how is it that such a small update took me 19 days since v1.2's release to finish?
i have no idea, so please don't ask me


Hey, paisanos. It's me again.

This is just a small update that fixes a big problem with Extra Life's taunt thinker, which allowed you to taunt as any character.

Also taunting sets the Quick Swap delay to 0, which means you can't swap to Jelly Tails until you let go of Custom 3.


Also included is a nerf for the Triple Dash's hang time, being reduced from 3 seconds to 2, requiring you to act faster each time you rev up a dash.


Yeah, that's it.

I'm planning a much bigger update for the future, which gives Extra Life an actual Super form among a few other big things, but before I get to work on that, I'll rest for a while lol.

Thanks for reading, and see you next game.
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So when I patched out an issue with the EL-JT tag-team and Extra Life's taunt thinker, I forgot to replace the attachment.

That was my fault. i'm really sorry :(

If you have the original release of v1.2, please redownload the mod. Thank you!
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Hi! Ruby here, back with the next major update for Extra Life!
I've been reading your suggestions again, and I'm finally ready to deliver!

First of all - one of the most important changes - the Triple Dash's action key has been changed from Spin to Jump!


However, that's not the only gameplay change.
You better be careful, because if you take too much time holding your dash, you can kiss that Triple Dash goodbye until you either stop falling or get hurt.


Also included are slight sprite changes, including a new Continue animation!



And to end it off, Extra Life can now taunt by pressing Custom 3!


But going back into his monitor isn't the only thing he can do - there's a special 1/100 chance you might get another taunt. Will you be able to discover it?

Well, that's all for today, paisanos. See you next update!
Hey, paisanos! I'm back with another Extra Life update, albeit a very small one.

So incase you don't know, originally I asked my friend Sebo2205 for help with the Triple Dash scripting before I eventually figured it out by myself, with a little help from NARbluebear.

To thank Sebo for putting up with my idiocy, I've decided I would add a special little tag-team.


(credit to ChucklesTheHaha for his awesome tag-team CSS art!)

That's right, Extra Life is now teaming up with Sebo's Jelly Tails! And their teamup has a new ability: The Quick Swap!


By pressing Custom Action 2 at any time, you can choose either Jelly Tails or Extra Life as your primary character. However, there is a small delay between every swap - exactly 1 second.

Since the Quick Swap allows you to change between these two at any time, you can use it to chain Extra Life's Triple Dash with any of Jelly Tails's special moves, such as Triple Dash/Bounce, for skipping huge chunks of stages!



Of course, as Jelly Tails isn't a vanilla character, he needs to be downloaded and loaded in for the tag-team to work properly. You can grab him right here!

Thanks for reading. See you next update!
maybe i'll even get back to work on a certain mustard colored enemy. no promises, though :threat:
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Heya! I'm back!
After a few days of work, I'm finally ready to present the first major update for Extra Life.
I've been reading your suggestions on how to improve the mod, and I can safely say I've delivered some of what you've told me to do, as well as a little bonus of my own. So, let's get into it!

Here's what's been changed since the initial release:

- Extra Life can now run on water (and THZ goop)!


- Extra Life now floats mid-air when revving up a dash, making gaining extra height much easier!


Pretty useful change, huh?

- He can also use shield abilities with his third dash! that's one less shield problem, now to await the next, lol


- oh yeah, there's also some more waiting sprite fixes

[not pictured: waiting sprite fixes, go check it out for yourself lolololol]

- also i increased the vertical thrust upon release of the Spin key, i forgor to mention that lmao

[not pictured: increased vertical thrust upon release of the Spin key, however it's been changed from 10 to 12 fracunits]

And before I wrap this up, I want to introduce a brand new cheat command with this update.
If you've seen Extra Life's development, I think you know what I'm talking about here.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Infinite Dash!


This cheat originated as the result of me being unable to figure out how to limit the amount of uses for the Triple Dash. I figured it was pretty funny, so why not bring it back?

The cheat can only be activated by an admin in a level. Just use "infdash on/off".

alright that's all, see ya lol
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Heya. So, uhh, it turns out that the waiting sprites were sorta freaking out, so I prepared a quick patch just for it. The waiting sprites should now be normal.

i legit don't know how i realized this until minutes after i submitted this so... i'm sorry mods lol
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