Peppermint's SRB2 Styled Models

Peppermint's SRB2 Styled Models V1.8 - Peter.. The Sonis is here...

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This model pack will have characters, stage props, and more in the SRB2 Style,
stay tuned for more in the coming months!


INTERPOLATION: Sometimes or Off.
Interpolation can break certain animations, so please don't use always.

TEXTURE FILTER: Nearest, for the recommended experience.

[Screenshots, may be scattered]



installing 4 dummies.png

WINRAR: Right click the ZIP file and click ''Open with WinRAR'', click ''Extract To'' and extract it to the SRB2 models folder.

MANUALLY: Open the ZIP file and move the ''PEPPERMODELS'' folder to the SRB2 models folder

for the models.dat, copy the ''Read Please!'' text to your models.dat file, minus the ''Thanks for downloading'' thing, and bonus text.​

Special Thanks!:wonderful:
The kind people in the Discord Server for criticism and feedback.
my laziness.
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turn my game into s 1991 sonic game and also do anybody know how to get the bonus models working
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oh my petros, s o n i s
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These are out-and-out my favorite models at the moment. Full of animation and personality, the poses are dynamic and the while thing just looks perfect. I use the Neo Sonic model for New Streak all the time
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these models are ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING! They're my favorite models and they mimic the SRB2 art style so well! I also like that they don't directly mimic the sprite work, as the sonic super form and the peel and Amy aren't exactly the same as the sprites. In summary these (high poly?) models in my opinion are the greatest ones of all time.
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Maybe you can do the spring models and the rings model or an mario y luigi model
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What Software 3d you used?
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oh wait nvm I found out this is amazing
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Literally my new favorite model-pack and no-one beating anytime soon
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  • arch
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: V1.6a - Adventure Sonic's Advance Patch
Im waiting for the day that he makes a silver mod.
(First Review)
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Wonderful 3D Models!!! Can't Wait For The Next Update
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