TSR Sand Road V1.2


TSR meets SRB2Kart!

As you might have guessed, this is a port of Team Sonic Racing's Sand Road. I hope you enjoy the map, as I tried my hardest to make as close of a recreation as possible. Do note that not everything from the game is there (for obvious reasons) But I believe I did good enough so enjoy!
Sand Road's Icon.png

As you may have noticed the subtitle is named "Subsonic Pack I". This is intentional as:
Subsonic Pack is officially being announced!

This pack contains TSR Sand Road as the first map in the pack, with more to come on the way, so stay tuned!

Update Log:
1.1 - Checkpoint fixes, visual updates and Thok barriers replaced with impassable linedefs to improve scenery.

1.2 - Power Route now has offroad, scaled down by 15%



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Larz T

Cool to see a Team Sonic Racing map in Kart. I like the design in some areas, especially the beginning. You can get a lot of speed with a good countdown boost. Welcome to releases!

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