hud replacement

  1. wired-aunt

    [Reusable] Multiplayer nameplates 1

    A small mod idea I've been playing around with for multiplayer games: MMO style nameplates that display players' names over their heads along with the last chat message they sent. Optionally it can also show players' ringcounts. Players can choose what colour their name is. It displays on the...
  2. CloneFighter

    [Reusable] Emerald Status v2

    While holding Tab (or whatever your Game Status button is), acquired Chaos Emeralds and Tokens (in form of the wireframe Chaos Emerald in the next Chaos Emerald's place) now orbit the player instead of showing up directly on the screen. The Token count is still shown on the bottom. Also works...
  3. Paps the Echidna

    Paps' Custom HUD Graphics v6

    Here's my take on making a custom HUD for SRB2. This addon replaces: Score-Time-Rings HUD Numbers Intermission Headers (w/ unused ones) Act Numbers & Diamond Graphic Titlecard ZigZag Graphics Titlecard Font Game/Time Over & Continue Graphics
  4. Pyrakid Wolfo

    [Reusable] Mania Hud v1.2 (The "I didnt know this mod was broken" Update)

    Just a simple mod that changes the HUD to look more like Sonic Mania's, while not completely accurate on terms of colors, it's good enough to be put on netgames, I mean I always use it for netgames so it's probably good enough. I don't see any bugs with this but if you notice anything be sure to...
  5. Twins'R'Okay

    [Reusable] Twins Alt HUD v2.1

    Be warned: This HUD is not clientsided, you'll need custom game data in order to save your progress. This is a simple HUD inspired by Sonic 3 and Chaotix. Nothing much else to say other than it replaces: - Score-Time-Rings - NiGHTS HUD - Some main menu stuff - The title cards at the...
  6. Sylvegamer3

    [Reusable] Neo X-Treme HUD [v1.0.1] 1.0.1

    Spurred on by the idea of SRB2 looking like the perfect Saturn game and X-Treme being the main planned Sonic game for the Saturn, I decided to make a HUD based on Sonic X-Treme, specifically the 718 Project Condor-era prototype. Since there is already an X-Treme HUD, I chose to follow the naming...
  7. carlrev

    [Reusable] Tweaked HUD

    This is a pack of HUD mods that aim to tweak the Score-Time-Rings HUD and intermission graphics of Sonic Robo Blast 2, drawing inspiration from Storice's "Minor HUD tweaks" mod for Sonic 3 A.I.R. These mods not only improve and fix minor sprite errors with original HUD, but also adds optional...
  8. Zippy_Zolton

    Sonic 2 HD HUD [v3]

    This custom HUD is based off Sonic 2 HD, I thought it would be fitting because the vanilla HUD is just Sonic 2's. The sprites are by "kowtowing" (used with permission) and all the custom graphics were handled by me. I have replaced every HUD element for Score-Time-Rings and Intermission...
  9. SteelT

    [Reusable] Simpler HUD v1.2

    Originally named Game Gear HUD, but renamed because the more I thought about it, the more I realized it's not really game gear like. This mod takes a more simpler approach on how things are displayed on screen. TehRealSalt's Custom HUD library is used in this script. Uses customsave_io for...
  10. MotorRoach

    H-srb2 1.0

    Yes, you read that title right. This has been a rather popular request amongst many members of the community throughout the years, so I finally decided to take in the deed myself and make it a reality. I hope this is what you all wanted. No in-game screenshots for obvious reasons.
  11. Icezer

    [Reusable] Hexagonal Titlecards 2

    Hey there! This mod is fairly simple, both in concept and usage. This file will replace the titlecard elements with hexagonal counterparts. That's all, really. Enjoy!
  12. RalphJeremy65

    [Reusable] Sonic Megamix 5.0a HUD v1.3.2

    This custom HUD is what it says on the tin: it's based of the latest (unfinished) version of the ill-fated Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix, more precisely, the leaked "5.0a" version, a heavily-extensive modification of the original Sonic 1 created by Simon "Stealth" Thomley and Team Megamix. I...
  13. StellarStardust

    MixedHUD v3

    DO NOT USE THE ASSETS IN THIS MOD WITHOUT PERMISSION. Introducing MixedHUD. Inspired by SRB2's new titlecards and various other sources, this replaces the S2 HUD that SRB2 uses with a fresh new take on how it looks.(All these screenshots are taken with the HUD in Mania mode, but I have tested...
  14. Pyrakid Wolfo

    [Reusable] Sonic ATS/BTS HUD v1.1

    The HUD from Sonic After The Sequel I guess it has the little apostrophe's / quotation marks instead of the colon and period. Never understood the change, but I mean I guess it works. v1.1 update - Added the colons and period as a seperate version! Currently is just for netplay, maybe later...
  15. carlrev

    [Reusable] 3D Blast Title Card Font

    This tiny mod replaces the title card font with Sonic 3D Blast's title card font. Just for those who want a little something extra in levels and in sound test. Version 2 edits the graphics to give it more of shadow-like texture. Something less flat and more akin to these. I think this mod goes...
  16. carlrev

    [Reusable] Revolution HUD

    This small mod replaces the standard HUD and intermission graphics with custom ones that I made, inspired by Sonic CD, Sonic 3 and Sonic 2 HD. It also contains a Sonic CD-style life counter with transparent life icons to boot. However, it only supports the base game characters only, as I really...
  17. MatePerrents

    MatePerrent's X-treme HUD! 2021-03-24

    There's very little in it, so I'll update it. All right, get to the point. This mod is NOW compatible with: -All Vanilla Caracters -Xtreme Sonic -Kirby -Roblox Noob -SRBII -Dirk and Whirl -Bandages Reborn -Junio Sonic...
  18. JustHenbo

    Chaos-Mania HUD v1.5

    By combining HUD elements from both Sonic Mania and the SAGE 2018 Sonic Chaos demo, I have created the Chaos-Mania HUD for SRB2! Designed for Co-op and no-save runs (due to the custom live counter script marking the game as modified), this HUD supports all the vanilla cast and the following mod...
  19. W0CKY

    [Reusable] Just another hud

    Hey guys welcome to my hud mod Uhh look at it Uhm Dear users of the Sonic the Hedgehog Robo Blast 2 Official Message board; I, Hiwin, kindly request that you download my addon "Justanotherhud-V1.pk3" and to play the video game "Sonic the Hedgehog Robo Blast 2" with said addon. update: i...
  20. SonicX8000

    [Reusable] SonicX8000's Huds & Fonts Update 10

    "SonicX8000's Huds & Fonts" is a pack of files that changes the hud style, the font style or the console style. Such styles you may find here are kept close to the vanilla style or it may be a different style entirely. Due to the many files, I decided to put them in zip folders just so it's...