1.5 -
Nerfed a bit jumping (you cannot jump when you're slipping)
Added the hurt animation if you're not on ground when you're slipping


1.6 -
Fixed bugs (look under this text to see the bug fixes)
Fixed everyone was able to spindash
Fixed the spindash sound effect playing when you're in the air
Fixed Sonic doing a pose when he's slipping
Fixed Sonic doing the pogo pose when he dies
Nerfed things (look under this text to see the nerfs)
Nerfed Hyper Sonic's jump
Nerfed Hyper Sonic's shockwave (no two cheap shots anymore if you're good at running away!)
Nerfed Sonic's spindash (only by a bit)
Features (look under this text to see what's added!)
Sonic doing his spinning effect when spindashing

..yeah pretty big for an usual update eh?


Fishead Lad
Wow this is really, really cool! Are there any possibilities that more characters get this treatment?, Metal Sonic would be truly awesome!.


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I have a feet tails wad for Kart. Could I put on the forums? It will match with your Sonic. I'm just asking you since it could be too similar. I sadly only have it at the Kart Crew Discord server
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eh it's alright just don't post it in discord without permission, i gave you it now so just go nutz, i can help you about it if you want


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Just redownloaded. Im gonna bind everything out so its kinda like my regular SRB2 Jump and Spindash.


Would you ever consider making a feet Tails/Knuckles using this mod as a base? i would think it would only mean replacing sprites and voicelines... right?


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Number 15,Sonic foot sausage,the last thing you wanted in your sonic hotdog is a hedgehog's foot fungus,but as it turns out,that might be what you get


Looking for MD2?

Greetings Kartpeople. I think this character mod is pretty damn rad but I'd like to play with the 3D model of it if there is one. It didn't seem that the 3D model files were in the download, only the .wad. I understand that the kartperson known as sonc claimed to have made a md2 for this character 2 years ago, but upon inspecting his profile page I couldn't find any such file. Would anyone know where the model for this might exist, if it ever did in the first place?

Can't traverse at low velocities

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