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Addon originally made by Golden Shine
2.1 Post

using the fusionha command nearby someone that's willing to fuse (if nobody is around to, you'll be ready to fuse)
after a few seconds, you'll switch control
using the command again defuses you



in splitscreen, an emblem will appear to so you can tell who is in control
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  1. fix

    I forgot a few things when waiting for this to go through releases, fixed being able to use the...

Latest reviews

I love fusion so the fact that this exists is already like the coolest thing to me! My only wish is that there were settings for a bit more customization.
It'd be amazing if you could change how long the timer waits before you switch, or even if there was an option to bind switching to a keybind, for people who'd want to do that (Me, I'm people who'd want to do that)
Anyway yeah great mod wish you could control more about it though (Also imagine if certain fusions could have custom sprites like what if you could make Shadic I wish somebody made something like that)
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Sorry for taking so long to release this, I forgot I could test multiplayer stuff with splitscreen. Anyways, welcome to releases! This could be fun for a challenge run with some friends in the future.
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