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Wait isn't Exetior is the name for the Exe from Sonic.exe Nightmare Beginning Saga? he does have the tear eyes and Darker blue color fur.
personally, I'm fine with this mod being dead. It had different ideas in mind that I didn't agree with, and only seemed to lean further on a gimmick.
and comparing it to other sonic.exe mods, it's almost like the Idea of Sonic.exe in srb2 is cursed to fail.
As for the 1st boss, I have no clue what causes the crashing yet I also found a fix. I got the original MAP03 and copied this mod's map03 contents. (Lines, Things, Sectors, etc. EXCEPT the MAP03 empty marker!) I replaced the original map03's stuff and saved it as a WAD. Then I imported the WAD in this mod and placed it in the Maps folder. Then it just... Worked? I don't know why. Maybe because the MAP03 Marker was just Empty in this mod instead of it being the thing that shows you the map? Either way, I did the same process to all the other maps just in case any other issues popped up with them.

hey could you get a download link for those maps for the people who cant edit the maps? you know since this mod wont get anymore updates?

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