Dr. Starline v1.2 (Voice Overhaul)

Dr. Starline warps to the finish!


Dr. Eggman's former greatest admirer from the IDW comics has entered the race! He comes with high acceleration and good handling.

Speed - 3
Weight - 3

His voice clips are taken from Descole of the Professor Layton series.

This is my first character and I hope to do more!

[v1.2 VOICE OVERHAUL] (11/04/20)

  • Completely replaced Starline's voice source from actor David Hyde Pierce to Descole from Professor Layton
  • Sound now has no background noise

[v1.1] (11/03/20)

  • Updated gfx prefix on sprites from PLAY to STLN
  • Replaced certain sounds with ones with less background noise
  • Extremely minor update to sprites



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Kart Krew™️
Oh he's gorgeous. Love me a good Starline. (And on the release day of Bad Guys #2, no less!)
Another update already?

Yeah, this update completely replaces the original sounds I was using.

Originally Starline used clips from actor David Hyde Pierce since that was how Evan Stanley, (one of Starline's creators,) stated he'd sound like. However this hasn't worked out leading to the audio being either filled with background noise or being inappropriate for kart. So Starline will now use Descole from Professor Layton as his voice instead.

Shoutout to Virt for suggesting Descole's voice.

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