1. Aluigi

    Trolley from Re-Volt

    This isn't any ordinary shopping cart. This is Trolley! A very special shopping cart that was able to compete against sentient RC cars, either by racing or by making them slip before they finish any race. It's stats are 1,9 to represent it's very slow acceleration and it's "over the top"...
  2. WoodManSez

    [Reusable] Sans Undercooked (A Sans Egg for SRB2K) [V4 + Kart]

    So uh, I made a Sans Egg for SRB2K. that's funny right? This character is designed mostly to be a joke, but criticism is still greatly appreciated Sorry if I update too much, I keep finding little things to change Versions planned features: A 3D Model General Improvements Some other stuff...
  3. WilliamPhox


    The second character that will be featured in an upcoming pack, Krystal from StarFox The design used for the sprites are from a fan-render of Smash Bros that then got used for Super Smash Flash 2 Spritework is made again by Harry K.P. the same who did the Delphox sprites Her voice clips are...
  4. Mindacos

    [Reusable] Victini (Pokemon)

    The Victory pokemon, Victini, joins the race! Weight: 3 Speed: 5 This took a lot more time to finish than I hoped it would, but I think it was well worth it. I hope you guys enjoy this new character! Voice clips taken by Nana Mitzuki's performance on the Pokemon Black and White Victini...
  5. Aluigi

    No$GBA (NoCash) Logo

    what the actual... Did you emulate so much MKDS that the emulator taught itself how to drive a kart? You did not read the title incorrectly! An emulator's logo will now be joining the race! How did this happen? Nobody's sure! This logo's stats are 5,7 to symbolize it's audio when emulating...
  6. WilliamPhox


    Delphox from the Pokemon series gets her spotlight on SRB2 Kart! Her stats are 6/6. Sound effects are from the Pokemon games, more specificly, Delphox's cry in the games, and some Pokemon X/Y and Black/White sound effects. Spritework has been made by a close friend of mine which we'll call...
  7. E

    Efini RX-7

    LEGACY MOD This will no longer be supported, the mod has branched into a new pack which can be found here. https://mb.srb2.org/showthread.php?t=48035 Efini (Mazda) Rx7 A retro Japanese Sports Car 7 Speed 9 Weight Custom sprites made for kart, a smaller design still keeps its iconic...
  8. Keimei711

    Sky Battalion from Freedom planet

    Sky Battalion from Freedom planet Worked on adding more skills i learned while working in zone builder hopefully this is good for people. The track does come with encore mode enabled.
  9. darkaym

    Crewmate [Among us]

    I think there an imposter among us! Crewmate from "Among us" is here and ready to kart. ------------------------ Stats: 4 speed, 3 weight (so basically Arle) Recommended colors: any basic colors (red, green, etc...) ------------------------ Sprites by me Audio recording and editing also by me...
  10. Plom510

    Awoo Arena (v1)

    Just in time for the Super Bowl, I bring a new battle map that is practically a football field. It's not just any field, as the field itself takes the shape of a doggy bone. There are 6 different versions of the Awoo Arena to make things interesting for the Competetion. Awoo Arena (Standard) -...
  11. PS999

    [Reusable] Mile (Go! Go! Mile Smile) (V2.2)

    Mile are pursuing their racing. He had long been on a journey in order to make their dreams come true. That is why you will remember that this appears on Fuuki's mascot, but in classic design it appears in Go Go! Mile Smile (in 1995), from the obscure arcade games 90's. I want to know that...
  12. Keimei711

    Dragon Valley from Freedom Planet V2

    Updated the old map to look like something more new and fun. Encore mode added music change added changed physics on craters
  13. PS999

    [Reusable] WAA HOO (V1.2.1) - Joins to the race

    IT'S-A ME, WAA HOO!!! Inspired by Sr. Pelo in based, parody of Mario (Super Mario Series) He joins in the race, in Super WAA HOO Kart. based on the thread this. Credits: Waa Hoo from Super WAA HOO Bros. (SrPelo) PS999 (me): making sprites and recording clips from SrPelo
  14. Aluigi

    Fun Run Bear [Look out for the blood!]

    The Bear from Fun Run wants to play! With stats of 4,2 this bear isn't really the fastest thing ever, despite running for his life the whole time without end, but does have some good handling to make drifting certainly easy... if you don't mind the low weight much, that is. Remember that this...
  15. Scootie

    [Reusable] It's Kart or Nothin' v1 (Scootie's character pack)

    It's been sometime coming, but here it is, the first character pack of mines also with the release of a new character that I had been working on with more soon on the way! Characters Upcoming charcters Credits: - LancerForce/Trunkswife: Did the sprite work for Ranger via commission - B...
  16. Katmint

    [Reusable] (archive) Revised abilities v9

    This addon has been superseded by its remake here. The following content is archived as is. Certain aspects of the mod are broken in versions 2.2.5 and up. This is a script which overhauls character abilities, shields, and some of the physics. The list of changes can be found in the spoilers...
  17. Scootie

    [Reusable] Dragon Tales Cassie

    This is my first submission for the forums, this character is for SRB2Kart and it was done with the sprite work of SmithyGCN, voice clips are from the show Dragon Tales. Her current stats are 5,3 to be accurate to the character's height, possible weight, and some thinking. Right now I am very...
  18. L-Shadovv (Meme'N'Stuff)

    [Reusable] Mima the Evil Spirit

    "Oh, who cares about some cheap, middle-of-nowhere shrine." Mima, the evil spirit (or ghost) curse to never come back form Touhou as decide to join the SRB2K Tournament to show the world that she is the greatest of the bunch! (and maybe stealing Reimu "Ying Yang" Balls at the same time)...
  19. Guil

    [Reusable] Zigzagoon

    Zigzagoon is doing more than just harassing professors (and being beaten by a Treecko while doing so). The Tiny Raccoon Pokemon is just that- tiny. Sporting a 5 speed, 2 weight setup, Zigzagoon is one of the easiest things to push around, but it's not all that slow either. Sound effects are...
  20. Eldog

    Weebmotes - another Movienight emote pack

    Watch Space Patrol Luluco (For use with movienight by Fickleheart) Included Emotes: Source: Big thanks to Fickle for releasing such a cool QOL addon!!