Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. Version 2.3

Hey, SMS Alfredo here. You may have noticed that I have ownership of the mod now. Dirk was kind enough to let me continue to maintain the mod, and that's exactly what I did! It's been over a year since we released v2 of the mod, adding in Luigi, and so now I think it's a great time to add even more improvements to the mod. Thanks to Golden Shine for help with some of these! And an extra belated thanks to Mitsume for your help with the original Mario A2A8 sprite! Sorry it took us so long to credit you, guess it just slipped under our radar somehow.


Anyways, firstly, I've revamped the button selection menu slightly. You can now select "NONE" to disable a button entirely if you don't want to use it. Selecting "RESET" will revert the button back to whatever the default is. And now since selecting a button no longer automatically boots you out of this menu, you can select "RETURN" to exit it at your own leisure.


Next, the Bros' jumps are now much faster when rising. The top screen is the new behavior while the bottom screen is the old one. You will still jump the same jump height as before, but now with these snappier jumps, it's much easier to perform acrobatics in a quick manner.


But that's not all that's changed about your jumps. Spinning now has a cool new effect courtesy of Golden Shine. He also made it so you can now scuttle jump as Luigi during a triple jump if you press the jump button again. Aside from those, you can now wall jump off walls without needing to slide on them first. Plus dive hops and recoveries can have their speed increased by holding forward.

In addition to all these, there's now a new buffer system in place. If you press jump or do a spin input a couple frames before it counts, like right before landing, it will still count. This makes performing triple jumps, wall jumps, and spin jumps much easier than before without compromising any of Bros' other moves.

Now for some of the extra content.

To go with Jeck Jim's alternative Mario model that turns Mario into Wario, a new extra client-side wad is included. Enable Wario's model, load V_MarioToWarioVoice-v1.wad after loading Mario Bros, and then Wario will sound like his good old self again! Perfect for those looking for a bit more Wario in their SRB2. Even works in SRB2 Persona!


Speaking of SRB2 Persona, Mario and Luigi have been fixed and buffed! Multi-hit attacks not only now properly work, but the ones that are multi-target now deal 75% more damage per each target! This makes them more effective against multiple targets than they were before.


But that's not all that's supported. I've also added in SRB2infinity support too! The Mario Bros now properly work in SRB2i, and they have a little extra flair too. You can also dodge roll off walls and scuttle jump as Luigi, though they aren't too useful in practice.

There are also quite a few changes and additions outside of all this, so feel free to read the complete changelog if you want. Thanks again for all your guys' support!

- Added the ability to set Mario's crouch, attack, ability, and spin buttons to none, thus disabling them. The control setting menu has been revamped slightly to account for this, including adding a new reset button.
- Added a buffer system to Mario's jumps and spins. If you press jump or do a circle motion with the stick a couple frames early from when it counts, it will still count.
- Made Mario's jumps snappier, ie faster when moving upwards, improving gameplay feel.
- Added the ability to wall jump while moving upwards vertically pushing against a wall, even though you don't wall slide.
- Fixed Jump Damage being retained when performing certain moves that shouldn't keep it.
- Fixed stick spin inputs not registering in the air or while skidding.
- Stick spin inputs will now be retained even if you cannot spin.
- Added new visual effect while spinning.
- Mario will no longer attempt to skid while spinning.
- You can now hold forward during a dive hop/recovery to go faster than before.
- You can now cancel dive bonks while in your super form.
- Fixed starting a Ground Pound while in goop sending you nowhere.
- Ground Pounding now properly uses spin height when in goop.
- Fixed Ground Pounding a spin booster causing Mario to roll while in his stand sprites.
- Luigi can now scuttle from a triple jump if you press the jump button again.
- Metal/Gold Mario will no longer bonk off enemies if you have invincibility.
- Starting Cape flight while facing the camera in Automatic mode will now turn the camera around to face Mario's back.
- Fixed Cape being visually in the wrong place when landing after a bonk.
- Fixed Cape quake sometimes not activating when it should.
- Made it more obvious when you have P Speed with the Cape while in the Kuribo Shoe.
- Added MF2_LINKDRAW to Mario's followmobjs. Also fixed flickering with Mario's cape in OpenGL. This has a side effect of making the Cape yellow while super while using models, but it can be fixed on the model's side.
- Ring/Coin attraction is now more consistent.
- Fixed Crystal Star sparkles not glowing in the dark.
- Fixed Star power not making you glow in the dark.
- Getting a Star with the Super Ball power-up now has different visuals.
- Mario and Luigi's overalls will now change to their default blues when using an unsupported red or green skincolor respectively.
- Fixed the low health warning not triggering if you had collected coins to heal yourself before getting hit.
- Fixed Amy's hammer in Mario mode not properly using the hammer star effect when defeating enemies.
- Disabled NiGHTS trail effect for now.
- Fixed the code breaking with Monitors+.
- Fixed N64 Mario's enemy damage effects sometimes being broken with this mod loaded.
- Added Golden Shine to the credits for several of these changes.
- Added Mitsume's missing credit for Mario's original sprite.

