Adventure Sonic (v1.8b)

Adventure Sonic (v1.8b) v1.8b

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Adventure Sonic - Adventure Sonic comes to SRB2!


"What you see is what you get! Just a guy that loves adventure!"


  • Completely custom physics and abilities taking the best from Sonic Adventure 1 and 2!
  • Support for controllers and simple mode. Even if you disliked those in SRB2, give the combination a try with SA-Sonic and be surprised! Bind "Center Camera" to a comfortable button, you might prefer it over manual camera turning!
  • A fleshed out super form, a custom NiGHTS moveset, many easter eggs, and deep-rooted mechanics hardcore fans will instantly recognize!
  • Easy to digest gameplay with plenty of tricks to keep you engaged after you've learn it!
  • Adventure menu for customizing and toggling certain gameplay and visual functions, including anti-flashing options (activate with the command "samenu" in the console).

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Damn, I love the character tech too much. Also, the spindash uncurl midair tech is cool.
this is to report a bug..

when i beat eggman at GFZ3, the console says "error", the game freezes and it quits on its own

weird ?
Ohh, I wasn't aware the Far Thok "bypassed" the homing attack! I've always had a problem with homing attacks in SRB2 where their being "always on" and messing with movement flow or a character's other abilities (see: Shadow), brings me to the point where if there's the option I turn them off, or sometimes even disable them manually in SLADE. Far Thok here manages to give the best of both worlds, as long as you can input fast enough, haha...
How does it work, does it put the player back to where they were when the homing attack started?

I will admit though I'm having some trouble controlling him in the air, it's somehow both slippery and heavy at the same time. Since I play with automatic braking off, the air drag makes it feel like the game's moving Sonic around when I'm not pressing anything at all. It's really weird to get used to.

Also Adventure Sonic is huge! He dwarfs the poor crawlas in GFZ and makes the vanilla Zones feel so tiny!
Edit: I just switched to using a controller with Simple playstyle and suddenly everything made sense. (Is it possible to turn off homing attack reseting the camera angle, though? It didn't turn the camera in SA, did it?)
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To celebrate the release of Adventure Sonic,have him absolutely destroying some rats

I had an even longer chain but the gif I had was too thicc for the MB to handle rip

Side Note: l love how he has a victory animation. I know we had a few characters with one before but Adventure Sonic's feels the most...special to me
also will there be somewhere to check out all his mechanics? i remember a whole lot of them being explained in the wip thread but i dont feel like digging through dozens of pages​

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