1. SaffRox7650

    [Reusable] Pac-Man... without a kart floats to SRB2Kart! [OUTDATED]

    For more characters from me and the latest version of this character, check this pack out! Pac-Man threw out his kart and stared flying at high speeds to SRB2Kart! Why is he kartless? I've gotta make him stand out somehow, so I'm making him float! He has a speed of 6 and a weight of 4...
  2. SaffRox7650

    [Reusable] Pinky and The Brain take over SRB2kart! [OUTDATED]

    For more characters from me and the latest version of this character, check this pack out! Pinky and The Brain from "Animaniacs" arrive to SRB2Kart! Why you may ask? To do the same thing they do every night, TRY AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD! They have a weight of 2 (they're laboratory mice, do...
  3. SaffRox7650

    [Reusable] Mai Sakurajima joins in SRB2Kart! [OUTDATED]

    For more characters from me and the latest version of this character, check this pack out! Mai Sakurajima from "Senpai Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai" (Trust me, the anime is wildly different from what you're currently thinking of right now) joins in SRB2Kart! She has the speed of 6...
  4. Deercat

    [Reusable] Rinn The Flower Elf

    Introducing Rinn, the flower elf, into SRB2Kart! This is my original character I initially created for a number of things, but never got to use her for any of them. Now, she comes to life in Kart! Coming in at 2 weight 2 speed, she's light weight and quick to come back from anything that's...
  5. BladeDash

    TSR Sand Road V1.2

    TSR meets SRB2Kart! As you might have guessed, this is a port of Team Sonic Racing's Sand Road. I hope you enjoy the map, as I tried my hardest to make as close of a recreation as possible. Do note that not everything from the game is there (for obvious reasons) But I believe I did good enough...
  6. Deercat

    [Reusable] Office Chair [v1.0]

    An office chair rolls it's way into--huh?! An office chair?! Yep! I made an office chair. Fit with rolling noises, chair noises, and... chair... imagery. It's lightweight and accelerates easily, just like you'd expect an office chair would. [4, 1] I don't exactly remember why I made this.
  7. Macholor

    [Reusable] Cman Emotes For Movie Night

    You Can Now Express Your Feelings With Your Favorite Sketchy Friend, CMAN Cman Now Has Emotes for movie night! HERE ARE THE LIST FOR THE EMOTES! If You Like This, This Is Just The Beginning. Can't Be Loaded Without The Movie Night Mod For SRB2 2.2! Here's The Link To Movie Night =...
  8. Vinnie_Cuboid

    Vinnie's Emotes (V1) - Emotes for Movienight

    I was bored and had some spare for goofing around... So I doodled and added some emotes, but this addon requires The Movienight Addon in order to function. If people do actually enjoy these emotes then I might make more when possible, but for now please enjoy these funny little Emotes...
  9. FAVman33

    [Reusable] The Deton Emote Pack - Expressive Detons for Movienight!

    First and foremost, make sure you have Movienight added first before adding this, otherwise you won't get the sweet emotes! You probably saw me post these in the discord servers for people to use as emojis, but now you can use them for Movienight! I'll also provide a zip file of all the...
  10. ThePinkGalaxy

    Dr. Starline v1.2 (Voice Overhaul)

    Dr. Starline warps to the finish! Dr. Eggman's former greatest admirer from the IDW comics has entered the race! He comes with high acceleration and good handling. Stats: Speed - 3 Weight - 3 His voice clips are taken from Descole of the Professor Layton series. This is my first...
  11. B

    Ranma 1/2 Characters V2 [Ranma (Boy/Girl) Update, NEW! Akane]

    Now you've done it! Let's Fight! Meet Ranma Saotome of the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts. While a talented master of different styles of martial arts, he comes to Kart with his speedy skill and balanced weight to mirror his fighting skills. However due to an unfortunate accident while...
  12. Aaron0000

    [Reusable] Goku

    Figuring he needs more training before he finally re-attempts to get his Driver's License, Goku joins the race! Check out my other characters if you have the time.
  13. Deercat

    [Reusable] Raboot [v1.1a]

    DOWNLOAD THE MOST UPDATED VERSION HERE, THANK YOU! Introducing Raboot from Pokemon's Galar Region! This edgy rabbit will (hopefully) work their way into your heart as they did mine. Clocking in at an 8 speed and 3 weight, this character is fast, light, and agile. Feedback is appreciated...
  14. Aaron0000

    [Reusable] Coop (Megas XLR)

    With a distinct lack of things to smash with the car-for-a-head mech in a while, Coop decides to take his ride out for some fun (in high-resolution!) Check out my other characters if you have the time.
  15. Somari34

    [Reusable] Rayman

    The limbless thingamajig Joins the race! this time i tried doing my own version of rayman here it uses rayman 2 voice clips rayman speed is 6 and his weight is 3 (since he was limbless i thought he wouldn't weight that much) this one is probably the best mod i did so far (tho i think it...
  16. Ganbare-Lucifer

    [Reusable] Doppelganger Arle

    Arle's Evil Clone has arrived into the race! (Yeh, it's a lazy edit of the Arle on Bonus Characters, but it works. I'm surprised nobody edited Arle and made Doppel) So anyways, enjoy!
  17. Somari34

    Nak's The alien

    Naks comes from his home planet to race with unknown species! since he is an alien i decided that his voice sounds like 8 bit sound effects (made in famitracker) as for the character itself, he is just a doodle i used to draw a lot in school and, well, now he is on a racing kart
  18. Deercat

    [Reusable] Mae Borowski from NITW

    Introducing Mae Borowski, from Night in the Woods! About a month and a half in the making as my first ever custom kart character, I'm excited to finally get this onto the forums for you all! She's a solid 6, 6, a bit on the heavy side. She comes with sounds all sourced from in game, which was...
  19. Aaron0000

    [Reusable] Tifa Lockhart

    Taking a break from punching things in the face, Tifa goes for a ride in SRB2K! There are three files to pick from. The standard version of Tifa, a second version with the gloves, boots, and hair tie recolorable (Alt), and one that has both the normal and alternate colors (Plus). Check...
  20. Somari34

    [Reusable] Somari34 v2

    So, i was bored and decided to Put myself into this game Don't ask why It uses the voices from the battletoads arcade and one from tf2 (and a few sonic jingles) *UPDATE* decided to re do everything since the old version looks like, really rushed so please, forget that v1 even existed