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Originally inspired by the SuperColors for 2.2 mod by YoshiRocks90, I bring you...
SuperColors Revamp!

This mod serves the same purpose as the original; letting you pick whatever super color your heart desires using the 'supercolor' command. The key differences between the original and this version, however, are as follows.

- Rather than check what color you're using and replacing it accordingly, this version simply checks if you're super. This makes it usable with basically any character.

- Way, Way, Way more colors part of the base mod (do 'supercolor list' to see them all.) Along with that, ghosts spawned by the player when super will properly match their color (exclusive to 2.2.10 and onwards.)

- Thanks to the magic of lock-on technology lua scripting, if you happen to know the name of a super color that isn't a part of the base mod... you can use it! For instance, if Team Kinetic is loaded, doing 'supercolor icy' will let you use the same super color Dirk uses.

As of version 1.1 you can also use regular skin colors by adding 'n_' to the start of your argument.


Yoshirocks90 made the original SuperColors mod, this wouldn't have happened without it.

Some particular extra super colors originally made by:
RainbowTH (Mod marked as Reusable)
Biggy-π (Mod marked as Reusable)
DirkTheHusky (Mod marked as Reusable)
DrStephen (Used with direct permission)
SuperPhanto (Released as part of this mod)
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  1. Version 1.1: 2.2.10 is out!

    Heya! This update was originally gonna just fix super ghost behaviors, but it's a little more...

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how do i change adventure sonic's supercolor. cause when i tested it his supercolor didnt change.
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heck yeah i am a colorfull boi now, and for some reason adventure sonic's spin trails doesnt change it's color
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Welcome to releases!
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