- Fixed multihit attacks to deal damage properly with the new SRB2P version.
- Multihit multitarget attacks will now deal 75% more damage for each extra target.
- Implemented bonk sprites as knockdown sprites.

- Added support, most abilities can no longer be activated while in SRB2i.
- Dodge rolling will now visually and audibly resemble Mario's jumps.
- Voice clips will now play for certain actions.
- You can now dodge roll off of walls when sliding on them.
- Luigi can now scuttle jump out of a dodge roll.

- Added V_MarioToWarioVoice-v1.wad. This addon turns Mario's voice into Wario's, for use with Jeck Jim's Wario model!
Since v2.1 didn't have a hotfix, let's make one for v2.2! Simply addresses issues with the Super Spin Jump and reverts the lack of slope physics on jumps.

The Super Spin Jump will now work with ChrispyChars added, and both players will have the same camera zoom. The move will now once again cancel if you manage to land early, preventing the player on the bottom from clipping into the ground.

Slope physics removal on jumps was something I forgot to revert from v2.1, so I've done that here. Long jumps will still not have slope physics though, but it's ideal for their mostly horizontal movement.
Hey guys! It's not been too long since the last update, but I realized we made a few mistakes with it and wanted to rectify that, along with a couple new features and more fixes.

First off, the Super Spin Jump is now usable in multiplayer co-op! Crouch while near another brother, have them press jump, and you'll both execute the move! The two of you will also have influence over the direction the move goes, so make sure you work together!

But that's not all, a new tag-team move for Mario & Luigi, Mini-Hammer, has been added as well! Press spin while standing next to Luigi to have him squash you with his hammer, allowing you to fit under even smaller gaps than before! Hold spin while standing still to cancel the effect, or simply wait out the timer.

Mini-Hammer can be used in multiplayer too! Hammer another player to squash them, and they'll be able to walk under small gaps for a short time. This includes even characters who normally can't spin!

Now, as for stuff from the previous update, the triple jump and long jump nerfs have been removed entirely. The dive changes still exist to some extent, holding backwards on most jumps will not redirect your momentum, but the changes have been completely removed elsewhere. This means that dive redirection works properly for sideflips, backflips, and wall jumps again!


Several other fixes have been made as well, including some for SRB2 Persona support which lacked any changes last update. All this should hopefully address most people's issues.

Anyways, that's all for now, thanks for sticking with this mod for so long!

- Super Spin Jump can now be used in multiplayer co-op! Crouch while near another brother, have them press jump, and you'll both execute the move! The two of you will also have influence over the direction the move goes, so make sure you work together!

- Added Mini-Hammer functionality to Mario & Luigi! Press spin while standing next to Luigi to have him squash you with his hammer, allowing you to fit under even smaller gaps than before. Hold spin while standing still to cancel the effect, or simply wait out the timer.

