1. darkaym

    Ricky [Zelda oracles]

    It's boxing time ! Ricky from the Zelda oracles series is joining the race ---------------- Stats: 7 speed, 8 weight Pref colors: Orange ---------------- Sprites by me Sound from here
  2. RalphJeremy65

    [Thread no longer being Updated] Raph the Bird (My Avatar lol) [v1.1]

    This thread is no longer being updated, This character has been bundled into a pack. My first Kart character, i thought i could put my Forces-sona (My Avatar) into Kart for fun. Featurimes voice clips i voice-acted myself (probably crap quality lol), which marks this character wad as my...
  3. Aaron0000

    Claptrap (Borderlands)

    In his eternal pursuit of friends, Claptrap decides to pick up kart-racing as a hobby! Check out my other characters if you have the time.
  4. Aaron0000

    [Reusable] Captain Falcon

    Unsatisfied by the lack of a new F-Zero title in over a decade, the Captain takes his trusty Blue Falcon for a spin in SRB2K! There are three files to pick from. The standard version of Captain Falcon, a second version with colorable helmet and the orange areas on him (Alt), and one that has...
  5. darkaym

    Bean [Fall Guys]

    It's BEAN time The famous bean boi from "Fall Guys" is finally playable in SRB2K -------------------------- Stats: 3 Speed, 7 Weight Pref colors: Quarry -------------------------- Sprites and sound recording by me Fall guys developed by "Mediatonic" & published by "DevolverDigital"
  6. PizzaDarius25

    Amigo from Samba De Amigo

    Here's my Samba De Amigo boi who was first made along with my character pack. Now he's been removed and ready to take the tracks once again. His acceleration is good enough, But his handling is pretty off. However, His weight could be good enough to knock his opponents away. SPEED: 4 | WEIGHT: 7
  7. B

    Misty & Psyduck

    Let's get this show on the road! Misty calls.... Psyduck?! The Cerulean Gym leader is making a splash with her turn behind the wheel. This water-type Pokémon Trainer has also brought along her... Psyduck? Well in any case, Misty and Psyduck share the dual kart with both characters...
  8. Aaron0000

    [Reusable] Wario

    Not content to let Mario(s) race around without some stiff competition, Wario joins the race! There are three files to pick from. The standard version of Wario, a second version with colorable overalls and shoes (Alt), and one that has both the normal and alternate colors (Plus). Check...
  9. TomWiz

    [Reusable] Splatoon Racers 3D Models for SRB2K

    IMPORTANT The following models are old, if you want to download the updated models download them HERE. Inklings and Octolings md3 models for SRB2K. The models replace the Inklings and Octolings sprites from the SJBCP Pack Instrutions to install the models can be found in the README text file
  10. Menacing Marshmallow

    R9A Arrowhead

    R-9A Arrowhead R-9 "The Savior" Mass Production Model The iconic R-9A Arrowhead was the first fighter to contact the Bydo Empire. This basic ship was so successful that parts of its design are integral to nearly every other R-craft created. With the Bydo defeated, the machine's been...
  11. RalphJeremy65

    [SRB2 Android] Wider-screen Resolutions (18.5:9, 19:9, more 16:9)

    This APK mod is now redundant, as Native resolutions have been implemented in the Android version of 2.2.7. This is a custom APK i made which should work with netplay that makes most of the resolutions 19:9, 18.5:9 and 16:9. This is for Android devices with screens with such aspect ratios (S8...
  12. BoomerDaCat

    Zack from Zack & Wiki

    Zack, the pirate captain of legend has joined SRB2K! ...Huh? What do you mean you've never heard of him? Speed: 2 Weight: 4 Enjoy.
  13. Brigader_Kyon

    Yuki Nagato joins the race!

    Yuki Nagato has Joined the Race! Yuki Nagato of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya joins the race, she had followed Haruhi here as her observation duties remains the same. Yuki Nagato carries stats of 6 Speed and 7 Weight which make her more advance than her Brigade Leader, but the Humanoid...
  14. WoodManSez

    [Reusable] [KC] Cool Spot V1

    Cool Spot 7-Ups the race! Cool Spot has 1 weight and 2 speed I hope yall don't mind the janky arms and legs, I've got a lot to learn about anatomy. Changelog
  15. TomWiz

    [Reusable] Hat Kid 3D model for SRB2K

    An md3 file of Hat Kid for SRB2 Kart. Original model made by Gears for Breakfast, I just changed the mantle and UV mapping. Original pk3 file can be found here: https://mb.srb2.org/showthread.php?t=47749 Instructions for the installation can be found in the "README" text file.
  16. BoomerDaCat

    Erdrick from Dragon Quest

    Erdrick, the legendary hero from Dragon Quest 3, is joining SRB2K! Speed: 3 Weight: 7 Enjoy!
  17. B

    Ash Ketchum & Pikachu

    Let's go, Pikachu! The Champion of the Alola League, the Orange Islands League and the Pokémon Puzzle Master Ash Ketchum is back behind the wheel. Joining him is his best friend Pikachu who stays by his side to help make the drift sparks fly. Speed: 5 Weight: 2 This classic-inspired...
  18. BoomerDaCat

    [Reusable] Niko, from Oneshot V1

    Niko the Messiah joins SRB2K. A bright young lad/lass who traversed an abandoned land to return its sun. Speed: 7 Weight: 2 A light, speedy character. Easy to knock around, but you wouldn't bully the little fella, would you? Enjoy.
  19. darkaym

    Pumpkin Head [Zelda Oracles]

    The Pumpkin man from Zelda oracles of ages is here and ready to race ------------------------------ Pref color: Orange Stats : 3 speed / 7 weight ------------------------------ Sprites by me Sound from Here (thanks Nitroz)
  20. WoodManSez

    [Reusable] Orby, The Tutorial Rival [V4]

    Orby races into Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart! Orby is the character that gives you tutorials in Rivals of Aether and is not my own original character Orby's stats are a 1 in weight and a 4 in speed I'm hoping to really improve this character over time, help would be greatly appreciated I might...