FL Studio Chan tunes into Sonic Robo Blast 2!

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Hello, everyone! Today, I bring you FL Studio Chan, Image-Line's adorable anime mascot! Not only do you get to play as FL Chan herself, but Metal Sonic also joins her to form a useful alliance. But we'll get to that later. First, let's talk about her abilities!

Character Selects.gif

- Primary:
- Slow Fall: Press and hold jump after jumping to gently float downwards. Since she jumps higher than everybody else, this can be useful for landing on enemies in which is her only way of attacking them directly. Initially, you'll only be able to do this ability once per jump.
Slow Fall.gif

- Swimming: When underwater, your ability will be changed to Swimming (because the Slow Fall wouldn't make sense underwater). Unlike Tails' swimming though, you can swim indefinitely. Press jump to start it up. After that, tap jump to go higher, or press and hold spin to descend.

- Dash Mode: Like Metal Sonic, FL Chan can go faster by keeping up her speed. In this state, you can break through enemies, spikes, and spin-bustable walls. Unlike Metal Sonic though, it takes less time to activate due to her low running speed. Consistently being in Dash Mode is the key to speedrunning with her!

- Mic Drop: Press spin to create radial damage below you using a microphone. This radial damage can also break spikes while the microphone itself can break floors. There are two types of Mic Drop styles:
  1. When pressing spin on the ground, you'll be halted in your tracks when performing the attack. The good part is that you'll be able to use Mic Drop quicker when only using it on the ground.
  2. When pressing spin anytime you're in midair, you'll still drop the mic below you, but you'll also get an extra jump in which makes the Mic Drop get a longer cooldown as a result.
Mic Drop.gif

- Kaboom Box: While standing still, press Custom 1 to set it up. From there, you can do one of two things.
- Active: After gaining some distance, press Spin to detonate the Kaboom Box. When you do, the Kaboom Box will explode in a large area. Try placing it when next to a breakable wall because when it's detonated inside the wall, it'll break it!
Kaboom Box (Active).gif

- Passive: Jump onto the Kaboom Box (or run into it) to be launched into the air like a spring. Unlike many springs though, doing this will allow you to chain your jump ability which will be useful for our special guest! It also automatically detonates, so you can use this to make epic escapes and whatnot.
Kaboom Box (Passive).gif

Now, let's talk about the Metal and FL Chan combo ability.

- Command Encore: Similar to Flight Call with Sonic and Tails, Metal can stand close to FL Chan to make a marker appear. When it does, you can jump to make her drop her mic, or press Custom 1 to set up her Kaboom Box. If you want to detonate the Kaboom Box manually, gain some distance, then jump when the marker appears again. Of course, you can also jump or run into the Kaboom Box to get some extra height towards your Hover ability.
Command Encore I.gif

Command Encore II.gif

- Emerald Upgrades: While she doesn't get a super form, FL Chan does get upgrades to her abilities when collecting all of the emeralds. Thus, still giving players a reward for their efforts. You'll have to read the console if you want specifics, though.
Emerald Upgrade.gif

Last but not least, she also has Persona Support (and Kirby Support)!
Persona Select.png

Of course, there's more sprites I would like to add for her in the future (mostly more addon supports), but for now, I can finally put this to rest! Enjoy! <3
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