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L-Shadovv (Meme'N'Stuff)

The Guy That Meme
Some people love to see the great stars and heroes, but what about the seconds players? the one
That roles are not as important than the heroes?
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This Pack contain 23 characters, all made by me (and with the help of the SRB2K "Kart Krew" Discord Chanel and others)
here is some info on those characters!

V1 Section
Bernadetta:The shy student of the Black Eagle house form Fire Emblem: Three Houses face her fear by competing on the track!
(Maybe Byleth or Eldegard make her do it, but let's hope she as some fun)
(Include also a Christmas alt base on her Christmas version from Fire Emblem Heroes)
Speed:7 Weight:2

Sayori:The cute and energic student of Doki Doki Literature Club decide to fight her rainclouds by the power of cookies and racing!
Speed:8 Weight:3

Chilly: One of the many iconic ennemy (and the coldest) form the Kirby series decide to show is power of ice on the racetrack!
(including a Christmas version for the holiday)
Speed:3 Weight:5

Yang Xiao Long: The 4th Member of Team RWBY and the hottest of the bunch, Yang Xiao Long decide to show the world that she can gets those wins with a "Yang"! (pun not include)
Speed:6 Weight:7

Mima: The evil spirit (or Ghost) that is always joke to returns one day, decide to show the world that is her time to shine no matter what!
Speed:6 Weight:6

V2 Section
Fumo Reimu: A mysterious plush that looks like Reimu Hakurei, she seem to know how to drive for some weird reason, maybe it's magic, maybe it's just Yukari fooling around, who know, really, she is pretty cute.
Speed:4 Weight:5

Bob-Omb:One of the most "Explosif" ennemies in the Mario Universe decide to "BANG" the competition! watch out for his "dynamite" skills on the racetrack or you gonna be "bomb" out!
Speed:1 Weight:9

Cosmo:The young girl of the plant alien Seedrian form Sonic X make her great comeback after all this time! Ready to take the wheel and enjoy some good time with everyone she care and love!
(Cosmo is a "Community Choice" by everyone during a Strawpool! so congrats, you made this happen!)
Speed:3 Weight:6

Roguefort Cookie:Who is this beautiful man in the night? ready to steal the hearts and jewels of everyone, is the Phantom Thief himself, Roguefort "Phantom Bleu" Cookie form Cookie Run! Master of Disguise and always has a trick up it's sleeves, he is ready to take the first place with grace, style, and with charme!
Speed:7 Weight:4

Batamon:Wait, is that Kirby? doesn't seem like it, rather it's Batamon, the "Fake" Kirby form Kirby Dream Land 3! looks like he want's to have fun, well with a face like that, i guess they is no bad thing about this right?.....
Speed:3 Weight: 2

V3 Section
Liar Princess: Form a faraway land, this mysterious young girl, in search of his "True Love" ends up on the racing track of SRB2K! it is unknown who and where she is form, but something telling us that she maybe not a princess....
Speed:6 Weight: 4

Adeleine: Everyone favorite Artist form the Kirby series is BACK! Ready to embark on new adventure and enjoy her friends company, she hits the track with her Star Allies design and her overjoyed aptitude!
(Update Sprite made by Ganbare-Lucifer)
Speed:4 Weight:4

Daidoji:The Legendary Senior Shinobi of Hanzō Academy form Senran Kagura, Searching for improving her potential BEYOND her limit, join the race to show her Brutal and Almighty strength to everyone! will the other racer would give her the satisfaction that she need, or will she obliterate the competition without forcing?
Speed:9 Weight:9

Temmie:"hOI!!! i'm tEMMIE!!" the shop vendor of the popular "Tem Shop" form Undertale join the race! she decide to learn form "cool leg" how to drive a Kart so that she can compete in SRB2K! Voice by the amazing Pynkydo on Instagram (also knows as Sweetrose.cos on Tiktok) who did a amazing job voicing Temmie! go show her some love! (Temmie is a Community Choice winner! so congrats!)
Speed:7 Weight:3

The High Prosecutor from Helltaker, Judgement has come to SRB2K with the purpose to bring desolation and despair to anyone who dare defy they fate with her! be careful to not get caught by her chains, or your punishment would be Eternal
Speed:8 Weight:7
(A huge thanks for Jewelmoon or Jewel on Discord for doing Judgement sprites has a commision! she did a amazing job on it so i highly advice to give her some love for this!)

