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Eggman's twisted vision of renewable energy. A once serene meadow filled with bees and flowers tainted by metal plating for industrial purposes. If it weren't for Sonic who stopped him dead in his tracks leaving it in a state of incompleteness.

A small to medium stage with moderate difficulty and a few secrets sprinkled in.
My first serious attempt at a single player level.










Featuring custom enemy the grenadier crawla an updated red crawla with a cannon.
Thanks to digaly and Ace Dragon for pioneering the code and giving permission!

New version 1.1 neatly packed into a PK3.

* less prone to (but not free off) moiré textures
* more decorations
* geometric fixes: hexagons
* visual glitch fixed
* Grenadier Crawlas now have a random time skew to their firing instead of firing simultaniously
* slopes, slopes, slopes
* no more straight line start
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Very pleasant for a first serious attempt! I was going to start off my feedback mentioning how you should avoid straight flat hallways in your maps, but it seems you actually realised that halfway through making this, so the later half of the stage feels much fresher in comparison.

That being said, breaking up the monotony of the graphics can go a long way. As it stands, walls become an eyesore at a distance due to the occuring moiré effect, and a few different but similarly themed textures may help immensely. Additionally, giving your platforms/fields a more "natural" shape (as you seem to imply this is a natural field that was later tainted) can help the player's immersion a lot. Compare a square area with floating platforms to a sloped plateau with hills and trees. That kinda stuff.

Still, not bad by any means, and I hope you continue working on stuff!

Ace Dragon

The main thing right now is that the detail is quite spartan, there is not much there to take in and not much incentive to explore the various areas. Slopes and FoF's are also quite underused since they are important for created more detailed and multi-layered areas.

The level design gets a little more complex in the second half, but things look as if you forgot to polish and enhance the beginning areas as you made your way around Zone Builder's feature-set. To make a level focused on the bee enemies in a proper environment is a nice idea, but it would be nice to see more complex paths (as opposed to straight lines), and more areas that need momentum to get through (like you always see in a Sonic game).


This is the first time I have fully reviewed the level I have passed. I agree with the first statement about a flat corridor at the beginning of the level: somehow the beginning was simple, except for falling platforms. It seemed to me that you didn't bother with this level at all, although you can improve it. I found the layout of the level particularly strange: trees in one room and palm trees in the other. But still waiting for the update of this map to see a more beautiful level, and even perhaps the second act, since there is a backlog on it. In principle, the custom enemy in the form of a green Crawla turned out to be normal, I would advise you to draw sprites on top of a small resemblance to the muzzle, where projectiles can fly out. That's all I wanted to say.
Thank you so much for all the praise and feedback, guys!

I really had my joy being recommended videos of my own level being played on Youtube :D
Really interesting to see how it is actually played by others!

I am still collecting ideas for a second act, I will plan in more paths for that one!
Once I have a plan I will address the issues you guys have mentioned for this one like:

  • Adding some kinks into the straight hallway at the beginning
  • Mixing up the textures a bit
  • Fleshing out the decorations and making it more coherent
  • Making the later portions more natural by modifying shapes and adding slopes
  • Adding more slopes in general for a more fluid gameplay
Jokes aside this level is maybe less linear than Lost World (which is maybe where that level got inspiration)

Never played that one ;)
New improved version 1.1.
Have fun!

I guess I can start working on act 2 now. I will keep old versions in my editing thread.


I'm a Megaman fan but i like Srb2 too

this level is very very good with metal sonic the truth is that I love its playability and I like the aesthetics,the texture although I see it very short but its fine since there will be act 2

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