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The limbless thingamajig Joins the race!

this time i tried doing my own version of rayman here

it uses rayman 2 voice clips

rayman speed is 6 and his weight is 3 (since he was limbless i thought he wouldn't weight that much)


this one is probably the best mod i did so far (tho i think it still has some issues on the sprites)

decided to change the character icons so it can show more of the player's colors and edit some of the sound effects


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Welcome to releases! Here are my suggestions for improvements:

- DSRAYMGL cuts off before the echo effect finishes. If you were using Audacity to apply the echo effect, add a second or two of silence (using the "Silence..." button in the Generate menu") and apply the effect on the original sound as before. This should give the effect enough time to play out.

- You may also want to amplify all the voice clips a little bit. They seem a tad quiet compared to Sonic.

- The regular sized portrait does not show the player's color very well. I suggest creating a new portrait where Rayman is drawn smaller to allow for more of his shirt to be visible.

- The small portrait does not show player color at all. If the dimensions aren't too small, you should consider shrinking him there too so the player's color can be shown.

I like the art style on display here and I look forward to seeing him in netgames.


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Man, Sev released your mod, You are really lucky.
btw, You did an good attempt making this character, keep going!



- changed the icons so it can show more of the player´s colors
- edited some of the sounds so it doesn´t sound so low on volume

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