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Turret 49

A weird inconsistency I noticed with Mini Mario: his dive can't destroy monitors, yet it can break walls.


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i'm about to drop a BOMBSHELL on you folks:
the M on Mario's cap changes color when he picks up a fire/ice flower
Yeah, its the same color as the hat's color... though in all pieces of media, the M on Mario's cap is ALWAYS Red.
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Anyway, now that I know Fire Mario doesn't have a Red M on his cap in this mod... the mod is completely unplayable.
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swing your arms from side to side
side side to side
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Y'know, since you can't really vertically move iced-out enemies, perhaps mario could "kick" them (with the skid sprites being used) upwards/forwards by pressing the attack button while near one. Maybe it could even bring up this golf-esque minigame that decides the trajectory of the attack? oh yeah also the ledge grab doesn't play very well with horizontally moving platforms

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