Adventure Sonic (v1.3d)

Adventure Sonic (v1.3d) v.1.3d

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"What you see is what you get! Just a guy that loves adventure!"


  • Easy to digest physics and abilities taking the best from Sonic Adventure 1 and 2!
  • Support for controllers and simple mode. Even if you disliked those in SRB2, give the combination a try with SA-Sonic and be surprised! Bind "Center Camera" to a comfortable button, you might prefer it over manual camera turning!
  • A fleshed out super form, a custom NiGHTS moveset, many easter eggs, and deep-rooted mechanics hardcore fans will instantly recognize!
  • A custom Adventure menu for cosmetical and accessibility options! (Could be on the pause button if 2.2.10 allows it, but you're limited to the "samenu" console command for now!).
After around a year of work Adventure Sonic (AKA SA-Sonic!) is complete! SA-Sonic heavily alters the game's physics to resemble Adventure 1 and 2's, whilst scaling everything to still work in SRB2.

Sonic has more turn control and air resistance as in Adventure. He also gains more speed running and rolling down slopes, as, in general, he's most efficient when grounded. That may be different than what you're used to in SRB2, which normally encourages you to stay airborne.

Adventure Sonic supports all forms of control, strafe, standard, and simple. But it was made with a controller and simple mode in mind first, as that's what comes to mind for us when we think of 3D Sonic platformers. Our primary goal was making Adventure Sonic control easily for newcomers, and I hope we achieved that goal! Pick up those controllers and have fun!

EXTRA MODS (Listed by Golden Shine)
SA-Sonic is purely a character mod for the sake of lightweight filesize and compatibility. But if you wanted to bless all of SRB2 with Adventure's style, here's some recommended mods!

-ALT SUPER THEME (OPEN YOUR HEART) : Plays Open Your Heart instead of Live and Learn!

-Adventure Emblems! Emblems become SA1-style, appearing even in modded/online games!

-Adventure HUD! Gives an SA1-style HUD and Boss meter!

-Adventure Monitors! Monitors look and act like Sonic Adventure!

-Goal Ring Mod! Uses SA2 Goal Ring with unique sprite for SA-Sonic!

-SA-styled enemy explosions! Self-explanatory!

-SA 1-up! Replaces extra life jingle & sfx. Toggle the life icon sfx from jingle to sound effect in SRB2's sound options so your game's music won't get interrupted with every extra life!

Want an easy shortcut to add everything at once?
Copy & paste the text below to a file called AUTOEXEC.CFG. You now have a command called "SRB2adventure" or "Adventure" that instantly load everything! Remember to update the mod filenames if they update!

alias SRB2adventure "addfile CL_AdventureSonic-v1.3d.pk3; addfile L_AdventureEmblems-v1.pk3; addfile L_AdventureMonitors-v4.1.pk3; addfile L_SAExplosions-v1.pk3; addfile SA-1UP.pk3; addfile L_GoalRing-v2.3.pk3; addfile VL_sa1hud-v2.pk3"
alias adventure SRB2adventure
ADVANCED TRICKS (Documented by Shine)
Here's some obscure mechanics, or things you may not have thought to try! You'll do just fine without them, but knowledge is power, right?

-Superbounce: You can perform this as Super Sonic or with Sneakers! Look up a tutorial for SA2 Super Bounce if you're curious, the execution is the same!

-Spindash Hover: If Jump is held when spinning off a ledge, you'll be way floatier! You'll straight up soar as Super Sonic!

-Maximum Heat: Tap Custom3 with the Ancient Light charged to do the Lightspeed Attack but ignore rings entirely!

-Brick Drop: When ineligible for Super Sonic, press Custom 3 mid-jump to drop like a brick. This also detonates certain shields.

-Bounce Cancel: Airdashing as you descend will cancel bounce attacks!

-Spincharge jumping: You can always jump when charging spindashes, even in midair.

-Lightdash jumping/spinning: You can always jump or start charging after a lightdash, even in midair. No need to time it, just hold either button.

-Taunting: Press TossFlag+Custom2 or WeaponPrev+WeaponNext to taunt. The weapon number buttons can select specific voicelines beforehand! Holding jump, spin, or both during the taunt even has Sonic end with alternate poses!

We'll keep supporting SA-Sonic and updating it as he goes. Here's the changelogs from old versions!
-Added I/O. Your SAmenu settings and minor other things are now saved and loaded.
-Beating Black Hole as SA-Sonic now unlocks your reward permanently. (This save will not load in netgames!)
-Game now gives you a one-time notification about the SAmenu command.

-Bounce attack now isn't as harsh when used while submerged in goowater.
-Reduced range of vaultjump a little bit.
-You can now ledgegrab onto Eggman statues and most trees in the vanilla game.
-Super Sonic's blast taunt now blows up enemies.
-Added legendary destruction chop

-Redid Super Sonic's flying particles so the code can safely not execute at all for other netgame players.
-SRB2 now displays a less detailed Super Sonic aura on players that aren't you, or if you're in software mode.
-Other players now display even less detailed invincibility effects.
-Merged MobjDamage Hooks.

