Metal Knuckles & Tails Doll - Sonic R Characters V1

Metal Knuckles & Tails Doll - Sonic R Characters V1 2021-03-16


In an attempt of revenge for being forgotten by their creator, Metal Knuckles and Tails Doll join Sonic and Co. to take down Dr. Eggman! This duo of doppelgangers have come prepared with some new tricks that players can utilize to explore stages in brand new ways, similar to their original, organic counterparts.

While this titular, floppy doll might seem weak at first, he's come equipped with a brand new moveset to show how versatile a gem powered plush doll can be!


Tails Doll is about as floppy as you would expect an actual doll to be. Thanks to the wonderful SMS Alfredo, Tails Doll has been given ragdoll physics, which are both as magical and silly as you would expect them to be.



Like his fluffier counterpart, Tails Doll is capable of reaching great heights! Press and hold Jump in order to float high into the air!

While in the air, press Jump again and Tails Doll can use the shiny crystal on top of his head to slow his descent.

Combined with his floaty jump and slow fall, Tails Doll can easily clear large gaps and weave through aerial obstacles.



Press Spin to create a protective barrier around Tails Doll! This polygon barrier is created through energy within the crystal on Tails Doll's head, and it allows him to deflect projectiles, break floors and damage enemies!



SMS Alfredo

Rougher than the rest of them, Metal Knuckles is a mix of Sonic's metallic counterpart and Knuckles! He combines their various abilities to create a very versatile moveset at high skill levels that allows him to preserve his boost mode and speed through stages faster than even Metal Sonic!



Using the charge glide, Metal Knuckles can easily cross gaps with little trouble. Press and hold Jump to begin charging up a glide, with the power of the glide being dependent on how long you hold down the button! This glide can be used to redirect momentum, as it preserves the amount of boost Metal Knuckles has built up by running.



Like his original counterpart, Metal Knuckles can latch onto walls! However, the mechanic doppelganger can climb upwards to launch himself into the air! Depending on how long he prepares to pounce, Metal Knuckles will go higher aswell. After launching himself, Metal Knuckles can activate a charge glide, which can allow him to latch back onto the wall or go flying elsewhere. Lastly, Metal Knuckles can simply press jump again after latching onto a wall to hop off.



Tripel the fox

SMS Alfredo, HattyBoyo, Tripel and I have all been working these past few weeks to bring a fun experience with these two forgotten characters, so we hope that you have as much fun with them as we did making them!

Supporters / CoAuthors



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Welcome to releases!

I greatly appreciate the little wiggly lad.


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Now this is happening

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even if there is already an metal knuckles and tails doll idc


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ok, where do I start ...
how is Tails Doll wiggling a lot?
How we finally get a better Metal Knuckles?
there's a lot to say about this 2
Love this! It's so good to see underappreciated Sonic characters like these two finally making their debut as official-quality SRB2 addons. I really hope someday, maybe these will be added into the vanilla game!


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found some weird bug
pressing spin while flying and turning Super, Metal Knuckels would make a istant turn to the right and also become super


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This...this plays FANTASTICALLY! Their gameplay styles are unique enough that sets them apart from the others and the sprite quality is on par with the official sprites of SRB2!
I actually think these'd be most viable 2.3 Character Additions, as that way we could have Team Sonic and their Robotic Counterparts

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