Ray the Flying Squirrel

Ray the Flying Squirrel v1

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Ray is an energetic speedy fellow who glides around and can gain crazy speeds!

Basic Abilities:


Holding Ray's jump ability allows him to soar on the wind using his skin flaps. In this state, you can input forward to make Ray dive downward in the direction you're facing or backward to allow Ray to pitch upward and ascend. Ray's glide does have diminishing returns and will get worse as he uses it so you will need to learn to utilize ray to its fullest extent to get the most out of it!​
Pressing Spin while gliding allows Ray to do the Air Boost! Directly based on the Sonic 3 A.I.R Ray mod, the Air Boost allows Ray to boost his flight upward to get you out of a pinch! This can be useful when you're in flight decay and need a bit of extra height or as a way to get height at the start of a glide quicker. The boost's height gain is more gradual than sudden and can only be used once per glide, so make it count! However, you can reset both your glide and boost by badnik bouncing out of a glide. Doing this also resets Ray's glide timer, allowing him to have a fresh glide to continue utilizing.​

Gliding into a wall will allow Ray to perform a wall cling similar to Mighty's, but it doesn't go nearly as high or far. This gives Ray a reliable way to redirect himself while in the air. This does not reset his glide timer and he will still be in decay once he starts his glide again off the wall. Ray also cannot stay on a wall too long or else he will start sliding off of it.​

Ray has the command rayinvert (and rayinvert2 for splitscreen) that allows you to invert your controls if you aren't comfortable with holding forward to dive down and backward to rise.



Ray is not changed too much in terms of playstyle in comparison to his vanilla gameplay. One thing of note is that Ray's glide obeys exhaust and will fully cancel when exhausted to not allow him to stall. However, if you're moving fast enough when you collide with someone while gliding, Ray will tumble them. On top of this, Ray's glide also has endlag like Knuckles'.
When Ray is not gliding, he has access to the Mach Tornado. This is a held ability that allows you to move while charging. When you collide with someone during this charging state, they will tumble for about half a second. When the ability is fully charged, you can release it to make Ray create a burst of wind in a small radius around him and do damage. You can also ascend and descend during the ability with jump and spin respectively, allowing Ray to recover from insane falls if need be.​
The Priority Stats of Mach Tornado is 0 Attack and 2 Defense.​

While gliding, Ray has access to the Dive Bomb. When this ability is activated, Ray will do a shuttle loop in the area the ability is activated in and then slam down causing a damaging Area of Effect. Dive Bomb is a good get-off-me move for clearing space or getting in when applicable. If Ray himself collides with someone during this ability he will spike them in the same way Mighty spikes someone with his Hammer Drop ability.​
The Priority Stats of Dive Bomb are 1 Attack and 1 Defense with a 2 attack sweet spot at the bottom of the move.​

The command rayshowhitbox allows you to view Ray's Mach Tornado hitbox for those curious who want to lab him out in BattleMod.

CyanKnight: FUUUCK!!! I LOVE IT!!!
HattyBoyo: FUUUCK!!! I LOVE IT!!!
SanekoGato: FUUUCK!!! I LOVE IT!!!
Soap Surfin': FUUUCK!!! I LOVE IT!!!
BlueBlur: FUUUCK!!! it's okay 3.9/10
Furless: Wait guys why are we saying this
Bill Person: Hola amigos, soy yo, Bill Person.
Miyamoto: FUUUCK!!! I HATE IT!!!

- Bendedede
- BlueBlur
- CyanKnight
- FlyingNosaj
- HattyBoyo
- Inazuma
- LightDasher
- Mello-Nova
- MotorRoach
- Phantomas
- SanekoGato
- Soap Surfin'

- SMS Alfredo
- Snu

Trailer Editor:
- VirtualVanto

Amazing Ideas and Feedback Guy (that got promoted to spriter the other day):
- Furless

- Clairebun
- LilacChips
- SladeSalad
- SonicX8000


Sonic Mania Decomp Contributors:
- Rubberduckycooly
- stxticOVFL
- Mefiresu
- Clownacy
- LittlePlanetCD
- Leonx254
- MegAmi24
- GeffDev

Sloperollangle Coder:
- Golden

Meta Knight Mach Tornado Spriter:
- KibitoAyame

Awesome Music (Spectre) Composer:
- Alan Walker


Original Ray Spriter:
- Aiire

SegaSonic Ray Devs:
- Emong
- Wumbo

Sonic 3 A.I.R. Extra Slot Ray Devs:
- iCloudius
- MiaCDi
- Edition
- RetroForever
- Fadeinside
- GFX32
- campbellsonic
- Lave sIime
- |Emi|
- A.Riff7
- Fabchaotix

Number One Ray Fan:
Team Combi-Rings
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Latest reviews

Its been a few weeks since this mod released, and this mod doesn't stop to amaze me every time I play with it. Ray is an amazing character and I love how he was made in this SRB2 mod.

Sprite wise he is great (which is expected coming from the same people who made the Chaotix mod). I usually don't use 3D models for characters because I like appreciating the sprite work, this is the same with Ray, when playing as him you cannot only see the work put into these sprites but his shining personality and I am talking specially about that walking and gliding animation.

Gameplay wise he is also great. While I find maintaining his glide and momentum quite difficult, I still have fun and it feels so satisfying when being able to fly for long distances. I do think that his gliding could be buffed just a little bit and it would be just perfect. I feel like Ray was always meant to be controlled in 3D spaces, so his gameplay just feels right.

Before the mod released and when imagining his gameplay, I always pictured him having some of his abilities from the Sonic3AIR mod. I am so happy that those abilities were used in this mod specially the wall cling since I find it really useful when playing as him.

Ray is overall a pretty fun character, and makes me happy to see once again another character from the classic era making their way to SRB2. I am a big classic era fan so...yeah you can imagine how crazy I was when Chaotix and now this released. I am so excited to see what Team Combi-Rings is going to bring us next. But something that is certain is that whatever they are cooking up, it is going to be great and high-quality work.

Congrats to the team for making such a cool mod!
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this is what i lacked for a lot of time
Upvote 0
amazing work, but the only problem is that the glide anim for his 3d model is broken - it's stuck with him being completely upright. i'm not even certain if this is the jurisdiction of combi-rings or the 3d modelers, but i haven't seen it brought up anywhere so i thought i'd mention it
Upvote 0
4 words, "remove the glide timer."
Upvote 1
MY MAN IS BACK!!! Though I don't really have that much to say that people haven't already said, he's really fun to play, even if the wall cling can screw me over at times.
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in all seriousness i'm glad to finally have srb2 ray be real. he is so cool and i love him, he plays well
Upvote 1
While difficult to play in my opinion, I like this version of Ray since the wall grab makes it easier to fly around faster. Amazing.
Upvote 0
Ray's sprites fit well with the current 2.2 cast, his glide makes the game piss easy in a fun way and the Air Boost is a genuinely great move that both helps you adapt to Ray's glide controls and lets you get more height in a pinch.
The only complaint i have is that there's no "Broken in a fun way" variant of Ray to download, other then that this mod is fucking peak.
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Love this character! It's so fun to fly/glide around with him!
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The best mod ever made for SRB2 and it's not even close.
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