This is the final update for Extra Life Classic (from my side, anyway. The rest of The Extra Life Team is allowed to make additional patches if necessary).

Update notes:

- For the tag-team, Extra Life will now take priority over Jelly Tails whenever you enter singleplayer from the main menu.


- Also a part of the tag-team, both Extra Life and Jelly Tails's icons are now present on the life counter. They will also slide over each other when using the Insta-Switch. Thanks to Clone Fighter for this one! (Check out Clone Fighter Classic! v3 is currently in the works!)


- An attempt to balance out Extra Life for non-cooperative gametypes has been made (excluding Competition and Race), reducing his amount of dashes, his air hang time and the height he gets from the dash.


Also Extra Life's skin name has been changed to "elclassic" to avoid conflicts with the upcoming v2 release.
And that's the end of Extra Life Classic. It's been a bumpy ride, but it's finally over.

Expect to see Extra Life Revived... sometime soon. In the meantime, look into the official Extra Life resprite thread! It shows that we're still not dead yet.

Do not ask me for anything, ever.
Hey all, Ruby here!

As Extra Life v2 so far is vastly different compared to this release (and because of reusability), I've decided to rename this release to "Extra Life Classic" to prepare it for the upcoming v2 update (which will be available in another thread).

v2 still needs more time in the oven, though (particularly so because our only big spriter is taking their time with their own mod(s)), and we're very thankful that you've stuck with us and been very patient.

Thanks for reading!

Hey, paisanos! Extra Life's back again with a patch update!
This fixes (and even updates) the Jelly Tails tag-team, introducing the Insta-Switch, a slightly reworked version of the Quick Swap!


Pressing Custom 2 like before changes between the two characters, providing a second of invincibility.
Proper use of this time can turn the Insta-Switch into a great defensive maneuver. However, that's not the only thing bundled in with this update.


Pairing him up with Jelly Tails also provides Extra Life with the passive Boost Mode ability - allowing him to gain extra speed to fly over even greater pits! The Triple Dash also allows you to maintain Boost Mode in the air.

The only other additions are a fix for the Low Dash (which used to have been infinitely usable), and the removal of the monitor taunt sound to make it less annoying.

That's all for this update. Thanks for reading and for nearly 15,000 downloads!
Hey, paisanos. No v2 news as of now. I've been busy with another personal project that you're not gonna wanna miss.

Anyways, it's recently come to my attention that the Jelly Tails tag-team code is outdated and doesn't work well with 2.2.10. So I'm going to be using what I've learned up until now to fix that.

Expect a new update to drop soon. For now, check out the official SRB2 Discord Server! It's the place where you can find me online most often. I post updates on Extra Life over there aswell!

Thanks for reading. :worry:
Patch notes:
- Fixed a major issue where pressing Spin right as you roll off a ledge with UrMom-Entum causes Extra Life to stop in place and essentially result in a softlock. This also fixes a smaller issue where Extra Life would stop in place when charging a Spindash on the ground (also with UrMom-Entum)
This update would not have been possible without the help of Clone Fighter, a member of the Extra Life team.
As such, these patches were split into two categories.

The overview post may have already been updated soon after this update was released.

Patch notes:

antonretrojr (Clone Fighter)'s fixes:
- Fixed the Low Dash Glitch, which is Extra Life's first dash being lower than the rest
- Included the Low Dash as a gimmick - hold down Spin while revving up a dash. That last section in ERZ1 shouldn't be an issue anymore.

My fixes:
- Fixed a glitch where Extra Life's dash storage would not be reset if a frame-perfect jump is done after hitting the ground. TAS speedrunners may now rest easy.
(Incase the fine print on the bottom right didn't clear it up, this post was made by our spriter, VanillaUwU. Thanks for 10 thousand downloads! ~RubyTheMii)
Happy 10K Downloads Y'all!
(Incase the fine print on the bottom right didn't clear it up, this post was made by our spriter, VanillaUwU. ~RubyTheMii)
Mom!!! Look, 9500 downloads, we're famous now! Did Ruby even notice??

Now uh, here's a sneak peek for V2
Patch notes:
- Changed taunt state name as to not conflict with Modern Sonic when both mods are loaded (previously S_PLAY_TAUNT, now S_PLAY_ELTAUNT)

Big thanks to the SRB2 Discord community for pointing this out!
how is it that such a small update took me 19 days since v1.2's release to finish?
i have no idea, so please don't ask me


Hey, paisanos. It's me again.

This is just a small update that fixes a big problem with Extra Life's taunt thinker, which allowed you to taunt as any character.

Also taunting sets the Quick Swap delay to 0, which means you can't swap to Jelly Tails until you let go of Custom 3.


Also included is a nerf for the Triple Dash's hang time, being reduced from 3 seconds to 2, requiring you to act faster each time you rev up a dash.


Yeah, that's it.

I'm planning a much bigger update for the future, which gives Extra Life an actual Super form among a few other big things, but before I get to work on that, I'll rest for a while lol.

Thanks for reading, and see you next game.
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