- Added Mini-Hammer functionality to multiplayer co-op! Hammer another player to squash them, and they'll be able to walk under small gaps for a short time. Functionally identical to the Mario & Luigi version, but you can squash any player.

- Dive redirection is now much easier than last update. You still won't redirect holding directly backwards with most jumps, but all other situations will allow you to use the old behavior. Sideflips, backflips, and wall jumps all benefit from this change.

- Reverted the inability to cut triple jumps short. This was added in the previous update to replicate SM64's basic triple jump, but I forgot to document it. Now I realize the change as a whole was a little silly, so sorry for that.

- Reverted speed gain nerf to forward long jumps. Speed gain is now 2x again, reverted from 1.5x.

- Revamped I/O code to reduce issues with the NetXCmd buffer.

- Fixed not being able to sideflip in Ringslinger or Strafe Mode.

- Fixed pressing Fire/Fire Normal with a fireball powerup in Ringslinger not throwing fireballs if either button was not mapped.

- Mario and Luigi now obey pw_noautobrake properly.

SRB2 Persona:

- Buffed the attack power of the Ultra/Ultimate skills slighty to account for their nature of attacking multiple targets.

- Fixed Jump and Hammer skills not dealing proper elemental damage.

- Added the ability to use moves bounded to the Spin key midair.

- Fixed Mario and Luigi's stats while in the overworld not applying.

- Added mariomusic command to force Mario's music to play even if you're not playing as Mario or Luigi. This is in case you'd rather hear Mario's Tartarus music but don't actually want to play as either brother.


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Happy New Years eve to everyone and Happy New Years to those who are already in 2023. Know it's been a year since this addon got released. With over 100K views and downloads. We couldn't thank you enough for playing this mod and enjoying it as much as we did making it! To celebrate the new year, we got a new update for you all!

A lot of people have been wondering about if we were ever going to do a Mario and Luigi combo in a future update. Now, we're happy to say that it is now available to play both Mario and Luigi in Single Player mode! Work together to become Super Stars! While playing as the bros. Stand next to Luigi and press jump to perform the Super Spin Jump. If you played the M&L games, you may recognize this move from anywhere. With this, you can cover distance by spinning and hovering for a brief period of time.

Another highlight for this update is that we changed the way on how the bros move. Starting acceleration is now strong and braking will happen more often. However, you can't decelerate as easily during braking. With this change, it combats the higher acceleration as well as performing side flips easier. A lot of moveset has also been tweaked to fix some issues.

That's all we got for this update. Hope you all have a great 2022 and let's make 2023 great!

Version 2.1 changelog​
- The starting acceleration of both brothers are now stronger.

- Braking will now happen more often, and you can't decelerate as easily during it. This is to combat the higher acceleration, as well as allow easier sideflips.

- Luigi's slipperiness has been nerfed to better accommodate the above change.

- Added dedicated sprites for bonking! The old pain sprites will still be used upon landing, but you'll no longer float above the ground.

- Diving will no longer always go in the direction you input. Instead, it retains most of your facing angle, with the direction you input only influencing it. This is to make the dive more in line with the titles it appears in.
- Diving during a jump will now very slightly increase your jump height. - Triple jumps now use a different transitional sprite upon being performed.

- Long jumping is now more like its SM64 counterpart. Speed build up has been reduced from 2x to 1.5x, and the backwards speed cap has been removed.

- Triple Jumps and Long Jumps can now be executed at slightly slower speeds.

- Mario and Luigi now have increased falling speed in general. This is not the same as increased gravity, and only affects downwards momentum.

- Slopes no longer affect your jump momentum, like in most Mario titles.

- Improved splitscreen compatibility with music changes and HUD items.

- Super Mario Bros. has been added to the character select screen. With this tag team of Mario & Luigi, you can perform the Super Spin Jump to fly across large gaps!
Whoops, should've seen this coming, but we done goofed.
Luigi completely lacked support for Footsteps and BattleMod despite Mario having support, and this update fixes that. So now you can battle your friends without being outmatched by your brother!

