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Version 2 completes everything I had on my todo list, (minus jumpboost) future updates might become uneventful as a result.

First off, I've changed the name, as it revamps every character's super form (even if they don't have one) apart from Knuckles, instead of just Super Metal Sonic.

To be clear, this is not a rewrite of the script, but many new things have been added since last update. (This is for real this time ok)

Super Sonic

His thok is now buffed up, vibrating the air in a way that crushes all badniks nearby.

Super Tails

The developers will do this one at some point, maybe in a major update, but for now we have this, a nerfed version of the super whirlwind, that gives quite the height boost.

Super Fang

He curls into a ball, and can do the bomb jump, allowing him to jump higher than ever before, building up speed for his spring tail.

Super Amy

Amy also curls into a ball while super, and she can do a jump thok giving out the same air shockwave as super sonic does, at the cost of rolling, but she can reach to places that sonic would need some sort of badnik to bounce off of just to get on par to her.

Super Metal Sonic

Back and at it again with his jet hover, fast drop, and super slam abilities. As well as a new attribute, where he will start overdrive as soon as he hits his running speed.

This took... not long, but hopefully you guys can enjoy the work done here.

Fix Amy creating shockwaves where she shouldn't, for now treat them like extra super moves.
Fix Metal Sonic being able to make fast drop sounds while using the jet hover.
Fix being able to stall abilities usage by jumping assumingly frame perfect, it's easier than it sounds.

2.1 QUICK FIX: Done to fix a major bug causing maximum ear rape, and also fixes the warnings that come when loaded.

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Huh this looks pretty interesting. Definitely an upgrade from... nothing :)
LMAO, this is too OP for Metal Sonic, he is the last unlockable, so that is sufficent reason of not needing an Buff, but... i am having this anyway.
LMAO, this is too OP for Metal Sonic,

I wanted to implement a cap, so ill put that on todo, now that I can understand lua if statements a little better.

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Also Amy comes after, plus like 200 emblems that definitely will take much longer to get done.

finally a reason to have to complete the game twice with all emeralds
New update, new move, new nerf.

This is not complete version 2, since console toggles are a bit strange but there you go, version 1 can be used as a fallback soon.

EDIT: Version 1 is pretty much lost to me now, blue blur tv might be able to give me it though, but for now there is a cappless version of the lua, the only changes though are that the unfinished console toggle is set to not have a cap
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Version 2 has been renamed to version 1.1 because the cap introduced made the fast drop useless apart from using the super slam, the toggle will still be available as a local in the lua itself, so people can still modify and rename it to still work, but for now the cap will be lifted.
Are you sure shockwaves work well with Sonic and Metal? They fit Knuckles because he's all about power, but the two hedgehogs are more focused on speed.
Well they still go fast for their super forms, and super forms are somewhat about power either way, I tried to think about them gameplay-wise rather than their actual characteristics...
So there is a weird sound bug where as soon as you reach max speed as any character that isn't metal it will continuously play the sound for leaving dashmode on loop when you reach max speed. Sometimes it only happens when I go super and sometimes when I'm not super. I think it's because of metal's overdrive immediately starting when he hits running speed.
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Sorry mateys, that one has been fixed and that bug also hid another bug, that gave warnings when loaded, the issues have been fixed, thanks for your patience, and I will need to go offline for a little bit for reasons.
Maybe add something like getting 50 rings from a token (instead of a life or continue) when you have all emeralds.

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