Cobaltn't 's Unwanted Twin, The Sapphire Blur!
don't mind me just waiting for a mario model to pop-up the next update
is anyone else having issues to get modern sonic's model to work? cause i am currently even though in the past i didn't.
never mind i was being dumb i fixed it.
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I'm getting this issue too... it seems to be caused by whatever trickery the creator of the Yoshi character did to make the shoes change to a complementary color depending on the color you choose, which is why its an orange Yoshi when your green. I wonder if this means that this type of trick is incompatible with the way the models are handeled or if this just means that Jeck needs to update the model...
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I was wondering if anyone had a full list of the mods that support these models?
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Could Someone also tell me how to enable it for other characters than base roster?
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Could someone make one?
Is there any tutorial on how to activate this
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A PC? Nah, I have a top-of-the-line laptop!
Soo, im here to ask, your making an model for this https://mb.srb2.org/addons/adventure-sonic-v1-2.3589/ mod, i think you should base it of the dc sa1 sonic model but with the hot dog shoes of sadx.
It's coming soon, and soon. There is no time crunch or date that can be given. A lot of the current animations in normal gameplay are done, with much of super and fancy taunting and victory animations being put on hold until our mesh-melding cool guy can get some time and motivation out to complete it.

3D Modeling and Animation is difficult, specifically with SRB2's interpolation and the un-interpolated animations in mind.

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