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Booming from another universe, Bandages swings in!

Straight from the erm, critically acclaimed/panned series, comes Sonic Boom's dude in blue, nicknamed after his apparent addiction to sportstape, Bandages!
Those who know me for... way too long, know that this is, indeed, not the first time I attempted to make this guy. But hey, third time's the charm! And he doesn't just feature a brand new paintjob, but a whole new kit to play with!

MB Icon.pngDouble Jump!

The standard double jump, with a slight cut to momentum if you're going too fast. Nothing too crazy at face value, but is augmented by his other abilities that we'll discuss further on - you'll be glad to have this!

MB Icon.pngEnerbeam!
Here it is, the one thing you wish Rise Of Lyric let you do - use the Enerbeam to swing over, under and around any badnik, monitor, spring or level geometry to your heart's content! Press and hold spin in the air to either attach to the nearest object, or shoot it diagonally upwards. If connected, you'll swing forwards! Time it right for the best results.

You're able to use it up to twice on walls or ceilings, but you can use it as many times as you wish on objects - attaching to one of these refreshes one more use on walls. You'll know you're out of uses due to the afterimages disappearing!

Finally, press Jump while attached to an object to home into it. Use it for combat or for accurately bouncing on a spring!

MB Icon.pngSpinburst!
To help keep the flow going, Bandages is able to charge a spindash at any moment while grounded, similar to how Fire & Ice's spindash works. It's slightly slower than your standard spindash, but it compensates with its charge speed. You can also use it to tokyo drift on tight corners or quickly turn and keep your speed!

MB Icon.pngSonic Eagle!
The one and only, hailing from Sonic Battle, Bandages uses those long legs for something other than running! You will automatically kick any enemies you come into contact with while jumping, and you can also you use this to kick down walls that can otherwise only be knocked down by the buffest of echidnas.

MB Icon.pngExtras!
Here we go, the fun lil extra content you all know and love :P
You know how it goes, try and find em all by yourself, and here's the handy cheat sheet:
  • Afterimages that try to look like the show's!
  • Swinging around like your friendly neighborhood hedgehog!
  • smol bandages that goes by "band-aid"
  • BIG fireworks
  • Custom NiGHTS sprites!
  • BOUNCE... PAD??
  • B O U N C E P A D (bandagevoice in console)
  • Nothing for emeralds since they dont exist in the Boom canon. Go home.
  • banges wants movie night (thanks emi)
  • Knuckles taught Bandages his special trick on netgames, exclusively.
  • Legacyisreal2401 in console

MB Icon.pngNetgame Grapple Points
As of v1.2, the major synch issues have been resolved! We're keeping these commands just in case, though.
In netgames, grapple points appear where badniks first spawn. This way, you can still somewhat use their positions to swing around without actually attaching to them. This is mostly to avoid sync issues with desynched enemies, so use this command if you're having issues with them!

Use the command "enerbeampoint" to turn this on or off.

MB Icon.pngSpecial Thanks!

This couldn't have been possible without our team of friends putting up with probably my most cursed project up to date.

MB Icon.pngSMS Alfredo, and Frostiikin - Coding
This one was a tough one, huh? Thank you so so much for putting up with my undecisiveness, alfredo, and for coding 99% of it. He is so incredibly fun to me, I am super proud of it. Also, Frostii for making the original Bandagevoice command and sifting through the hellish sounds for this cursed meme. Thank you!
MB Icon.pngInazuma - Ability Design & Feedback
Man, I really do owe ya a lot for the help. I seriously didn't know what to do with this guy and you guided me really well, as well as helping me cope with the whole secret project thing and to cheer me up. Thank you so much dude.
MB Icon.pngFrostii, Emi, CrystelleCore, LonelyFoxz, Icezer and Bloops! - Testing, Feedback and Keeping Secret
goddamn I am SO sorry i put you guys through this we are never doing a secret project again
Thank you so much for keeping this a secret and giving feedback as well as testing. I... should actually be playing with you guys right now but im writing this :P

And thank you to everyone who has supported me by playing my stuff. Hope you enjoy Bandages Reborn!

MB Icon.pngChangelog

Major synch issue finally resolved.
Xmomentum support added.


Slight code optimization, hopefully fixing the NetXCmd buffer overflow.
Removed the nosupersprites flag.
Turrets are now removed with badnikdeletus.
Legacy is real.


Added back the CEZ3 Boss Fight. Good luck!


Fixed a small error. Bandages will now say things correctly when killing enemies. Whoops.

V1 - Initial Release.

Supporters / CoAuthors



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Insert funny hahas here
This was a blast to help out with testing and doing that bit of lua for the voices, I can't wait to help on more of your projects in the future!

Just Luxis

Probably dead.
LMAO, i watched this before, but was an thrash character, thank godness now exists, and reborned with new graphics and even better than before!


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I'm notoriously bad at actually trying new characters, but I can at least say that the sprites look nice.

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they stole my waifu, but not my husbando! >:)
"Being a role model is overrated. I'd much rather be... hilariously edgy!"
well uh... i liked Sonic Boom (the cartoon one) and i can't hate this Bandage boy right here, great job as always, Stephen


turns on bandagevoice carelessly


Rather fun for a character! Though I may be in the minority when I ask this, I still will- any chance of a version that doesn't replace the CEZ boss? I get some/most people don't like it, but having to remove it from CEZ3 just to play this character feels kinda annoying to me.

Edit: I also suggest maybe making the diagonal grapple version of the Enerbeam also accessable with custom 1, so it can be used instead of the homing version, since I ended up repeatedly grappling onto enemies I couldn't see when trying to grab a wall or ceiling.
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