group: touhou project

  1. werehog1999

    Patchouli Knowledge 1.0

    Patchouli got word from Koakuma that Remilia, Sakuya, Flandre, Hong, and Cirno are out karting w/ Sonic and friends and she isn't too happy about them not inviting her. So she decides to take matters into her own hands by joining in on the fun! Hope she told Koakuma to keep an eye on the library...
  2. Kirb

    [Open Assets] chirumiru v1

    (sorry if i still haven't updated the mod by like fixing the boss fight idk how to toggle the camera without you requiring to reset the game plus there's school stuff plus i got distracted by other mods and alotta stuff sowwy) WARNING: the boss fight song is protected by copyright by IOSYS...
  3. Saturn Ross

    Saturn's Kart Pack v1: Initial Release

    Hey, glad to see you here! This character pack has been a long time coming for me, and contains a nice variety of characters from various artists, all of whom I am very thankful for! I wish to not only show off these wonderful characters, but also the work of the artists behind them! At the...
  4. commanderkappa

    Yuyuko Saigyouji 1.2

    Yuyuko Saigyouji, the Ghost Lead of the Netherworld and final boss of Touhou Project 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom makes her way into SRB2Kart! I actually made this mod back in April but never released it publicly until now for some reason but I finally got around to it. I made her design based on...
  5. Fleskhjerta

    Flesk's Chars Pack V1.3

    Now gone from single character release, to a character pack. Introducing you to the Flesk Chars Pack! Feel free to get either the full package in one, or get the individual pack if you are just after one. Newest edition to the pack is, Yuuka Kazami. The flower youkai of Touhou fame! While not...
  6. lilpaulo3232

    Alice Margatroid V1.2

    Alice Margatoid, the Seven-Colored Puppeteer, has joined SRB2 Kart! (This is also my first kart character lol) Stats: Speed: 4 Weight: 4 Preferred Color: Blue (Special thanks to Togen for making the mini map sprite when my original one looked pretty indistinct)
  7. Kirb

    ᗜˬᗜ v3

    i did a whole description on all three characters but dumb ass xenforo decided to freeze when i tried to add litteraly the last gif, so im not doing a whole description again and waiting minutes for a single gif to load, im just gonna write the abilities with a single gif per character Cirno...
  8. Evil Sonic

    Evey's Character Pak! v1.2

    A majority of these characters are commissions, WARNING: Some of them have vulgar language In order of the image from left to right, starting from the top: [/SPOILER]
  9. StellarStardust

    Sakuya Izayoi v2

    The perfect and elegant maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Sakuya Izayoi is here! With her stats at [7,3]... Sakuya is a fast and somewhat light character. However, don't let that fool you, for she is a force to be reckoned with, especially for if you don't watch your attitude and make her...
  10. Arcadenblog

    ArcadeNpack V1.4: I O U A SRB2K Pack 1.4

    My aim and theme for this character pack is variety. You never truly know who or what could be coming next in this pack. I hope you enjoy what's being offered here. Feedback is also appreciated. Spacial Thanks to: *Saturn Ross (for providing Yukari's minimap icon) *kit_jolt (for creating Xiko)
  11. Titou

    Weathermod v2

    Weathermod is a mod based on the gimmick of Touhou project 10.5/12.3, reproducing the weather system of those games but on a kart racer. Each weather has a different effect, the weather changes when the active effect stop or when a player get hit by orbinaut/jaws, blown up or squished list...
  12. FishingCroagunk

    Croagunk's Character Pack (V3.0: Character Poll Update) 3.0

    Hello all! This is my character pack. There are plenty of characters to choose from! The characters in this pack: Characters added in Version 1.5 Characters added in Version 2.0 Characters added in Version 2.5 Characters Added in Version 3.0 [/spoiler] Secondcolor is now supported...
  13. Saturn Ross

    Utsuho Reiuji nukes the competition! (Touhou Project) [MD3 Now Available!] 1.1

    (This character is a commission from FabulousNinji, please show them your support!) Everyone's favorite raven from Touhou got bored simply working about in the Hell of Blazing Fires, and decided to grab a kart and get racing! Is it Nuclear powered? No one knows. She now also comes with a 3D...
  14. Streets™

    The Streets™ Character Pack! [Updated to v5!] 5

    A compilation of all of the characters that I have either created or commissioned! Currently a total of eight characters are planned, but there always could be more added in the future. As of Version 3, there is now a Zip file including separate Pk3's for each character, so they no longer have...
  15. polnyanski

    [Open Assets] Polnyanski Character Pack v4.5 (Gust looking for profit in Kart!) 2021-04-05

    Here I will upload some of racers created by me and my colleagues. If you need some more anime moeblob in your game, I hope this pack can help you. I also combined the .pk3 pack and separated character file into one zip file. This pack currently have the following racer: - Tomomo, Sweet Eater...
  16. L-Shadovv (Meme'N'Stuff)

    [Open Assets] The All(Kinda)Star Pack! V.OC [The OC Update!] V.OC

    Some people love to see the great stars and heroes, but what about the seconds players? the one That roles are not as important than the heroes? Presenting...... This Pack contain 23 characters, all made by me (and with the help of the SRB2K "Kart Krew" Discord Chanel and others) here is some...
  17. zxyspku

    [Open Assets] There are no buses in Mobius! Cirno joins the Grand Prix...? (PK3 supported!)

    That's right, the infamous ice fairy is now playable in SRB2Kart. After her humiliating defeat at the hands of Chill Penguin, she's back to prove she's the strongest on the track. Because she is indeed the strongest, her top speed is maximum and she can't be pushed around the track. Though...
  18. d_griseo

    [Open Assets] Sakuya Izayoi

    The Perfect and Elegant Maid is ready to offer her services. Sakuya Izayoi joins srb2 kart, her design is based on Touhou Cannonball (her voice too) but has slight changes to make her more appropriate in the game. Her stats are [7,3] She has a firm personality and the ability to throw knives...
  19. B

    The Brash Buster Character Pack (v5.0: Flandre, Paratroopa, shading fixes, and more)

    Hi there. This is just a collection of characters I've made, which I've been able to split into three categories: Characters An "nr" version of the pack without the Robot Masters (aside from Dyna Man) is included as well, to prevent overlap with the MegaMan Pack.
  20. Speendlex

    Reimu Hakurei

    Reimu Hakurei, the shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, also joins SRB2 Kart. Danmaku is not permitted there, however, at least for now. Stats: Speed: 5 Weight: 3 Changelog: