One day, Sonic thought to himself: Why would I race driving a kart while i can run with my feet instead?


And that brings us to this character mod! In this mod, we feature Sonic, which runs on his feet! He has standing, walking, running, jumping and dying expressions all based on what's he doing!

Enjoy karting with your friends but with no actual karts!

Tip: Sonic can jump by pressing Custom 1.
Sonic can spindash by pressing Custom 2.

1.1 - Added Hyper Sonic and added Spring animations.

1.2 - Added peelout effect when starting race
Added Hyper Sonic double-jump ability (not that overpowered)
Made Hyper Sonic's jump way higher (now THAT's overpowered)
Added a spinboost ability (custom 2)
Of course always bug fixes
You cannot spam jump.

1.3 - Removed some Kart sounds (Thank GOD.)
Added crushed sprite
Added slipping sprite

1.4 -
Suggested to add pogo spring animations so i did it (sprites from my Cooler Sonic mod!)
Added a victory pose (got permission to use Lat' sprites)

1.4.1 -
Forgot to fix a bug where Sonic stays permanently in his victory/lose poses

1.4.2 -
Sonic was unstable having the lost pose so i fixed him

1.5 -
Nerfed a bit jumping (you cannot jump when you're slipping)
Added the hurt animation if you're not on ground when you're slipping

1.5.1 -
Somehow the walking animation broke, oops. Fixed.

1.6 -
Fixed bugs (look under this text to see the bug fixes)
Fixed everyone was able to spindash
Fixed the spindash sound effect playing when you're in the air
Fixed Sonic doing a pose when he's slipping
Fixed Sonic doing the pogo pose when he dies

Nerfed things (look under this text to see the nerfs)
Nerfed Hyper Sonic's jump
Nerfed Hyper Sonic's shockwave (no two cheap shots anymore if you're good at running away!)
Nerfed Sonic's spindash (only by a bit)

Features (look under this text to see what's added!)
Sonic doing his spinning effect when spindashing

1.7 -
Fixed Sonic flashing in and out in character select
Added dropdash animation

Also, i got permission to submit this from Chops because my idea was similar to his.
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