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I just played around with this a bit. Super Flickies are compatible with Super Tails, but they don't spawn with Hyper Tails. Oh well.

Overall, I think the way you handled Hyper forms. Something about the way Hyper Sonic looks seems different to me with this on, but I'm not entirely sure what it is. Maybe it's the afterimages? I like that you can't transform from Super to Hyper. If you want Hyper, you just have to hold off on transforming until you have 150 rings. I personally would also double the speed of the ring drain, given how ridiculously OP these transformations are. I think it would help balance things out a bit. At least for Hyper Sonic, since he's the most powerful of them with that free flight of his and screen nuking boost.

Is that little hop Fang does when shooting intentional? It looks a little odd when at a stand still.

Amy's new moveset creates a bit of a problem with shield abilities. As a no-spin character, she can't just jump on enemies, but has to swing her hammer to do damage. But now that her double jump is the helicopter ability, you can't simply swing your hammer when you have a shield. I tried swinging my hammer with a Force Shield and just ended up taking damage instead. Also, I've found the hammer jump a bit hard to pull off successfully.

Hyper Metal Sonic seems like the least powerful Hyper form. At least to me. I think he could use a little something extra.

I tried out the new Tails, and I think the overhaul to his flight is...interesting. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. I understand that Tails is OP with his vanilla flight, but I think I prefer it that way. He's just a lot less precise this way. Also, noticed the Tails bot still uses vanilla flight. Maybe that was intentional, but I was going to test how the new flight worked with Sonic, if it made him less useful.

I'm not really fond of the new colors. The lack of black lines and shadows makes them feel a little off. Also, purple Amy? Meh.

If I could, I would keep the changes to the thok, Hyper Sonic, and the physics, but the rest is a bit of a mixed bag to me, personally.
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I don't know if this is just me, but whenever i try using this all the character's sprites turn green? but not vanilla sonic i tried without any of my mods, and without, both of them just made them green
I don't know if this is just me, but whenever i try using this all the character's sprites turn green? but not vanilla sonic i tried without any of my mods, and without, both of them just made them green

you're playing on an older version of srb2. you MUST be playing at least 2.2.5 for the custom skincolours to work.
that being said, you're probably using the browser version if you're playing 2.2.4, which isn't ideal, since that hasn't been updated to the latest release.
Interesting mod. I think there's a few odd interactions though.
Water doesn't seem to affect momentum like it should. Amy's hammer jump can send you flying if you use it in GF1s many pools, and her Amycopter move and Sonic's momentum thok sends you flying forward faster than it should underwater. And one bit that is for SURE a bug is that you can detonate the Armageddon Shield while using Amy's Amycopter. This also sends you soaring through the sky, with your speed depending on how many bots you hit.


Tails already has sprites for this i believe, all that needs to be done is make states specifically showing his continue frames.

Also, anyone see any resemblence here? Better Super Forms?
Blue Tails has no model too, simple job really, just give him the same model but with an altered texture.

Jaco Boy

This mod is really good! Although I did encounter a few issues. When you use the latest version of the mecha sonic mod and go hyper with mecha, it instantly causes the games framerate to slow to a crawl. Around 5 or less. But it goes back to 35 fps right after mecha loses the hyper form. When ray goes hyper, trying to soar down makes him go backwards.
Amy who can already reach great heights fast with the hammer bounce) gets a thok. I am not kidding, the hammer move ***feels*** like a thok, probably because it functions the same way other than a small hover. It even redirects momentum and gives you a speed boost at the start of the move. Might be slightly slower than the thok, but only slightly because i couldn't tell a difference while testing. Literally could not.

And the amy copter makes you go so high in the air whyyyy
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Hi I Exist
Very Fun Mod. I'm glad I was able to contribute to the project in some way. Kinda sad that "unused script" couldn't work properly but Models should work just fine with the mod.


Mediocre Lua scripter
Instead of his normal flight, tails gains three upwards "Bursts" that don't take away any speed. These allow him to skip major chunks of levels, but don't directly aid him in gaining or redirecting speed in any way. Additionally, you can also tap spin for a quick downwards burst, which is useful for getting around various bits of level geometry that may be right in your way. You can also hold spin for a normal fast-fall.
Oh wow, Tails is basically Propeller Sonic now.


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I have just one thing to say about this mod. I love Amys hammer bounce ability. It's something I just find to be so cool to use. Like, I think it's safe to say modders are making her closer to how she is in Advance with her moves. Also, the hammer thok or Amycopter as it's called is a good way to get momentum for the hammer bounce.

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