This update isn't just completely a hotfix though, the ability to break monitors by jumping into them was also added. The powerups will also now obey your gravity instead of the monitor's gravity, making them easier to pick up.

Aside from that, a unique custom sound effect for collecting a Gold Flower was added, as well as changing Luigi's default overalls for the black skincolor from red to green.

Hope you guys enjoy this!

- Added Mario's Footstep and BattleMod support to Luigi, which was accidently omitted the first time around.
- Powerups released from monitors now match your current gravity state rather than the monitor's.
- You can now jump into monitors from below to break them.
- Collecting a Gold Flower now has its own unique custom sound effect.
- Luigi's default overalls color for black is now green instead of red.
Hey Paisanos! I know it's been a while since v1.3 came out. But I would like to make this update very special to you all. Over the last few months, Mario has gained a lot of popularity since he got release. With over 64,000 downloads and 80,000 views. That's just a lot in my books. And I would like to take the time to thank you all for your support and appreciation to this project. It means a lot! :wow:

With the thank you wrapped, time to show you guys what me and one of our contributors; Kaching, have in store for you guys!​

Super Luigi thunders in​

That's right! You can now play as Super Luigi along with Mario. He has the same gameplay style as his brother, but he does have some slight differences.​

General Comparisons​

By the demonstration above, Luigi can jump higher than Mario. Making it easier to reach higher places that Mario couldn't get to without any moves. However, Luigi's more slippery than Mario, so be cautious that you don't slip! They share the same speed unlike in the mario games where he could run faster.​
Additional moves​
Luigi has more moves than Mario in his moveset. Use them to show players who's really number one! These moves are originated from Super Mario 64 DS. If you played that game, then you already know what he's got for you!

- Scuttle Jump -

Hold the jump button after a jump to fall more slowly. You can reach faraway places or keep your airtime when using wall jumps.

- Spin Twirl -

Perform a backflip to start spinning in mid-air once you reached max height. You'll hover slowly while you descend to the ground. This move is also handy if you want to get across huge gaps without the cap feather.

- Run on water -

Without the mini mushroom, Luigi can run on water! But only for a brief moment and its back into the water! You can still perform moves when you're running on water though! You will still need a mini mushroom to run on water surface forever.
Power up alterations​
Luigi even got his own unique ability properties when he gets power ups. Those are only minimal and not a lot of power up properties are changed. So, I'll list the ones here:

- Fire Flower -

Luigi's fire balls waver up and down while ignoring gravity. Making flying enemies a breeze to defeat. This also applies to the ice and golden flowers as well!

- Golden Flower -

Nothing changed for golden flower except making Luigi shiny silver. Using the attacks on enemies will turn them silver too!
Persona Support​
That's not all! Luigi also has Persona support as well.​

He has weaker strengh and agility, but he has powerful magic and endurance. Like Mario, he has jump and hammer attacks. Luigi can also use thunder and wind attacks. Something that his brother is weak against. But he's also weak against fire and ice attacks so be careful! Definitely has a different arsenal so the two brother's powers can be combined in a single party.
That's all there is to Luigi! With Mario and Luigi together, they are truly the super stars!

I would like to thank Kaching once again for their amazing sprite work for Luigi. It was a pleasure to collab with you to making him real. And thanks SMS Alfredo for coding Luigi to make him play a bit different than Mario! Always appreciated to have you code the brothers. And thank all of you for your wonderful support and feedback through the past few months. Mario wouldn't never gotten this far without you! :sadthumbsup:

Have fun!
Version 2.0 changelog​
- L is real. You can now play as Super Luigi.
- Renamed CL_Mario to CL_MarioBros
- Added a few more skincolors: toadstool, courtyard, groovy, shell, and blueflower
- Mario's prefcolor is now Toadstool.
- Skidding now activates slightly sooner and you can now cancel it by moving forward
- 90 degree wall jump timer now accounts for spinning
- You can no longer fly in the Kuribo Shoe by using the hammer in it with Force Hammer on
Hey guys, it's been a while hasn't it? I've noticed some of you have had a few issues with Mario, and I wanna address some of them in this update, and add a couple new cool things as well!


