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He's back.
and brighter than ever before!


If you've played around with the Classic version before, you know the gist. But this time, he's brought back as a proper character slot instead of a skincolor-based behaviour script.

The good ol'. Quick switching between characters, with ful support for mods right out of the gate (not all add-on characters are guaranteed to be compatible). But now there are 3+ ways to do it:
-- 1: Quick Shift --

Simply press Prev/Next Weapon to cycle between loaded characters on the fly.
The same way it worked in v2.0.
-- 2: Shape Shift Menu [NEW!] --

Press Fire Normal to summon a menu to choose your appearance.
NOTICE: This may not work on mobile due to utilizing the KeyDown hook.
-- 3: Quick Shift Shortcuts [NEW!] --

Press a Weapon Number key to instantly switch to the character stored under that slot.
You can set the shortcuts up in the menu by pressing the corresponding Weapon Number key while selecting a skin.

All of this is, sadly, disabled in Ringslinger... leaving only one option:
-- 4: Last Resort --

I couldn't get in a Ringslinger game and expect myself to do good... ;-;
You can still swap your appearance... to a random skin, by pressing Fire Normal.

More coming soon...
  • IMPORTANT: ANY Spin Dash attempt will result in a segfault if certain conditions are met (e.g. being on Linux or having an OLDC SP pack loaded).
    • Interestingly enough, Espio and Blaze can Spin Dash just fine.
    • Werehog can cause a crash under similar conditions when landing while air slashing.
  • Dashmode is preserved when you switch off of a character with one. Notably only happens with momentum mods and/or custom dashmodes.
  • Clone Luigi copies Mario's voice.
  • Clone Metal/Gold Mario/Luigi play the stomp sfx on every frame that they're walking.
  • Werehog's arms, Tangle's tail and Blaze's flames don't carry over the visual flags (and color in the case of Blaze) that the player's object has.
  • Jana cannot use her sword.
I can't do anything about these things, so I'm calling for action on the creators' end.

Special Thanks:
  • RubyTheMii: Moral support (I guess?); additional ideas
    (Check out Extra Life Classic!)
  • RainbowTH: Beta-testing and troubleshooting assistance​
  • Everyone else in the Clone Fighter v3 thread on Discord, and the rest of the community in general​
  • And you, random user. Thanks for downloading the add-on, if you've already done it!​
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i get the crome version insted of the normal version please leave a comment how to do it
Erm... "crome version"? What's that mean? (Can you elaborate on that for me, please?)
Upvote 0
It was good...

Played it on both pc and mobile but the new shape shifting menu on mobile it is broken it won't let me scroll to the left or right side
The new Shape Shift menu uses the KeyDown hook to register key presses, so that's why it doesn't work on mobile. I can't do much about this myself for now, unfortunately.
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I feel like the quick shift should cycle through your custom order. Other than that this was really fun to play around with, especially with modded characters that can act out of freefall you can do some pretty crazy shit.
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Played in both mobile and PC, and it is awesome!
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This is such a big improvement from the classic version. The animations for switching character are pretty nice looking, and I love the new menu too. The only thing that I would suggest is maybe giving an option to turn off the transparent skin color. But aside from that this is great and I can't wait to see what else is store for this mod!
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It feels SO MUCH better to not have to use a different color in order to use CF, yeah the ringslinger issue is there but other than that, still fun!
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