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[Open Assets] Customizeable Hud v2.2

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allows you to change the hud using commands
customhud_hudnamecolor, changes the color of the name near the life icon
customhud_hudname, changes the name near the life icon to your player name, or both the character name and player name
customhud_lifeicon, changes the life icon
customhud_ringcolor, same as customhud_hudnamecolor, except for rings
customhud_scorecolor, does the same thing as customhud_hudnamecolor
customhud_timecolor, do I need to say it again? probably not
customhud_scorexpos (number), moves the score by the x value you set
customhud_scoreypos (number), moves the score by the y value you set
customhud_ringxpos (number), same as score
customhud_ringypos (number), same as score
customhud_timexpos (number), same as score
customhud_timeypos (number), same as score
NOTE: I'm using in these screenshots, go get it if you like the hud font thing
Eggette! (Or Omelette, if you prefer)

Eggpack Remake!

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Latest updates

  1. thing

    added a new lifeicon thing, just shows your sprite changes when in pain or dying/drowning...
  2. dumb

    I forgot to remove a test feature
  3. moving score time and rings

    added the ability to move score time and rings, see the overview

Latest reviews

Since you've updated the mod to fix my gripes with it, I felt it was fair to give this a score bump, as I really enjoyed the concept, and you've genuinely improved it! Good work!
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I love the amount of customisation and this review would've been 5 stars if you could save and load hud configs. Also with certain things you have to type the command a lot which can be more annoying with android users.
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it's a pretty neat concept, but i think a command to reset one or all of the values could be really helpful in case you make a mistake with the hud. additionally i think there should be commands to save and load your current hud layout and maybe a command that sets its transparency? but i don't know if the latter is possible with just lua
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As cool as this is, the lack of the ability to change HUD position means it pins itself at the top of the screen if youa re using any of the game's recommended resolutions, which should be considered the default. I do like having these options, but it feels so awkward not being able to reposition anything.

It's also misleading to use a text style that isnt actually part of this mod, as that's what I was expecting to see until I noticed this was a .lua file, which meant it had none of its own assets. You don't even link to it in ny way, so those looking for the same experience in the screenshots are going to have difficulty actually getting it.
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