First off, this is the big one, I've completely axed Mario's weird fireball button functionality with Fire and Fire Normal, and replaced them with something that will help you control Mario at all times. Separate Ability and Spin buttons! The Crouch and Attack buttons have been moved to this new screen, and you can customize the new buttons in much the same way.


The Spin button does exactly what it says on the tin, it lets you easily spin as if you spinning the stick, simply by the push of a button. This isn't like crouch spinning where you need to duck first, you can access this button at anytime, including falling in the air. This button is ideal for keyboard users who don't have a stick to rotate. You can also set this button to be the same as either the Crouch or Attack buttons to introduce a bit of double-tap action if you want your main buttons to still be a lower amount.


The Ability button activates your current powerup ability no matter what, or in the case of not having a powerup ability, your hammer. This essentially acts the same as the Attack button but with Dive on Attack off. As such, I've replaced that toggle on the menu with a new option, Force Hammer! This makes it so that the Attack button always activates your hammer regardless of what powerup you have, increasing the amount of moves you can have at one time. The old Dive on Attack option is still accessible via the mariodive command, so don't worry if you'd still like to use it.



A few new skincolors for multiplayer have also been introduced! These skincolors hearken back to Mario's history. The list is as follows from left to right: Rainbow, Mushroom, Mondo, Tubular, Lethal, and Dire. The Rainbow skincolor is also now used for Mario's invincibility, which should fix any issues models have with it. A similar model fix was made for Super Ball Mario too.


A command to toggle Mario's powerups, mariopowerup, has been added as well. In case you wanna get competitive and Mario is still too strong for your tastes, you can dial down the action by turning this off. Ideally you want to turn this it off at the start of a match, as not all powerups will revert upon this command being toggled. You also can technically turn this command off in Co-op, but then I'd have to mark you as certified "lame". And we wouldn't want that, would we?


Speaking of nerfing Mario, his wall jump has been nerfed a bit. Though, it's only specifically for 90 degree wall jumps. If you attempt to perform a wall jump between two walls that really are not facing each other, you'll slowly lose height. This is because there's now a timer once you wall jump before you can perform a 90 degree wall jump again. This should hopefully encourage proper platforming with Mario's several other moves instead of using wall jumps to scale everything. Normal wall jumps between walls facing each other is completely unaffected by this change, though, so don't worry about that.


For SRB2 Persona, the music pack has been updated to Version 2! This new version of the pack contains tracks that play in Void Run as Mario, which was noticeably lacking from the first version. The new tracks are as follows:
  • Steel Yourself (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team)
  • Challenging Actions! DX (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowsers Minions)
  • Pumped Up / Maze Manufactury (Mario Party 6)
  • The Ringer (Paper Mario: The Origami King)
  • Minigame (Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)
  • Castle Bleck (Super Paper Mario)
Three different customizable music categories have gotten a new track for them as well!
  • Enemy Advantage
    SHOWTIME! (Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)
  • Strong Enemy
    The Marvelous Duo (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga)
  • PvP
    FIGHT! (Bug Fables)

Aside from all that, a few sprites have been updated and a few bugs have been fixed as well. There's new continue/life icon sprites from Kaching here too!

Well, I hope you guys enjoy this update! You can find a full changelog down here:
- Removed old Fire and Fire Normal functionality and replaced it with settable Spin and Ability buttons in the menu.

- Added Force Hammer toggle to the menu. This option forces Mario to use his hammer on the Attack button regardless of his current powerup.

- Dive on Attack has been removed from the menu as its functionality has been made redundant by the Ability button. But you can still toggle it in the command line via the mariodive command.

- Introduced global mariopowerup command. This toggles whether Mario receives powerups or shields from monitors. Good for if you want to use Mario in a competitive gametype and the powerups are just too overpowered. Note this will not instantly revert all powerups.

- Mega Mushroom theme will no longer play upon receiving Speed Shoes and not actually turning into Mega Mario.

