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  • Turns emblems into Sonic Adventure-style emblems with the SA1 sound and animations.

  • Can be toggled on and off on the fly with the "SAemblems" command!

  • Announces which emblem you've obtained to the server, and lets everyone know how many emblems are left to find within the stage!


Have fun! Extra credits to Metalwario64 for the sprite, Icezer for an improved quality emblem sound, and Lach for helping me figure out mapthing coordinates!
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Latest updates

  1. v2b: Robohood's counterfeit emblem scheme trampled

    When did Robohoods get that ID?! From now on, Robohoods no longer spawn counterfeit SA-Emblems...
  2. v2 - Everything an Adventurer could want!

    Welp! SRB2 stopped being so stuck up and finally allowed emblem-hunting in multiplayer...

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This is a simple thing that I really love as I really enjoy seeing what places I can get to with modded characters! I always got a bit saddened whenever I found areas that usually have emblems only for there to be nothing when using mods, and this pairs really well with- obviously- Adventure Sonic!

It would be really cool to see more emblem variants like this in the future, maybe have Red Rings for Modern Sonic, or even simply SRB2's emblems but with custom animations?
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