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Warning: This mod may contain some stuff that might make people feel uncomfortable (such as blood)


Kill enemies with your jump, spin, knives and more and watch them as they crumble upon you.

As being a killer, you have to kill people to advance between levels, 1/3 of the population to be exact.
Death evasion


Being a demon makes you immortal, so you can avoid death by some stuff, but be careful because you're not invincible to everything and you depend on lives.






Select between your items to make killing stuff easier, but some are locked behind a paywall! Press tossflag to enter the shop to buy stuff with a currency that's locked behind killing enemies and obtaining souls, switch between the items using weapon previous and weapon next.
Exe Survival

You play either as Sonic.EXE or an innocent, you try running away from Sonic.EXE, but he's faster than you and can disappear, you have a radar to check if he's near you or not, if he's invisible you can't see him in the radar unless if he's really close to you. When you get touched you become his servant, and you follow up to other players to kill them too.
Exe Terrorism

There are two teams, Innocents and Killers, killers need to kill innocents to win, both parties can kill each other, the goal for innocents is to kill the Killers, but everyone looks out as an Innocent, do a mistake and you might look suspicious!
Different BCZ bosses
You have something you have to explore, go check it out!​

exe_slowmusic: Use this command to toggle slow music.
exe_nostatic: Use this command to toggle static.
exe_sharedsouls: Use this command to toggle sharing souls.
exe_gibs: Use this command to toggle gibs on and off.
exe_instantshop: Use this command to make the shop transition faster.
exe_killerfov: Use this command to make the fov stay in its place.
exe_infinitesouls: Use this debug command to cheese the game and get easy 999 souls.
exe_mustkill: Enable or disable the requirement of killing enemies.
exe_banlegacy: Enable or disable people using Legacy EXE.

Reusable Content:
- Trustygun for the Gibs lua
- CobaltBW for Tails Doll and Dropdash sprites and the radar lua
- Jay, Alyssa and Hitcoder for Physattk and TTT.wad

- Ordomandalore for the Brak MKII model
- MY5TCrimson for the original character
- JaizKoys for the Nightmare Saga franchise & character & sounds

- Sour for helping me make the shop's assets
- All my testers and supporters that helped me shape this mod to how it is now. (Steph, Boomer/Flame, Emi, SunGuara, etc)
- Jay Dee for drawing the css art
- Bendy for the other CSS art

- Brak Phase Two:
Ori and the Blind Forest OST - 30 - Fleeing Kuro
- Fleetway Sonic:
Sonic Advance 3 - Nonaggression
- Shop:
Sonic the Hedgehog CD - Tidal Tempest Zone Present (US)
Spooky Music - Hyde's Costume Shop
Spooky Scary Skeletons but it ain't that spooky or scary

- Killer Mode:
SamsonXVI Camping - Attack on the First Night / A Sandwich was Poisoned
- Title Screen:
Knuckles Chaotix - This Horizon (Dance Remix)
- Super Theme:
Laughing Lyric (feat. Charles Ritz) - Crimson Hills ...for Rival Battle: Sonic.EXE
- Race against Sonic:
Sonic Boom (Crush 40 vs. Cash Cash) (from Sonic CD)

Super Secret Content

that sonicexev3 thing is in here oh god no

v4: Release
- CSS art in-game change
- Removed Exetior & Legacy
- The shop now removes the total souls for a purchase
- Transformation sprites are in
- Super is now implemented
- Unique super theme
- Tweak in Metal Sonic Race
- You can't glitch anymore in Nights
- Breaking floors doesn't break now
- Tweaked Jumpthok
- Spindash cost reduced to ease the pain
- Upped the price of Tails Doll to 40
- Killermode fov can be disabled with exe_killerfov
- Shop transitions can be disabled with exe_instantshop
- Battlemod support
- Fixed Exetior having being stuck in dropdash sprites
- The entire game now has different skies and weathers
- Legacy can't shoot in ringslinger
- Minor fixes

- Fixed bug where THZ and ACZ1 would just go instantly dark
- Fixed Fov bug
- Fixed Super

- Killer mode deactivated when super
- Weapon next and previous can be replaced for custom 1 and 3
- Super ghost colors and such became red
- Legacy for ringslinger doesn't spawn fire
- Legacy now has battlemod support for firing arrows at the cost of 2 rings

- Killer mode button has been swapped to Custom 2
- Menu sounds won't happen if you press certain buttons in battlemod
- Exetior's name appears in Battlemod
- Exetior now has the jumpthok and spindash always in battlemod

- Fixed a huge glaring issue in not being able to use the shop at all


- Fixed some bugs
- Fixed Sonic.EXE taking way too many hits in Battlemod
- Fixed Sonic.EXE looking at an enemy if targetted even if too far away
- Added command "exe_mustkill" to remove the need to having to kill 1/3 of the enemies
- Added new gametype "Survival"
* Run away from Sonic.EXE
* If you get caught (only by touching) you become one of his servants
* There's a radar in the top right corner
* Sonic.EXE can turn invisible by pressing custom 1
* You can't see him in the radar if he's invisible unless if he's really close to you

- Made Greenflower have a global colormap that makes the levels mesh better with the sky
- Added a radar tool for Co-op for ease of play (300 souls, permanent)

- Changed Exe Survival's colors to be more reddish
- Exe in Survival now has a new ability: Mindbreaker
* Press Custom 2 to make everyone in a state that makes them really slow and unable to jump, they must mash out of it to break free.
- Removed IT being visible in Exe Survival
- Fixed multiple bugs about Why
- Victims can now see IT further in the radar if they're invisible
- Animation speed is fixed but that means caught people aren't semi invisible anymore
- Fixed multiple console errors that happen when joining a match round
- Made it so the invisibility hud is not active when the hide timer goes off
- New gametype: EXE Terrorism
* Sonic.EXE is disguised as an innocent, he will kill everyone. As a detective you must find him out and kill him, and as an innocent to stay alive.

Bug fixes & Features for Exe Terrorism:
* Innocents need to pick up a certain amount of rings to win. Killers can pick them up as well.
* Spindashing doesn't make you invulnerable forever now.
* F12ing is gone.
* Character icons in the tab now appear, if someone died their icon disappears.

- Dirk support (surfing and freezing)
- New Continue Sprites
- New command "exe_banlegacy": stops players from using Legacy EXE.
- XMomentum support
- XMomentum fixes (allowing to trick + uncurl)
- XMomentum secret



- Midi for title screen
- Sonic is forced in Exe Survival
- Changed XMomentum secret sound effect to a newer version that the Nightmare Series creator (Sonic.EXE voice acter) did.

Known Issues
- Known GFZ3 crash
- Known BCZ3 crash

Supporters / CoAuthors



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OK- Despite the fact that this is .EXE, it's REALLY cool and REALLY wellmade from what I'm seeing here. This is defenitely something that stands out from basic 'ooooh yeah .exe character whoopie' due to all the effort put into it.

this is how good .EXE characters should really be, not just lame jon does and mary sues
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