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Tails has detected some strange readings from an island known as SSNIsland. Sonic, Tails, and Knux decide to head on over there and see what's going on.

This is an attempt an actually good SRB2 Map Pack. I hope you enjoy.




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I suppose its suitable for releases by now. It's a start, and I'm sure you'll get some feedback from our members. I'd review it myself, but I'm not up for that right now.


"pre-jungle" is just srb1's knothole 2 combined with 2 water slide sections where damage is unavoidable
space base 3 is LITERALLY just black core 3
there's 0 decoration or any sense of place or theme in all of the maps
i had multiple instances of needing to spin-dash jump to pass through sections
i really don't know what else to say


"pre-jungle" is just srb1's knothole 2 combined with 2 water slide sections where damage is unavoidable
space base 3 is LITERALLY just black core 3
i really don't know what else to say

i dont know what GFZROCK1 is but i dont see any problems with the other 2 considering pre-jungle is a scrapped zone that was put in here as a bonus but whatever.


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My Feedback on your Levels

Greetings, I have played your pack and I find the overall experience to this is okay, though there are some issues I would like to point out about your levels, you may want to check 'em if you wish.

  • I noticed something that you still have some default Level Header loaded, so stuff like 200 Emblems and other unlockables for vanilla specifically are still there, you may want to reset them all and not have them in custom mappacks, I would advice you to consult SRB2 Wiki once more about this.
  • A lot of repetitive textures, has very less variety, might want to look into those since it makes everything so bland and confusing at times.
  • Lots of empty space, everything looks bland, try to spice up with decorations
  • You have the knack of setting up directions with arrow textures, I would advice using something else to provide direction, like a set of rings, natural textures besides arrow textures that would eye-catch players.
  • If I may, your use of Emblems are very lazy and uninspired, most of it are just placed casually or hidden somewhere without any actual effort of getting it, maybe having puzzles or a challenge for getting them would be worth-while.
  • Instant Death Water doesn't look dangerous, Water + GFZ1 Floor at first glance will make players think It's safe to land upon
  • Edit the Jet Jaws Height, this will make them look natural upon first encounter, seeing them glued into the floor at first is weird
  • Try not to put decorations closed together alot, GFZ1 Trees should be made spread out more, though It's kinda weird this is one of those sections you used decoration anyway.
  • Missing Textures in some crumbling floors section, might want to look at those.
  • Also, same section, I want those Crumbling Floors to have different textures that indicates It's a crumbling floor, you don't want players not knowing which are safe to stand or not.
  • Some enemies are angled wrong at start, always make sure It's always angled at the player.
  • Any reason why you can't jump over some fences? If your intention is to block something off but used for something to be viewed at, use a better blocker like "Glass" for example
  • Your "Intruder Alert" sequence is executed very poorly, there's really not much is going on instead of music being changed, you also could just backtrack or do something else peacefully, if I may, you could like open up more defense systems like a wall being risen to show turrets or something, lasers, anything, also music didn't even reset after you died, the "Intruder Alert" music is still playing and you respawn at the entrance of the base, add acheckpoint or something before the "Intruder Alert" Sequence.
  • Crumbling Floor, failed once, wait for it to respawn, bad design, you don't want players to just sit around and do nothing if they failed an attempt, your levels are mostly linear, may I suggest alternate paths?
  • You have some weird impassible linedefs being placed around arrow signs? Fix those, It's weird how I can't go over and even under those signs
  • Rings without Float Flag, fix those will ya please :v
  • Any reason you surround those Crawlas in a sector that the linedefs are flagged for block on enemies?
  • Invisible walls and cliffs, this section is pretty awkward and pose no threat of running into a cliff
  • Your 2D Transition needs work and changing onto a different lane in 2D also needs work, you could basically ruin the whole transition process by going left or right, try to utilize Zoom Tubes.
  • Again, Rings without Float Flag :v
  • There's one instance where I would not know where I should going, adding a set of rings for a path will do well, though It's probably because of how repetitive you use the GFZ Textures.
  • [BOSS] The Arena could use some decorating, it felt bland, and having invisible walls all over the edge is weird.
  • There's alot of uncomfortable tight jumps here, please make sure that simple jumps should land you near the edge and not on the edge
  • Check again, Rings without Float Flag :v
  • Cyan Color on the grilles, might want to fix that with Solid FOF but Translucent
  • Again with the Impassible Linedefs over and under arrow signs?
  • Two Lance-a-Bot got stuck near the start, less threatening than it should be
  • Missing Textures in crumbling floor section
  • More tight jumps
  • How many Lance-a-bot you put to make them stuck anyway?
  • [RACE] Here I thought it was just a BCZ1, at least I got a race on a different track, using specific sections from previous levels as a track is a grand idea, but remember that some issues from those sections are carried over, might want to remind that next time.
  • [RACE] No penalty for being late, I don't think that's a race if anything
  • [BOSS] Uhh... BCZ3 Arena, lol

In conclusion, there are alot of things I've mentioned needs to be addressed, especially the disappointing Final Boss, Period, you could like change the arena into something of your style and not use SRB2's Default Arena, you did well with the Metal Sonic race, though the whole adventure is like GFZ Levels being expanded, make sure you make each level its own unique levels with different variety of textures, you did pretty well with Eggman's Base and Spacebase first act.
I did try your Bonus Levels, nothing much to be said there, glad Pre-Jungle out of the mainline of your custom campaign, that water slide section is horrible.

Anyway, I hope this help and I can't wait for your next update or any other new maps in particular, good luck!

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