Peppermint's SRB2 Styled Models

Peppermint's SRB2 Styled Models V1.9c - Were Back!

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new mb v2.png

This model pack will have characters, stage props, and more in the SRB2 Style,
stay tuned for more!


INTERPOLATION: Sometimes or Off.
Interpolation can break certain animations, so please don't use always.

TEXTURE FILTER: Nearest, for the recommended experience.

SA-Sonic's High Speed Problem

If SA-Sonic looks like this at top speeds, you may have forgotten the YUZL.md3.

Maybe you guys weren't looking correctly
if you dont see these in the zip file of the latest update, I dont know what to say.

[Screenshots, may be scattered]



installing 4 dummies.png

WINRAR: Right click the ZIP file and click ''Open with WinRAR'', click ''Extract To'' and extract it to the SRB2 models folder.

MANUALLY: Open the ZIP file and move the ''PEPPERMODELS'' folder to the SRB2 models folder

for the models.dat, copy the ''Read Please!'' text to your models.dat file, minus the ''Thanks for downloading'' thing, and bonus text.​

Special Thanks!:wonderful:
The kind people in the Discord Server for criticism and feedback.
my laziness.
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  1. Were Back!

    Sorry for the late April Fools joke! The update was approved late. Now we are back to normal...

    We are thrilled to announce here at PepperCorporations™ that we have hit VERSION 2! We have...
  3. Adventure Sonic's Rush Patch

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Latest reviews

Wow it's very cool it looks identical to the SRB2 arts
Upvote 0
"OOOOOOOOOOOhhh, my Peppermint"
Upvote 0
It’s pretty nice but one thing that troubles me is that it’s only to the base chars (and mighty and adventure) when will Whisper, Tangle, Maimy, Metal be done? But the models are nice fits srb2 (the bubble bfdi is silly 2 lol)
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An altogether fantastic model pack! It's stylised simply brilliantly. However, I do have one slight nitpick- Adventure Sonic rotates the wrong way during the Humming Top animation. The effects go one way, he spins the other... it's a tiny bit disconcerting, but altogether minor in the grand scheme of things.
Upvote 0
When are Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Marine, and Tangle coming to the model pack, Pepperminty?
Upvote 1
I think that you should go back to the low poly look fit srb2
Upvote 0
I love the models and the designs for them... though it isn't perfect...

as mentioned by King X in his review, there is an issue with the Adventure Sonic model.. when Sonic goes fast either with spin spamming, boosting, or with speed shoes, the model breaks and starts to T-pose during certain frames... the main reason for this though from what I discovered is that Adventure Sonic has keyframes during his run animation at high speeds where his quills move against the wind like they do while falling... it seems like Jeck Jim's model is the only one with this issue...
Upvote 0
Some of my favorite models! I love how they look, and are animated! I love how the main cast looks, and i love the others as well! You have made my favorite Adventure model, and my favorite Sonic, Tails, and others! I do use a different Sonic for now, but use your models for the others! I may end up using your Sonic again!
Upvote 0
My personal most favorite models of the vanilla cast
Upvote 0
Good model pack. I've used it on all my devices and it works pretty well except for one model: Adventure Sonic. I don't know why but when I go a certain speed with the Adventure Sonic model, like he flashes between the t-pose and running animation constantly until I slow down to a normal speed, it even happens with the latest Rush mode patch, so if this could be fix or explained to me, it would be great.
I dont know what your talking about, SA-Sonic dosent t-pose and running at the same time at this "certain" speed, you really need to show some footage of this problem your having if this is true and all
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