- Added new Mushroom, Rainbow, Mondo, Tubular, Lethal, and Dire skincolors for use in multiplayer.

- Increased model compatibility with Super Ball Mario and invincibility.

- 90 degree wall jumps are now less effective, requiring you to wait before you can do them again. This is to prevent cheesing rooms by wall jumping in a corner where you really shouldn't be able to.

- Fixed Cape Mario sliding only being possible once for flight, as well as a sprite error when sliding at the same time as starting flight.

- Increased Kuribo Shoe ground pound ghosts' hitbox slightly.

- Gave dive recovering a couple more possible voice clips to play.

- Preemptively fixed Mario not crushing enemies in SRB2 v2.2.11.

- Updated continue/life icon sprites. Thanks Kaching!

- Updated fire poof and powerup collection sprites from Pipe Kingdom.

- Updated SRB2P music pack to Version 2. Adds in tracks for Void Run and a few new tracks for battling too. It also updates Tomato Adventure (Superstar Mix) to an extended higher quality version. But here's a list of the new songs:
- Void Run
Steel Yourself (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team)
Challenging Actions! DX (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowsers Minions)
Pumped Up / Maze Manufactury (Mario Party 6)
The Ringer (Paper Mario: The Origami King)
Minigame (Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)
Castle Bleck (Super Paper Mario)

- Enemy Advantage
SHOWTIME! (Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)

- Strong Enemy
The Marvelous Duo (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga)

- PvP
FIGHT! (Bug Fables)

- Hopefully fixed an issue with certain Mario skills softlocking when nullified in SRB2 Persona.

- Fixed other bugs and issues I forgot about.
Here's another minor update that fixes some issues with keeping powerups between levels, particularly in the OLDC.

Mega Mario causing desyncs by ground pounding in dedicated servers should hopefully be fixed as well.

And as an added bonus, Mario has a new voice line for collecting a star, after which his voice will echo for as long as you have star power.

- Powerups will now properly be kept after map warps, including those seen in the OLDC hub.
- Your powerup now properly resets upon completing a level while super.
- Added star collection voice clip.
- Mario's voice lines will now have an echo to them when you have star power.
- Mega Mario's ground pound should hopefully no longer cause desyncs in dedicated servers.
- Some other minor fixes I forgot about.
Really small update this time, primarily just to fix Mario no longer working in the newest version of SRB2 Persona.

Mario will now also always have access to his basic Jump and Hammer skills no matter what in SRB2P, so you won't be locked out of his second melee attack leveling up.

Also improves mod compatibility slightly, so mods that mess with monitors or squash 'n' stretch should work better with Mario, though still not perfectly.

- Improved mod compatibility with monitor prizes and power-up size changing.

SRB2 Persona
- Fixed Mario completely breaking the game in SRB2P v1.3.3 when his skills are attempted to be sorted.
- Jump and Hammer now no longer count towards Mario's skill total and will always appear in his skill list in battle.
- Enemies, if given Mario's skills, will now properly execute their action commands.
Another update for you guys that fixes a few more things, and adds a couple new features.

Mario now properly works in Ultimate Mode. No more cheesing hits or 1ups! Everything here also applies to Multiplayer Ultimate Mode, so you can take it online too.

Flying Mario in NiGHTS now has his own unique colored trail. Alot more accurate than the simple default sparkles he had before.

- Mario will now only have one total health point in ultimate mode.
- All 1up monitors are turned into poison mushroom monitors in ultimate mode.
- Extra score/1ups will no longer be obtainable in ultimate mode.
- Hitting a monitor with your hammer midair will now cancel the hammer and let you use it again, like with enemies.
- Fixed jumping in place not double jumping as much as it should.
- Coins will no longer award more score than they're supposed to in Special Stages.
- Added unique NiGHTS trail.

SRB2 Persona
- Fixed Hammer attacks not getting reflected properly.
- Buffed fireball attacks slightly again.
- Added overall sprites for the fireball cast pose.