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This will be a continuously expanding mod. Comes with and without LUA.
Features 8 characters
Sailor Moon
Sailor Mercury
Hornets (With updated secondcolor lua courtesy of Lach)
Chrispy (With Fire trail lua courtesy of Lach and Pepperdork)
Pointy Sonic (With updated secondcolor lua courtesy of Lach)
Witch (with lua from Lach)
Sam Bridges (with carrier lua by Bartman3010 and Lach)




Sam's carrier randomizes your weight stat block each race. He comes with some commands
splitscreen players can use sam2_weight_set, sam3_weight_set, etc

Witch lua is unique in that her stats and voice lines change depending on which skin color you choose. In Disgaea, she had different personalities to pick from; childish, wicked, and hazy. for the nonlua variant Wicked is the default.
the red, pink, and purple skins are the childish ones; the green, orange, and yellow skins are the wicked ones; the blues and blacks are the hazy ones
childish is mighty stats, wicked is sonic stats, hazy is tails stats.

For specifics on which skins change to which stats, here's a little reference.
childish: 7, 16-37, 90-100
wicked: 8, 9, 38-66
hazy: 1-6, 10-15, 70-89


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Welcome to releases! Though, I did notice a minor bug with the Lua version; switching from Chrispy to another character resulted in leaving behind an unmoving flame. Also, this isn't a serious problem, but I think it'd be easier if the Lua version's filename was easier to stand out from the original to those who may easily mistake one for the other. Perhaps something like "KCL_ChrispyCharsDX_v1.pk3" or something. Not a big deal, just a suggestion.
Pointy Sonic's signpost sprite seems to be broken, which appears to be an issue with Secondcolor 1.3, as version 1.4 corrects it. An update for the lua version to use it would be nice.
Updated to V2
Fixed Pointy's goalpost. This was actually not caused by the secondcolor lua but by the entire lump missing. Oops.
Updated Chrispy's fire trail [check it out pepperdork made it cool]
Added Witch
At long last, the beans can no longer be contained. Release the beans, relish the beans. Only in green.


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Bruh. You're not gonna, like, tell me you finished my beans? You're just gonna sneak her out in the dark of the night like illicit goods?
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YESSSSSSS you did such a good job! I'm so happy!

I already told kathy, but there's a bug with voice lines when meme voices is on, idk if he told ya or not! It makes voice lines stack on each other occasionally.

There's so many colors that looks really nice in here :D
Awesome! Having a character whose stats change based on color is really interesting, though I kinda wish the stats updated on the menu in realtime based on your color choice.

To fix the voice line bug and allow Witches of other types to be used in Record Attack, perhaps you could include three copies of Witch in the non-LUA pk3 with the corresponding stats and voice clips? You could even add little symbols or letters on the portraits to indicate which type the player is currently using.
We actually have a fix for the meme voices, I'm going to patch it in with Sailor Mercury once she's finished.
I like the idea of splitting witch into 3 for the nonlua. I really wish I could put some visual indicator on the character select screen but that's not possible with lua currently. I will probably use your idea for the split icons though
V3 Released!
Added Sailor Mercury
Fixed Nights' A2 frame having their foot clip through the kart
Fixed Witch's meme voice bug
You accidentally uploaded KCL_ChrispyCharsPlus-v3 as a plain zip instead of a pk3.
Please in next update make customizable effects while super (not confetti)

and... How About Knuckles
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I'm not sure if this was intentional but, v6 of this pack doesn't have a pk3 file available. Both the KC and KCL prefixs are zip files.

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