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This mod contains some swearing.


A funny mod featuring MS Paint Cutscenes and many character such as Sonc, Talis, Knux, Eggnik, and more!

This is essentially a short joke level pack I put together in a little under 2 days. It's not at all supposed to be serious, just a short joke map. I hope you enjoy!





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releases yes okay

If you still got issues with the sky being a giant HOM, you can try asking around, or at least look at how other levels handle their sky walls. I ain't your debugger, but I'm sure you can figure it out.


Alright I realized Sonc's Dream is confusing so I'll just say this, go through Sonic's eyes during the first part and during the second, go through Shadow's arms.


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This was actually a very interesting map pack that made me feel two, very distinct feelings.

For the majority, it was laughter. The humor was, even if its quite literally just mispelling taken to the extreme, a big positive in my book. Its mostly what kept me playing through these joke maps. I especially like the little detail of patching Sonic's skin to be called "Sonc".

On the other hand, which genuinely intrigued me... I had this looming sense of dread through some very specific points in a few levels. I felt trapped sometimes, and at worst, felt like something was watching me, or waiting for me at the other end of the hallway. There's a few moments where the complete lack of music really drive that dread home.

Case in point, the last level of the map, which is literally just going back to your house. The lack of music, paired with the dark night aesthetic and very crude and simple level geometry felt like I was about to be attacked out of nowhere, or that something otherwordly would pop out.

anyways funny/420 haha wee


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You put a lot of effort into something that resembles something without any effort.
Always fun.
But yeah, you pulled of some tricks I didn't even know where possible. Interesting.

Just Silus!

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Okay, opinion time.

I really see the effort in this level, it's simply awesome to see more people on this community making maps, and you did it pretty good.

some things i'd like to say:

fck u eggnik
I know this level is a joke mod, with a lot of jokes and that... but looking at this walls with sky textures hurts... ._.XD


Sonc wiht talis oooooohhhhh!!1!!
this level kinda feels claustrophobic, and i was like 10 minutes trying to find how to continue.
and just entered the sonic's eyes accidentally ._.XD


B L A C K .


talis has alzheimer
No jokes, i loved the tails battle, i know it's just the Egg-Gooper with some sprites changed, but it's so fucking fun to see a png of tails flying while shooting bullets that don't know what is gravity XD


wtf toad, this is not ur house!!!1
wow, i got in jail because didn't payed the taxes...
this reminds me to something........


nooo prison
Welp, time to escape from the prison.


knux help meeeeeeh
I really liked the idea of playing as knuckles, even if it's for some seconds, i love the idea.


back do be bad
Aaaaaand... brak battle, not too much, just that.

I gotta say, it's a pretty fun level, if this gets a sequel, i will play it for sure, really!
There should have have been a boss battle with Fong/Nock in jail where Sonic drops the soap and must protect himself from getting Swiggity Swooted


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'Twas a level most intriguing, most humorous and most enchanting.
Moments of loneliness exude from this little realm of yours, advanced further by the tales of murder and escape.
Gigglesome it made me, however, with its plot resembling the ramblings of a child.

Most epic this experience was.
I look forward to more from thee, funny puyo puyo girl miss.
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