for splitscreen now implemented


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