-Shields can take on alt appearances when collected by SA-Sonic. You'll keep whatever shield appearance you got on collection, even after switching skins.
-Bouncing now uses spin aura rather than revving aura
-Revving aura updated to be more consistent among colors.

-Once per level, taunts can give Skip, Samus, Duke, Mario, Shadow, Modern Sonic, or super characters a supportive gift!
-Kirby now gets abilities from sucking SA-Sonic.
-Improved compatibility for the newer L_Cosmetics-v1_3 mod.
-SA-Sonic can now speed up Dirk's ice skating with spin, and uses his braking animation.
-Surge can now charge herself by vaulting off a spinning/ancient light-charged Sonic!
-Added support for the footsteps mod.
-Wrestled with Axis2D to try improve compatibility. Keyword: try
-Added better model support. SPR_YTK6 is the Ancient Light glow effect(not the blue part). SPR_YTK7 is SA's jumptrail, SPR_YTK8 is the spintrail, SPR_YTK9 is the spindash revving aura. Also put in code to support models in NiGHTS. Good luck!
-You can now ledgegrab Dirk's ice platforms, and any custom objects modders want SA-Sonic to grab. To add ledgegrab support to your custom objects, add this to an Lua file!
local function LedgeGrabAble(s)
s.saledgegrab = true

addHook("MobjSpawn", LedgeGrabAble, MT_YOUROBJECTITEMNAME)

-Fixed a few minor NiGHTs hiccups
-Sonic's angle no longer shifts when ledgegrabbing up into an intangible platform.
-Fixed Super Sonic's uncurl animation not playing.
-Patched very specific bug where a lone SA-Sonic can suicide in a netgame to abuse Black Core's level teleport.
-Removed PF_CANCARRY when you die and a few Super Sonic flight oddities.
-The LSA now ignores enemies/monitors below platforms you're on.
-If everyone's doing the victory pose, new joiners can no longer stop it and prevent the level from exiting.
-Edited Metal Sonic to kill himself (NOW!) if he has 0 or less health, no matter his state or circumstance.
-Changed circumstances at which Sonic disabled SF_SUPER so transform sectors won't bug out.

-Custom color load order no longer matters! But if you're missing a skincolor outright, it'll still default to auto.
-Now saves and loads your last Single Player (Advance/SADX/SA2) colors.
-Now auto-loads I/O saves in netgames as well.
-You no longer have to manually save to stop the "memories" scene from showing on reload.
-Tails encouragement emote now uses player's skincolor.
-Removed darkness oversight. Miss the darkness? Here it is in a funni command mod!
-New players joining no longer delay the level exiting if you're already doing your victory pose.
-You can now gift Yoshi eggs, gift a pity-shield/shieldless Nasya a shield, and gift either Wido or SMS a speed shoes powerup!
-Input buffer now activates from midair uncurls as well.
-SA Sonic now tricks off bosses as well.
-Buffed post-homing attack accel after hitting springs. (+8%)
-Buffed post-homing attack accel after hitting enemies. (+25%)
-Nerfed post-homing attack accel after hitting a boss. (Unless Super Sonic)

-Thundercoin Shield now uses a Sonic Advance-inspired attraction shield!

-Your SP colors no longer apply to other characters than SA-Sonic. Ouch, that's embarrassing.
-Disabled custom SA-music in splitscreen. It was buggy if player 2 was the cause of music changes.
-A quick tutorial message first time you boot up NiGHTS with SA-Sonic. Yes, you can indeed brake!
-Renamed GAME STYLE to GAME FLAIR, to not give the impression it changes actual gameplay elements.

-Buffed bounce-thok's speed and friction-override a little! (PS: Bounce Thok does not utilize the Far Thok!)
-Ledgestop mechanic no longer activates based on turning angle. It'll now only do it if you've braking or aren't holding the stick.
-You can no longer command-line your reward out of Black Hole Zone early. -Fixed silly Minecart taunt bug and turned it into a silly Minecart feature!
-Sonic (base form) now bonks off walls if he hits one during an active Lightspeed Attack.
-Added compatibility with L_SuperColorsRevamp-v1.pk3

-Players other than you now display less detailed Ancient Light lines
-Whether the LSA cam activates or not should be more resistant to resyncs.

-Spinrev Aura now adjusts sprite depending on additive blendmode or not
-Super Sonic now flashes Advance-style when using the Sonic Advance skincolor.(And Flash Effects are on)
-Improved Ancient Light line drawing for Software Mode.
-Super Sonic speed aura kicks in sooner.