Introducing in this pack is the MEGAMIX Music for this pack, including Grown, Invisibility for each racers and a SPB Theme!
just download the Megamix with the Dynmusic in it and you'll be ready!

Also in this Pack, it include some OC's of mine!

OC List.png

Luck: My OC and Youtube Avatar form the world of Walfas! kind of bored and annoyed that is has to be drag by Lucy and Lucas into this.
But is decide to see "how hard driving a go kart can it be?"
Speed:8 Weight:5
[MKDS Kart made by Atticus#3692 on Discord]
[New Voice clip]

Lucas: The "Junior" of the three, it think that they is a prize and it is ice cream and stuff! pretty oblivious and dumb, is big smile and heart sure makes him adorable
also, people think that his is related to Mario of some sort....(Spoiler: his not)
Speed:7 Weight:3
[Pipelane Kart by Mitsame]

Lucy: Lucy Risama as multiple thing she love, Money, Annoying people and beating her rival Marisa Kirisame! She might be cocky but she knows how to deal with every situation
with her magical hat and her skills.....too bad her hat wouldn't be useful in a Kart Race so yeah, but she still gonna show her Rival Marisa who is the best Witch of Gensokyo
Speed:5 Weight:7
[Flame Flyer by TimeChamber#7662 on Discord]

Lizabeth: The "Special Maid-Bot: Lucy Series", Codename: Lizabeth was created to do chores that are more than "Normal" ones, possessing complex
mechanical endoskeletons, a Self learning AI and power up by a mysterious Stone, she is aiding her creator Lucy and her master Luck and Lucas to developing her database even more than before!
Speed:7 Weight:7
[Custom Kart template by ShihoAJoke]

Riku: The poisoned knife wielder Edgy guy, Riku, Join the race! this mysterious guy who seem to have a grudge with Luck and the gang try to joins so that he something? we don't know really, tough he seem pretty hot headed for a edgy guy....
Speed: 9 Weight: 4

Toshi: Also knows has "Lady Nitro", Toshi is a professional boxer form the Outside World who have join Luck and his gang, she is one tough gal, so if she got you in her sight for a fight, be prepare for anything!
Speed:8 Weight:4

Dolasi: A young shy and gentle girl that love playing her music alone, under the care of Luck and his friends, her music is capable of taking a physical form, capable of even healing the most deepest of wounds, a girl with a lot of mystery on her shoulders it seems...
Speed:2 Weight:2

Prysm:"Those who dare to stop me, you will all be crush by my own hands"
Prysm Aerona, a kappa who wants nothing more than conquest, has join the race to took over and cause chaos with her army, she might be small, but her powerful and giants robotic arms makes her a force to be reckon with. Will Luck and his friends (or anyone?) would be able to stop this tyrannical evil? Only time would tell....
Speed:6 Weight:9

See you on the Track Everyone!


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V2.2 Update:

Adeleine Join the race!
Luck voice has been update
Lucy Preferred Colors has been fixe
Graphical error to Christmas Chilly Alt fixe
Added Seperated character folder in link!
Unrelated to this comment, but can I ask how to get the separate character sheets? I wanna look at the individual sheets.
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The separate characters don't seem to be separated at all, how do I get a specific character out of that pk3 file?

it is seperate tough

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Unrelated to this comment, but can I ask how to get the separate character sheets? I wanna look at the individual sheets.

it's in the "skins" section of each and every characters
V2.3 Update

Daidoji form Senran Kagura, Join the race!
The Maid Robot, Lizabeth, Join the race!
Yang Xiao Long Sprites have been Update!
Lucy and Yang stats have been fix to be accurate now!
V2.5 Update

Temmie the wacky shop keeper is joining the race!
Riku the edgy knife boy, join the race!
Adeleine Sprite remade and update by Ganbare-Lucifer!

and some minor fix
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V3.0 Update
Judgment The High Prosecutor Joins the Race!
Toshi "Lady Nitro" Punch her way to the Race!
Dolasi the gentle musician play her sounds to the Race
Mima stats has been modify to 6,6
Minor Fix apply
MY Girl Cosmo is her to race! (Lets just hope Shammah finishes and adds her to the Vanilla SRB2 Game)

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