-If hitting a horizontal/diagional spring, properly reset forced playerangle.
-Homing Animation now properly plays in the case of a corrupt nodes bug-failsafe.
-Fixed some errors with how/when Sonic died
-Fixed rollangle seldomly screwing up if you trick into a ledgegrab.
-Stopped taunts clashing with certain behaviors.
-SA-Sonic's 50-ring token behavior now only activates in COOP. Should fix Chaos Mode tokens!
-Fixed "YEEEEESSSS!!!" earrape if there's a billion end level signposts.
-Updated signpost camera again to try pick the closest signpost incase there's multiple.
-Minor other issues.
-Gain less acceleration from running downhill. Not really a nerf when spinning is more optimal.

-Optimized invincibility aura in software render
-Optimized spintrail a little bit.
-Other players in netgames now display less dense spintrails to save on performance.

-Jump Aura trails should now properly disappear when you switch to game-over/spectator.
-Offset for gravity flipped Super Shield is fixed.
-Doing an LSA off a hanging belt now properly resets the LSA.
-Super Sonic no longer gives infinite rings to HMS
-Other minor things.

KNOWN ISSUES (Documented by Golden Shine)

-If a platform has the "Block only Players" property, Sonic cannot ledgegrab it. This is unfixable but thankfully very rare. (It's applied unnecessarily on a few AGZ platforms) This CAN be applied purposely if you want SA-Sonic to NOT grab a FOF's ledge, so that's a plus!

-In rare specific spots in a few maps Sonic can ledgegrab walls he shouldn't be able to. This is partially from wonky map collision, and partially from the ledgegrab being very generous. Fixing it requires getting stricter with the checks, and I'd rather ledgegrabs work too well sometimes than it becoming less reliable.

-Sonic's death animations depend on the properties assigned to a hazard! If Sonic catches fire on an ice platform or falls through a solid floor like a death pit, that's because the level assigned "fire" to that ice or a "death pit" instead of "instant kill" to that floor. Correctly assign damage elements if you want to properly support mods!

-There's occasional custom music hiccups. These have been inconsistent between testers and I could never recreate them, I just know some people have them. Your mileage may vary. Hopefully I can fix these in the future, I apologize for this!
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Really great mod. He controls great, adds Adventure abilities, really recommend.
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My new favorite character to play this game with, hands down.

The sheer flexibility of this moveset is mind-blowing, there's so much at your disposal here and every single ability has so much usage you can get out of it. Traversing environments with this guy is unbelievably fun and his physics work so much better with the level design than the base game.

An absolutely outstanding character that has become my go-to when I play SRB2. Easy 5/5, keep up the great work.
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This update for SA-Sonic is really good. the shield changes and some others as well really does feel like he was right out of the original Adventure games.

(And the customization feature saves are just a bonus to the awesome stuff this mod has to offer.)
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Man, I can't even begin to describe how well made this character is.

In a sea of Sonics, this one really does stand out on his own, and is honestly my favorite so far. Been an adventure fan since first completing SADX, and seeing so much attention to detail as well as translating both adventure movesets into SRB2's enviroment is a very impressive achievement.

That aside, it's filled with charm and love that I always love to see in mods. You two are a dangerous combo, and I can't wait to see what y'all cook up next!
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I'm sure other people have said most of what I want to say about this mod, but yeah. It's incredible. Metalwario + Golden Shine are a dangerous combo. The sprites are really well-made and fit in the game nicely, and Shine's meticulous, precise scripting (seriously, I remember him testing an OG-Sonic Adventure movement tech that almost no one would have noticed by default prior to release) brings it to a whole other level.

It's no wonder it took so long to develop, but man it is so awesome to see the progression from the OG SMS to now. Don't burn yourselves out, but this was an absolute winner. Great work!!!
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question: how return of darkness works ?
Golden Shine posting!

It adds "returnofdarkness", a spammable command that makes the stage darker each time you use it! For those reading this review without context, check the v1.3c update!
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A character wad done this well deserves nothing less than 5 stars for how detailed and well executed this is, looking forward to using this the most.
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This is probably the best mod I’ve ever used! The amount of work put into it & the time it took to release was worth it!
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Incredible!! Easily one of the most impressive character mods I've ever played!

Normally with character mods, I find them as fun distractions from the main game since I almost exclusively play as vanilla Sonic with a keyboard and mouse; but vanilla Sonic to me never felt that great on a controller. Adventure Sonic on the other hand controls like a dream with a controller and perfectly captures the game-feel of the adventure games. Adventure Sonic makes me want to play with the simple control scheme and automatic breaking because he feels so fluid to control in all his mobility states.

The sprites are also expertly done and the attention to detail and flair make this mod feel so professional. This character has transformed the way I play SRB2 and will be my go-to character to play in the future.

Outstanding job Metalwario64 and Golden Shine and thank you so much for making this mod!!
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aww yeah, this is happenin' this mod is fun as hell. (and also i want to play the green forest stage what is the link for it ?)
Unfortunately that Green Forest stage is both available privately, and is incomplete. :(
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